Thursday, November 18

It's Killing My Buzz.

Saturday, December 18
Mad Planet - Milwaukee
10:00 PM - 21 + Over

More information as it surfaces. You heard it here first. Don't bother searching around for more information, because it flat-out doesn't exist yet.

Are you coming to Celia's birthday party?

Have you visited Boycott Unity?

Sherry won't be 21 and over!
Well, she's 20 and she's married, maybe they can work something out. If I were her, I'd get in touch with Ben and Jon through the Obsoletes.

I'm trying to contact a couple people to get some more information about this, but things are moving slow. Again, anything I find out I will post here.
Well, we've been to Mad Planet before, and we were going to see the Q and Not U late show (which was 21 and over), and Ben called them and asked if we'd be able to go to the late show if we were married and if I were under 21. They said it was fine, so hopefully it'll be okay for this one too. Ben's going to email them to make sure, but I'm not worried about it.
Well, that takes care of that. I'm still looking for more info about the show. Whoot!

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