Thursday, May 5

My Time Off. (Two & Two.)

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This is the walking punchline that is my life.
Wait, that's any given weekend for ME!!!! I'm the one who like the show where old fashioned romance meets modern day technology! You usually clean frantically while the show is on because it makes you nervous.
I don't understand how you can gauge how many Oreo's you've eaten with them just dumped in a tupperware container like that. I need the sleeve system.

Dating shows is why God invented TV in the first place.
Let me set the record straight. Usually I clean the house while "The Connection" is on, because sometimes it makes me uncomfortable. Other times I'm quite content with eating 15 Oreos at 11 in the morning. Besides, Jeopardy is on right before Love Connection, and I've gots to watch that.

I also agree with the "sleeve system", but more importantly, you've helped me settle a bet that's been going on for quite some time. My wife insists that the term "sleeve" was something that I had made up, and she refuses to accept it as a cookie-related term. Truth is, everyone says "sleeve" but her. I'm instantly reminded of the Brian Regan bit about Fig Newtons.

We adopted the Tupperware system after a nasty incident involving bugs in our old apartment.
I have no speakers at work, so I guess I'll have to wait to find out what everyone is talking about.

Oh man, I can't believe someone hasn't heard of cookie sleeves. What is this, the 90's?

I was thinking specifically of the Brian Regan bit when I mentioned the sleeve system, as you have likely guessed.

Hmm... new invention idea... sleeved Tupperware. 15% fewer crushed cookies when compared to sleeveless.
Sleeve...that's retarded. I believe the proper term is "thing", as in "How many things of crackers are there left in that box?"
You're not missing much, Aaron. Just me mumbling like a jackass like I always do.

Tupperware sleeves. Now, why didn't I think of that! You draft us up a model, I'll work on marketing.

"Sleeve" is the universal name for the usually tubular-shaped, vaccuum-sealed packages that food (usually snack items) comes in. The decision was made long before me, I'm just following orders.

I should do more of these audio posts. It's just slightly lazier than what I normally do on here.
Hey, that reminds me of a joke. Where did Hitler keep his armies? In his sleevies! HAHAHAHAHA

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