Thursday, April 29


Tinker gets to be the first to read my latest draft, as she is an honest critic.

My goal of a 30 page draft has ballooned to at least a 50 page one. The final act will be completed next week, as I take the rest of this week to get the other 2 just the way I like 'em. I plan on having a completely finished product by Thursday the 6th. Then I will give copies to a bunch of people, who will either lie to me about how good it is, or hurt my feelings with criticism. I will then change parts of it based on the feedback.

Tinker likes it, because there are 3 references to cats in it. The current title is "72 hours".

And one last thing today, friends. I wrote this screenplay with filming it in mind. This means that in no time, Me and Ben will have a movie shoot on our hands. If you are at all interested in acting or doing anything else, don't hesitate in e-mailing me at CTAKX@YAHOO.COM. We're making magic, people!

Wednesday, April 28

The Wizard Needs Food Badly.

Playing Nintendo is answer #2 to the "writer's block" question, although there has been a lot less of that lately. I haven't ridden Mario up the flagpole in what seems like ages. The screenplay is moving smoothly now, as I make the transition from Microsoft Word to Final Draft. This is a step I could have skipped had I just done it in Final Draft in the first place, but frankly, I was scared of it. Turns out, it's easy as hell, and fun too! Even you could crank out a beautifully formatted screenplay in less than a week. Well, probably not you. I can, though.

The job interview I had scheduled for today went better than all of my other interviews combined. I didn't cry once, and we really hit it off. Imagine my surprise when she decides not to call me next week.

Oh, and as of this Friday, I will legally be known as Ryan Zeinert.

And finally, I saw an article online about the Government starting to look at Blogs for the purpose of National Security, concerning threats of terrorism and the like. While I suppose they can look at whatever they want to, and I don't really care either way, I'm going to officially re-name this page "Republican Death Party" just to piss people off. I called a lawyer to make sure this was within my First Amendment rights, and it was not.

Monday, April 26

My Head A-Splode.

This is me...with screenwriter's block.

That's some SEXY screenwriter's block, if you ask me!

That's okay, though. I deserve a break. I'm just starting the final act of the first draft, after hammering out 24 pages in 3 days. I have a lot more work ahead of me though, as I have to completely reformat the script into a drafting program. (I plan on figuring out how to work that program within the next week)

As I've said countless times before, I'm way too busy this week to be stressing out over my little puppet show. I have 3 job interviews, 1 test, 1 court hearing, and tomorrow the guy from Charter Communications is stopping by to pick up my cable box. I found out today that I could save 10 bucks a month if I got rid of 20 channels I never watch. Deal! Take your box, jackasses! If I wanted the "Discovery Wings" channel, I would have asked for it. I bet you're wondering how I will deal with just a hundred channels now. Well, I don't know for sure, but me and the missus will manage.

So, I know what you're thinking. "Ryan, what do you do when you have writer's block?" Well, first off, thank you for asking. Secondly, I have fun with forced perspective!

"Hey! What are you guys doing?"

Gabe! Get the hell out of here!

That's much better. As you can see, when I have nothing to write about, I become very, very gay.