Friday, October 15


Wazzup, bitches! It's da' O.G. himself, James K. Polk, spittin' game like a freight train all up in this bitch. I'm here to tellz ya to peep the 72 HOURS page out for a straight second or 2. My main ni**a' Ryan Jay-Z's got a message for ya' punk asses.


Tuesday, October 12

Taboo Corduroy Photo Shoot.

So, not only did the Packers lose, they gave up the most points in the history of Lambeau Field.

I still had a great time, though. I'll save you the endless analyzing and breaking down of why Green Bay is having such an awful season this year. Nobody cares but me and a few other club-dragging Neanderthals.

The absolute best part of the night was when the 5-year old water boy came charging out onto the field. He had a huge water jug strapped to his back, and in short time he took a massive spill right on the big "G" by the 50-yard line. They replayed it on the JumboTron, and it was even funnier.

Me and the Missus watched Super Size Me this weekend. It was a very enjoyable Documentary. I highly recommend it if you've already seen Fahrenheit 9/11. Funny and scary, but in 2 completely different ways.

Notice my new e-mail address. My old one will still work fine, but give this one a try sometime. It's fun to try new things!

Speaking of which, I'm working on planning a Halloween gathering of sorts soon. I'm shooting for either Friday the 29th or Saturday the 30th. Once I figure out what I'm doing, I'll start to let everyone know what's up. Clear your calendars! Either me or Celia will get a hold of you if you're privileged enough.

Get the hell out of my office.