Monday, May 16

Thunderstorm Grilling Techniques.

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The best thing about miserable weather is that eventually the sun will shine again.

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Here, I contemplate how much longer my hair can get before it becomes less attractive, and more of a call for help.

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I don't know what's in these, but I had 5 of them.

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Sherry died this weekend. Stop back often. Much more to come.

Don't say that!
Did Sherry die of what you had five of in the picture above her?? I mean pink can be deadly...
Less attractive? Looks are attractive, a body is attractive, but I never heard anyone say that hair is attractive. It looks as though that you will soon be unable to remove your glasses as they will be intertwined in your hair like wrigley field ivy. I can here its call for help right now.
As far as what you are drinking in the picture...never mind that, what is the can of cream doing there?! Please, keep the intimate parts of your life to yourself.
I can't remember what exactly killed Sherry, but I remember that nobody noticed for a few hours. There should be a public service announcement about the dangers of girl drinks.

You're right hair isn't attractive, it's what's attached to it that makes it so. I'm nowhere near any of those things right now, so maybe a trim is in the near future. It's getting ridiculous.

I think the whipped cream was out because people were doing Jell-O shots. Being a vegetarian, I don't consume gelatin (animal bones and whatnot), so I did not participate. See, I have some standards of decency. I was also plenty fine to drive home later in the evening, so I don't need any interventions yet.
Tequila Rose! Yum!!!!
Ryan! You're going to be the one who's dead! Argh!
Ahh! The corpse has become totally zombified!!!!
Aaugh! Alcohol makes the corpse zombie evil! My brain! MY BRAIN!

Seriously, let's give it up for Sherry. She's all right! ALWAYS the first one to fall asleep at a party, though.

Her hair is getting long, but sometimes that's an optical illusion when a corpse's head shrinks.

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