Tuesday, July 27

SKA-mmunist Dance Party!

Where are you going to be Wednesday night, hmm? Back-to-school shopping? Catching up on your housekeeping? Drinking an entire box of wine by yourself? Well, have fun.

But I'll be rocking out old school with Reel Big Fish, Catch-22 and the RX Bandits in Oshkosh. The show starts at 5, and it's 5 bucks. Come on! Dust off your comfortable skanking shoes and those sunglasses with the checkerboard pattern on them. Stop by and share a dance with me; I'll buy you a drink.

Who knows? This might finally be the night I beat the crap out of a jock who likes to push women around. Or at least stab 'em in the kidney. Probably the latter.

Sunday, July 25

Upside-Down Exclamation Point.

No time for you today, I'm trying to get a book deal! (See my other page for more information.)
However, to tide you over, here's a picture of a guy getting gored by a bull. I've included an audio message containing what I thought he was saying at the time. I hope you enjoy it.
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