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Neighborhood #5 (CDP)

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Minneapolis beckons. The CDP will be back with all-new stuff later this weekend. Until then, chat it up in the comments section. September is shaping up to be the busiest month ever here, and I don't want a silly vacation to spoil that. Internet traffic makes me strong, just like Flintstone vitamins.

Arcade Fire plays at 6pm, and Architecture In Helsinki is playing in a different room of the venue at 8pm. If I could see them both, my head would most certainly implode. Not explode, mind you, because I wouldn't want to get any brain matter on my two new favorite bands. It's not respectful.

In the meantime, check out this link regarding the Wisconsin Realtors Association's policy to reveal to prospective home buyers if a house is haunted or not. It was found by the Missus, and is 100% accurate. I love Halloween, and you can expect October to be jam-ass-packed with autumn splendor.

Lost is on tonight. Lost is on tonight. Lost is on tonight. Lost is on tonight.

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Your sitemeter makes me feel sad, which is very confusing to me as an INTP.

Know Arcade Fire sucks,
Know Peace!

(high five, Hathery)

Post some show reviews, hope you get to see both.
Blast! Foiled again! KILL THE ARCADE FIRE! EAT THEIR BRAINS! I'll still do a show review if I feel so inclined.

INTP's are never sad? Well, look on the bright side. At least you don't need constant reassurance and ego-petting, like me.

My sitemeter would rule if I had a billion hits. So, if the four regular viewers could just view the page a few million more times a day, we'd be cooking with gas.
That was the most high-five worthy thing I've ever heard said, paste guy!!!!

That link about haunted house disclosure is probably one of the funniest things I've ever encountered. I've never actually thought about it before! I suppose it has caused quite a dilemma for some home sellers and buyers.
I like when they talk about the house that "bled", and make an exception for it because it could physically damage the value of the home. Never mind that the HOUSE IS DRIPPING BLOOD or anything.
"Lovely home in Sun Prairie. Like-new condition, with minor blood drippage from walls. Motivated seller!"
"Great starter home in Mendota! Ranch-style with minimal poltergeist activity! Tell a friend!"
"Great potential for this exorcister-upper!"

INTPs get sad, but we're confused by these so called "Feelings."

I'll ratchet up my CDP page hits by 10% or so, that ought to get you on target. The thing is you're on my list of pages to check when I want to be distracted from work, which is like every ten minutes.
Feelings only get in the way of money and power. You're better off without them.

It's good to know that I'm on your "work distraction" list. I normally update it while I'm at work, so there's some sort of a tie-in there.

Every now and then, a friend will tell me that they check my page every day, but refuse to comment for one reason or another. I don't really know how to take that, but I always appreciate the patronage.

I knew that the "less me, more crap" format would be a good change for the page, and I was right. Feels good.
You should host the first annual "CDP First Time Commentating Day" to encourage said people to comment. They know who we're talking about.

It's raining, and I have to work a corner for a stupid march for stupid domestic abuse victims. At least I get to wear this awesome cop rainy day trenchcoat!
1. I have taken your "first-time commenting" suggestion to heart. I will add that to the already huge list of super cool things that you'll find here in October. Catch the fever!

2. You know, those domestic abuse victims wouldn't be marching in the rain if they would just listen to their husbands every once in a while!

Woah, totally inappropriate. Sorry. Besides, almost half of domestic abuse victims are men.

Do you get to wear a shower cap over your cop hat?
Apparently, they do listen to their husbands, but not us. The march was supposed to go down main street, but they started halfway down the route, meaning we were way overstaffed for it.

HOWEVER! Of the 500 people expected at this, there were 50 there. Wow, way to "take back the night"... And yes, some lady mentioned to us that she was mad they were talking about abused women, but mentioned nothing of domestically abused men, such as our host on the cdp is.

It stopped raining, so I didn't get to wear the cover on my cop hat. I got a new hat, though.. the old one cut off circulation to the brain. The new one is too big, and almost blew off a few times. I'm like Goldilocks.. one hat is too small, the other is too big. I need one that's just right.

Worst. Joke. Ever.
Goldicops. I like it.
What's the first thing a woman does when she gets out of the 'battered wives' shelter?

The dishes if she knows what's good for her.

Battered women.

Sounds delicious; But that doesn't make it right.

Why am I still here?

There were over 500 domestic abuse victims in Winnebago County that were planning to march? Woah, that's way too much abuse. Not cool.

Good luck finding a new cop cap that fits just right. I heard that taking 'roids makes your melon swell up, so maybe that could work for you. It happened to Barry Bonds.

Lost was the single coolest thing ever last night.
I looked on that Lost message board and people were talking about there being a logo on the shark... That's crazy. Krazy. I'm going out today to buy an HDTV and Directv. Or at least I'm going to start pirating the HD version right after it airs. I can't handle not seeing all the logos. My cable reception is pretty crappy.

Here's an unrelated link to a trailer for The Shining that everyone should see.
What the hell was that?
Not the shining that I watched.
The Shining would have been a hit if they'd marketed it like that. And also if they got Tom Hanks.
Oh man, there WAS a logo on that shark. The same logo that's all over Desmond's stuff. I thought I had seen that, but I figured I was just going crazy. This show will be the death of me; what in the hell is going on?

Oh, I'm back. I'll update this bad boy really, really, really soon.
Where did you see the logo?
It's on the side of the tail end of the shark, it's only visible for a split second when it swims by right in front of the camera.

I think it has to be some sort of time warp. The deal where Desmond asks Locke, "What did one snowman say to the other?" has to be a joke from Michael's letters to Walt. Walt is the subject of some kind of legend.
Wow, these football games are getting out of control.. tonight, I actually had to draw my OC. About 20some guys ambushed another guy and beat the crap out of him. The guy didn't want to press charges or give us any info on anything, so we couldn't do anything about it. That's not counting the countless other fights we stopped before they got physical, and the numerous people we kicked out. That, and the cute waitress at Perkins, where we went afterwards. Late night Perkins waitresses are all badge bunnies, I swear..
"Do you smell carrots?"

So, you think that Desmond's been waiting for Walt? You may have a point there, but the time warp thing would actually torque me off somewhat. The thing with the countdown and the numbers and whatnot in the hatch...that really threw me for a loop.

I saw a preview for the next few weeks, and it shows Hurley in the hatch, Desmond running around outside, and the tail-section survivors getting all crazy. This show is worlds ahead of every drama on TV.

I freeze-framed the shark-logo for the Missus, and she gave me the most bewildered look I've ever seen from her. Worlds are crumbling, people!

For those out of the loop, I'll put up a screen-shot of the "shark logo" for my next post.
"Badge bunnies?" That must be cop lingo. Funny cop lingo, at that.
The other thing that makes me suspect a time warp. When Desmond wants Locke to go to the computer, he says "Do you know how to use that thing?" ... As if he's uncertain what era Locke might come from, like maybe before the computer was invented. Of course, Locke thinks that computer is very old. Perhaps others had been there from an earlier time who were bewildered by such things.

But then, Desmond said to Locke, "There's still a world out there then..." so maybe that's all a bunch of crap.

A friend told me last night in an interview with JJ Abrams that they had basic plots worked out for the next four or five seasons.
Yup, the writers say that they have the basic outline for the FIRST FIVE YEARS on the island. Is that really true? Who cares? The thought that they have things under control makes me very happy.

I was a huge fan of Twin Peaks until I found out that David Lynch was making it up as he went along. The way that Lost was written suggests that they know exactly what they are doing and why.
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