Monday, August 23

Fat Kid Dunk Tank.

Aren't you sick to death of visiting someone's Blog, and finding yet another picture of some inanimate object that they thought would make some sort of statement? I mean, do these people think they're photographers or something? Listen dude, you're not an artistic genius. You got an expensive digital camera that makes everything look good, and it doesn't make you look like you have a sensitive, artistic side. Stop advancing the stereotype, you loser.

That being said, I think this is just a beautiful picture I took.

Moving on, this weekend marked 3 important events. First and foremost, me and the missus went to the parade that kicked off the Sun Prairie Sweet Corn Festival. Celia loves parades, and I...well...

You get the point. I look like a pale, unshaven zombie.

On the good side, the weather was nice and nobody around me was acting like an ass. I've found that standing next to crying babies is a hundred times better than standing next to the group of loud teenagers with raver pants and Disturbed shirts on. I don't like babies very much, but at least they don't know what they're doing.

Friday was a big day. Our friends Ben and Sherry exchanged vows in Winneconne, and are planning a big celebration/ceremony sometime next year. It was a small gathering, and I was very proud of them. I forgot to bring my camera with me, so here's a picture of me playing a game of "Guess Who" with them.

God bless 'em. They're moving to Green Bay together, where I'm certain we won't be able to see them every week like we're used to. Now we'll have to take turns driving for hours and sleeping on each other's floor. I'm kinda looking forward to that. Good luck with the move, and all the responsibilities that come with it. If I have any decent advice to give, it would be to not fight irrationally about money, work out a spending plan, and keep the place clean. Nothing makes someone more uncomfortable than coming home to a dirty house and a lazy spouse. Ben, I'm obviously talking to you. I'm much lazier than you though.

They joined us on Saturday for the Sweet Corn Festival, where we ate dozens of ears and pounds of butter. I spent 20 bucks on Mini-Donuts, dunk tanks, carnival games you can't win and more Mini-Donuts. Again I have no picture of these events, so here's a shot of me holding a kitten.

I'm alone in the apartment right now, as Celia is attending a "Passion Party" with some of her co-workers. I chose not to go in favor of catching up on some things I had to do, mainly eating alone at Culvers and watching football. A concrete chocolate malt always beats a sex toy in my book. Who knows though, maybe she'll bring one home.

Watching the decathlon on the Olympics reminds me of when I was doing the shot put in 5th grade Gym class. I tried to throw it like a baseball, and tore everything in my arm from the shoulder to elbow. Then I pretended to throw it at a passing car, and the old man behind the wheel gave me the finger.

Enjoy our photography.

I bought an extra large vibrating butt plug for Ryan. A little known fact about him is that he really enjoys anal pleasure. Well, maybe that isn't little known...he did, after all, have a T-shirt printed with that very slogan on it.
It's too small though, so I usually wear it under things. That's why you never see it.
More information than we needed.
I almost forgot that people read this stuff, boy is my face red! I'm doing away with that cursed shirt once and for all.
Congratulations on the happy union, although I'm a few months late on that.
Kind words are always welcome, no matter when! Thank you for stopping in and saying hello. I check out your page almost every day. (Notice that I have a link to your page on here!)

I sincerely hope that everything falls into place with you and your current situation, and you are happy in your surroundings, where ever they may be. Feel free to drop me and Celia a line anytime, we love mail.
I check out your page too, Tawny! me too! me too! :)

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