Thursday, April 22

Gone Screenwriting!

No time to chat today, I've been busy the last few days working on a script for Benjamin. I'll be back next week with a bunch of new stuff, and details on the screenplay. Stay busy, lord knows I'm trying.

I'm finished with the first act, and still going strong. I took a break on Friday to read Ben's (almost) completed first draft, and was just floored. To be completely honest, I didn't think he could write something so good. I'm proud of you, Ben! On the other hand, it makes me want to quit mine, because it seems to pale in comparision. I suppose it's next to impossible to compare a comedy mockumentary to a sci-fi dramedy, but hey, I just did. Talk to you again soon.

I'm in about 20 pages, which is good considering I wanted it to be about a half hour long. I already know it's going to be longer. I'm going to be very busy this upcoming week with job interviews and tests a-plenty, not to mention a little court hearing to change my name. What that means is I want to get as far as possible before all of those distractions take me from it for a few days. In order to get myself in the mindset of a good screenwriter, I've refused to shave, and have been drinking at home for motivation. This seemed to work for all the greats, including Ben, although he managed to pass out the first time he tried this method. Nevertheless, things are good, I've got a busy week coming up, and I'll keep in touch.

Monday, April 19


(for optimum enjoyment, make explosion sound with mouth)

Happy Monday! It's another beautiful April day in Sun Prairie. The humidity is gone, the air conditioner is off, the windows are wide open and I'm on my ass in front of the computer. The "www" links to my page work fine again, Leo Laporte is coming back to host "Call For Help" tomorrow, and I'm getting married in 2 months. It's days like this that almost make me forget how worthless I am as a human being.

No time to whine, though. This weekend was hectic and enjoyable. The family pictures back at home went as well as they could, considering I haven't been able to smile for a picture for just short of two decades. Regardless, it was fun to see the whole family again, and try my first bottle of Guinness, which I enjoyed as much as I could enjoy any beer. I think I'll sip down a hundred Cosmopolitans before I return to the warm embrace of British ale. Call me feminine, I couldn't care less. I hold tight to my "3 drinks a month" rule, so it's barely a factor. And I'm officially through rambling.

For the last few weeks, I've been having horrible nightmares. This is strange, because I usually dream of happy things, like cotton candy, beds with soft pillows, or a mixture of the two. Each night, my head finds a new and unusual way for me to suffer. A few nights ago I was hemorrhaging black fluid from my mouth, drowning me in my own fluids. Last night I got shot in the ankle. What the hell is wrong with me?

Talk to me in the comments section. Tell me what you dream about, or what you used to dream about. Congratulate me and Celia. I'm sick of the lack of comments. Don't make me start with the naked pictures of myself. I'm not afraid.