Wednesday, February 9

It's Still Summer Somewhere.

I'm letting my Winter hair grow longer.

It's a little game I like to play. Every now and then, someone will tell me that I'd look sexier if my hair was a bit shaggier. This person is usually my Wife, and I comply. This goes well right up until that first day I have to blow dry it. Now, I don't consider myself to be a typical man, but hear me when I say that men shouldn't blow-dry anything. It's not natural, and I instantly head right off to the nearest Regis salon, and have them chop it all off.

Well, this time it's my idea and I'm sticking with it.

Obviously, my hair isn't anywhere near long and shaggy, but it's a start. I usually wear it quite short, showing off my massive oval-shaped melon. Short hair accentuates my giant forehead, and draws lots of attention to my elfin ears.

The chicks love it.

But alas, I'm moving on! Celia changes hairstyle more than I shower. I'd put up a montage of all her trademark styles, but if you just look at the photo section of our old band's page, you can track her styles through the years of 2000-2002.

My history with hair is a bit more simple; allow me to walk you through it.

1982 - 1985: A Curly Mop

(Straight mop pictured.)

1986 - 1989: The "Koppel"

1990 - 1993: Don Majkowski

(Shown doing what he did best, being tackled and subsequently injured.)

1994 - 1998: Koppel Returns

1999 - 2001: Spiked and Angry

2002 - 2004: George Clooney

2005 will be hereby known as.... The year of the "Shaggy".


(Various other hairstyles have been omitted to protect the credibility of the author.)

I'll keep you up to date as to how it's coming along, because I know you're concerned. Besides, I'm such a photo whore that I usually have a new picture of me up every week. My family has a good strong hair gene, so baldness doesn't seem to be in my future. Right up until the day he passed away, my Grandfather had a head of silver hair as beautiful as that of Lute Olson, coach of the Arizona Wildcats.

There were so many things I could have talked about today besides hair. American Idol is going quite smoothly, all the losers are getting cut (new episode tonight). The triumphant return of sub-zero winds and snow have convinced me to take a noose-tying class, just in case (1 hour a week at the YMCA). There's also a new (clip show) episode of Mythbusters tonight (see link on right).

In news that actually has to do with me, my CD review should be in tomorrow's issue of Core Weekly, and I'm in the process of hammering out another review for them. I've got a daily comic strip that you really need to check out more, and Ryan's Ween is in the early stages of being stocked wall-to-wall with tasteful soft-core pornography. You'd almost think I'd be getting paid to do all this, but it turns out I'm just a complete dumbass.

Today at work, I got an E-mail from someone asking if they needed a license to open a "Pet Massaging" business. I should have asked her for a job.

I'm ordering a pizza before American Idol starts. Then I'm going to run a round brush through my long, thick head of hair.

ahh the Ted do'... my darling DH sported that on and off at his parents prodding for years... sad really a whole generation of kids sporting hair that rivals Trumps dead possum
Yup. The first time I wore it, it was because my Mom did my hair for me. The second time it came around, it was because I didn't know any better.

Somewhere around 1990 for a brief moment, the "Koppel" developed a large pompadour and morphed into the "Vanilla Ice".
Since you are trying new things, how about going back to the blond and then tying the shaggy????
"Tying the Shaggy"? I don't know what that means, but I don't swing that way, seriously.

Blonde hair was nice for 18 years, now I'm doing black hair for the next 18. From ages 36-54, who knows?
Just in case there was a screwup in your gene transfer and you start to lose your hair in a few years... The only dignified thing to do is shave your head or buzz it very short. Everything I know in this life, I learned from Sean Connery and Bruce Willis.
Wow...they changed the comments section....

Black is where it's at! And I'm only saying that because neither of us can go back to blonde without shaving out heads.
Oooh, new comment section!

Yeah, wasn't that on an episode of Seinfeld, where Elaine's boyfriend always shaved his head? Then he decided to grow it out, and he discovered he was balding?

Yeah, if I start to lose my hair, I will go to the ends of the earth to cover it up. I'm stockpiling crates of GLH. Thank you, RonCo!

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