Saturday, March 26

Weather's Here, Wish You Were Beautiful.

Some quick things before we all head out for Easter:

1. Wisconsin & Kentucky will play for a spot in the Final 4 tomorrow, Duke lost last night and Louisville is already on the bus to St. Louis. This is shaping up to be the best tournament ever.

2. I'm headed home for Easter tomorrow, and to prepare for the drive I purchased 5 new CD's. They were having a deal at Borders, so I picked up albums by Bright Eyes, Moving Units, Neutral Milk Hotel, Howie Day (for the Missus) and Broken Social Scene. I don't really know what to expect from them (I haven't really listened to any of these bands, save Bright Eyes & Howie Day, who are hit and miss at best), but it's always nice to have something new to listen to for a 4 hour round trip.

3. When I get back on Monday, I'll be working feverishly on my book review for Core Weekly. It should also be noted that Boycott Unity will come to a close next week, with the publishing of the final cartoons. Show up for the final unveiling.

4. Keep the eye pictures coming. I'll have them all up in a week. If you haven't done so yet, send a picture of your eye to

5. I'm still trying to train for my 5-mile run at the end of April, and my hair continues to grow out of control. New material and whatnot will grace the CDP starting Monday.

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Wait a minute.

How's the Moving Units CD? I heard a few songs by them and they sounded good. I always forget to look for the CD though. That and I'm broke.

When are you kids gonna come see my place in Appleton? Huh?

I haven't really gotten the chance to listen to Moving Units enough to make a reasonable judgement on it yet, but I bought it because it had a good first impression. I'll keep you posted. Has the Arcade Fire changed your life yet?

It's about time you dropped by the CDP again. Don't be a stranger.

Speaking of which, Celia's coming up to Oshkosh next weekend for a get-together at Erin's, so maybe me and Benjamin could hang out at your place if you're not busy. Let me know what you think. Besides, I need to talk to you more about getting that MU330 show transferred onto audio and DVD.

We'll talk. Send me a picture of your eye.
This eyeball thing will be the most ultimate blog post ever.
Sorry Ryan, but I don't have a digital camera, so I can't take a picture of my eye to give to you. Maybe you could take a picture of my eye this weekend, or send the camera with Celia. Can you tell that I've been listening to contemporary music for the past three hours. It makes one go crazy! Guess what?!? The third movement of Bartok's Music for Strings, Percussion, and Celesta is from the Shining! I have a listening exam on Thursday for over six hours of contemporary music, and I started listening to it today! I'm going to go crazy now! See you guys on Saturday, if I make it that far....
Yeah, I just might put a halt on the eyeball/Blog thing forever.

Starting trends is cool, but putting an end to them is even better.
By the way Sherry, I'm not going to Erin's place, so I don't know if I'll see you or not. Have fun though, and Celia's bringing the camera for eyeball shots of ALL you lovely ladies.

If you watch just about any Kubrick movie, I'd bet you could pick out every piece of music he uses. "2001" especially.
Another cool thing about Kubrick movies is that no matter which one you watch, you'll always find that you hated it more than the last one you watched.
Eyes Wide Shut, here we come!
I was proving that each Kubrick movie is worse than the one before it.

Full Metal Jacket is the best war movie ever.

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