Tuesday, March 1

Let's Go Away For A While.

At 4:30 tomorrow, my mini-vacation officially begins.

I opted to take a couple days off of work before our main receptionist gives birth to her third child. Once little "Ethan" comes out of the womb, yours truly will be manning the phones for 6 straight weeks. That's at least 30 days of me talking to people that shouldn't be the recipients of any sort of license whatsoever. Not only that, but my workplace has recently been the subject of some national news headlines and backlash. The next few weeks are sure to bring the media circus and protesters, and I'll be the first one they'll run into.

In case you're wondering what we did to deserve the attention, punch "Neil Noesen" into your favorite search engine, and form your own conclusions. I'm sick of hearing about it every day.

And with that, I'll never talk about work again. For a while. I've got a vacation to look forward to!

Here's the plan. On Wednesday night, we shall pay all our current bills and relax. On Thursday, we're heading out to the nearest Native American gaming establishment, where Celia will win money, and I will lose enough to balance it all out. Fun will be had. We may or may not spend the evening at the Native American gaming establishment hotel. I'm leaning towards no, considering how much money I plan to lose.

Friday will bring more relaxing and packing, for we're off to Green Bay again! On Saturday and Sunday, we'll be visiting Benjamin and Sherry for a weekend of whimsy. Pasta will be eaten, hearts will be broken. We'll come home Sunday evening, and I will call in sick until mid-April.

You can bet on tons of pictures and stories. I'll still be keeping in touch over the next 4 days, so don't go anywhere. I'll know.

Before I leave you tonight, I have some amazing news for MST3K nerds like myself. This comes straight from the source, Satellite News:

For the first time since 1999, Mike Nelson, Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot will make a new appearance on television, riffing the March 14th episode of ESPN Classic's "Cheap Seats" with Randy and Jason Sklar. The episode will air at 10 p.m. Eastern Time. Get those recording devices ready!

I don't know about you, but I've been waiting 6 years for something like this to happen. I know that "Cheap Seats" isn't really that great of a show, but I'd watch anything that had Mike and the 'Bots in a cameo appearance. I'm allowing Tom Servo to leave my home during the taping of this show, but he has to return immediately thereafter. I'm going to excuse myself to the kitchen now, I've got chocolate milk in the fridge that's calling my name.

My Mini-Vacation.
My First Job. (Part V)
5 Miles In 65 Days.

No broken hearts please! I'm growing quite tired of that...
Nah, no broken hearts. It's just something that someone said that I like to say sometimes.

Green Bay breaks my heart because it's depressing. Those 2 need to move to Madison. Get on that!
Who said it? I've never heard you say it before....
It's a spinoff from a MST3K quote.
I just have to finish with stupid school first! Stupid, stupid, stupid school! I hate it so much! Enough said...
I got all A's in Stupid School.
And there I was, attending Regular School like a sucker.
Guess who's still kickin'.
That's right, me. And you know what I have to say about the NAVY?
I will say that the navy has shown me the not-so-great state of IL. Being a sailor is fun.
Holy crap, it's Teaonnie!

It's good to know you're safe and sound, and having a good time. Here's hoping you can see more of the world than Illinois. Don't be a stranger.
Hey Teaonnie! I haven't seen you in forever! It would be awesome if you came home to visit in your little sailor suit!
letseatpaste, I get pretty much all A's too, except on the few occasions when I've gotten AB's. Are you talking about college or high school?
Sherry, he was talking about Stupid School. It was a joke, see.
I was saying that I excel at being stupid, which is true. For the record, I did very well in high school, and did as poorly as possible in college while still being able to graduate. And remember, it's cool to stay in school.

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