Monday, November 29

The Last Wobbler.

Celia celebrated her 21st birthday on Saturday. Instead of drinking herself to death like so many 21 year-olds do, she left that task to her friends and husband. A picture is worth a thousand words, so here you go:

(This picture will stay up until Sherry demands that I take it down.)
(Edit: I made this picture much smaller to avoid Sherry's wrath.)

We had about 10 people over, and ate dinner at Fyfe's. I had about $70 worth of alcohol at the house, and was determined to get rid of all of it. I started mixing my world-famous "Wobblers", which I perfected at the age of 16, working as a bartender. True story.

In the sake of full disclosure, here's a picture taken of me that evening:

If you will, imagine me making that face and laughing for 5 straight hours, and you'll have a pretty good idea of how I acted that evening. I more or less ruined Celia's party, but the party was my idea. Is it possible to ruin something that you planned yourself? I'm not sure, but I more than paid for it on Sunday. Poor Benjamin threw up 3 times, cursing me for encouraging him to drink. That's about all I care to remember. I spent Sunday on the couch, sipping orange juice and watching football, trying very hard not to move.

What an idiot.

I want to formally apologize to the following people: Celia, Benjamin, Sherry, Lindsay, Aaron, Anna, Amy, Chris and Cassie for my behavior. I was annoying, loud, overbearing and immature. I tried really hard to be a good host (reservations, booze, beautifully sliced cheese, etc.), but in the end, my lack of self-control turned me into a goon. I suck, seriously. In all fairness most of us were trashed, but I'm speaking for myself here. Hopefully, the next time we throw a gathering, you'll put this behind you and show up.

2 things.

First off, Celia totally didn't deserve to have her birthday upstaged by her embarrassing husband. I felt like Homer when Marge tried to throw that classy dinner for her friends. In this case, I threw the dinner myself, but proceeded to throw up all over it. In recognition of this, I'll be on my best behavior for the rest of the year. I'll probably take her out to dinner a lot, too.

Secondly, no more excessive drinking for Ryan. I'm hereby authorizing Celia to use deadly force if necessary to keep me from turding all over the next party we have. I know she only keeps me around to look sexy and wear cute sweaters, so that's all I plan to do from this point forward. No more talking, because it's not my strong suit anymore. I'll cover my personality with hipster glasses and well-fitting denim, and sip Sprite for the rest of my life. I came to this conclusion on my own, because it's the best way for me to make things right.

Ken Jennings is going to lose tomorrow on Jeopardy. You should watch it.

My birthday wasn't ruined, I just said it was because you kept asking me over and over if you ruined it! I had as much fun as I'm capable of having. Sherry talking about Tinker trying to eat was the funniest thing I have ever heard, with Lindsay trying to get Cassie to stay longer coming in at a close second.
Well, you just made me a lot happier, but I certainly didn't help anything. At least I didn't get naked or anything. Better yet, it's a good thing Ben didn't get naked. He usually does, I've been told.

What did Lindsay say? "I was your bestest Bridesmaid!"?
Lindsay said "I was your best bridesmaid! I got you a bracelet with your name on it, and Dustin's name on it. It had both your names on it...and a heart and everything! And you don't even like it!" Then Cassie said "We're leaving in 3 minutes." Then Lindsay said "Nooooo! 23 minutes! It's 2 to 1, you lose!" Then Cassie would say "We're leaving in THREE MINUTES." Then Lindsay would say the bridesmaid thing again. Hilarious!!!
That was awesome. Cassie was being a poop. I was totally down with Lindsay's bowling idea, but then they had to "split". HAHA!
Okay Ryan, you can take the picture down now! That's the drunkest I've ever been, and I was fine the next morning. But as I was driving back from Sun Prairie, I started getting a headache, and by the time I got to work, I had a hell of a hang-over. Serving prime rib when you're a vegetarian and hung-over is the worst thing one can do. I had to stop myself many times from vomiting. Not fun! But the night before that was very hilarious!
If you noticed, I made the picture a lot smaller.

I figured you'd have a hard day, even if it didn't hit you as early as it hit me and Ben. You've got to admit though, it would've been quite funny to have you yak in someone's $30 Prime Rib.

It was a pretty fun evening, but I'm thinking twice next time before I give my liver a heart attack.


Ken's going to be on Letterman tonight, so check that out too, if you're awake.
Rest assured, I will not be up that long.
Watching Ken lose today sucked pretty bad. Even though I knew it was over, I still thought he was going to pull it off for some sick reason. It was more depressing than I thought it was going to be. He was a class act though, not to mention one of the most brilliant minds in Game Show history.

Now, is he coming back for the Tournament of Champions?
I just wanted to let you guys know that I had a great time on Saturday, I haven't laughed that much in a long time. The apartment is awesome, the wobblers were great, and next time ... we're going bowling!

That's what I like to hear! The next time you're over, we shall bowl as if we may never bowl again. Thanks for the kind words.
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