Friday, April 1

Spring's Untold Wonders.

Image hosted by A Short Story By: Gabriel.


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rywijdk akeo=ejj8(kf. Fwit? qop!


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19 poreiw, ***1: !yad sloof lirpa yppah

I had never seen a mitten quite like his again.

l;kjasd eee e iiq qoppm q[[ shabbadoo.

The End.

(Gabriel is a syndicated columnist, who's work can been seen in The Village Voice, Vanity Fair, and Barely Legal.)

I'm pretty sure I did that on MY defunk page once....COPYCAT! hahahaha! I did a pun.
I went back to my blog and looked for the post, but as it turns out I never published it. I remember writing it, but I never published it because I didn't know if anyone would think it was funny or not. Oh well! I can't sue you now.

Upon looking at some of the stuff I wrote on my blog, I can be pretty damn funny sometimes. Take this prescious snipped on my love for the Velvet Teen: "I will tell you, additionally, that the Velvet Teen is really really good. Their new CD Elysium has knocked my very socks off, leaving my feet cold and longing for socks." That is fricken hilarious! haha.

Okay, my self-indulgence is over. Now it's time to work.
oot, uoy ot yad sloof lirpa yppah. !egassem terces eht ees i. !T-R-M-S. trams os ma i.
"defunk". THAT'S hilarious. (defunct)

You can't sue me for infringement because it was Gabe's doing. I let him walk right up on the keyboard, and tell his tale of lost love on the open seas.
I TOLD you I was funny!
"I don't have a girlfriend, but I know someone who would be really mad if they heard that."

THAT's funny. I'll miss you, Mitch.
I always wondered why your old website didn't make my rump shake, hathery. Now I know.
Gabey baby!! I miss you! XOXO
Celia, you are funny! I read your page all the time and laughed out loud!
Some of Gabriel's other work, like "The Great Gabespy", "The Gabes of Wrath", and "Why I Have No Teeth: An Autobiography", have been selling quite well for many years.

Dumbest joke ever.

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