Thursday, October 28

Lifting The Curse.

Way to go, Boston. You deserved it.

The Movie list will be here tomorrow.

That bastard Schilling (is that his name?) was being interviewed this morning on GMA and right at the end of his interview, he said something like, "Everyone, remember to vote. Vote Bush on November 2." Charlie Gibson kind of shooed him off, but I think it was a really shitty thing to do considering the vulnerability of people's psyches after the whole World Series win. I like you before, Mr. Pitcher Man, but you are now on my enemy list...
You have to remember the mindset and bank accounts of some of these Sports Athletes.
Not to mention, if he would've said to vote Kerry, we would have thought it was funny and rebellious. Like it or not, this guy thinks Bush will be a better leader. I'd like to see Bush get ANY work done with a bloody ankle, though.

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