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Here are 10 things you missed during the Lost season premiere:

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1. On the medicine bottle that Desmond injected himself with, it had CR4-815-23 42 on the top.

2. Desmond has natural light coming from his windows. Where in the hell is that coming from?

3. We’ve now seen the second person miraculously recover from being paralyzed. The connection is Desmond. When Jack went back in to talk to Sarah, he hadn’t cleaned himself off yet. Could Desmond have healing powers that “rubbed off” on Jack? How does Locke fit in? Desmond said that he was in a “race around the world” and “was almost a doctor”.

4. When Desmond logs into the computer, he uses the numbers. On his exercise bike, he's traveling exactly 16 miles per hour.

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5. The last number of Desmond’s safe combination was 42.

6. The man who died on Jack’s operating table was Adam Rutherford, age 57. He is surely the Dad of Shannon, stepdad of Boone. At some point, Shannon will realize that Jack was involved with the deaths of both of these people.

7. The time of Rutherford’s death was 8:15.

8. Desmond is apparently a great athlete or physical specimen. Ethan was the same way. Also notice that there are bunk beds in Desmond’s room. Perhaps he and Ethan lived together. Desmond certainly does not live alone.

9. Ethan came into the camp unnoticed because he came up through the water. This must be where the entry and exit to the hatch is. It could also explain the cord that runs into the ocean.

10. Did you miss the season premiere? Don’t worry; it’s re-airing before the new episode at 7pm central time. You really don't want to miss this one.

The new episode on Wednesday will focus entirely on Jin, Sawyer and Michael, as they fight for their lives and try to get back to shore.

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I'm so glad that YOU were paying enough attention to catch all these things that the rest of us saps surely missed. *ahem*
I'm a sap, I did miss all those things. I need to watch it again before wednesday.

Interesting angle about Shannon's father. I'm going to go nuts now trying to look for clues to all the relationships. There's still so much backstory on every character that hasn't been revealed yet. It's amazing to me that they went the whole first season without actually even revealing anything.

I wonder how soon they'll introduce the survivors from the back of the plane, and if all that will happen while Locke, Kate and Jack are in the hatch.

Also, if Ethan was Desmond's roommate, why wouldn't he have taken a firearm with him to get Claire since Desmond is so well-armed? Also, they still haven't explained Ethan's relationship to Danielle, since she was obviously somehow part of the initial kidnapping of Claire. Or maybe she was trying to take Claire from Ethan, or helping Claire to escape when she got scratched.

This show is really flipping my lid. There's like a brazilian unsolved mysteries, this show could go on forever.

Oh, here's one... The car accident Jack's wife-to-be was in, was that the same car crash where Kate's childhood love was killed?
Don't worry Paste, like I said, they are re-airing this episode right before episode 2. All for your scrutinizing pleasure.

It seems to me that every character came into contact with at least one of the other survivors before the crash. I'm sure this will continue to intertwine as the weeks roll on.

As far as the other survivors go, I don't know when that's going to happen, but it's on the way. I read that the tail-section survivors haven't had it nearly as easy as the survivors we know and love. Considering that they probably have next to no resources and supplies that came with the fuselage, they might be complete savages by now.

You're totally right about Ethan not being Desmond's roommate. He would have been better armed, or maybe he just didn't know Desmond's commbination for the safe? Either way, Desmond's living with someone down there, and where's Kate?

Rousseau's got some 'splaining to do. She knows more than she's leading us to believe.

I don't think that Sara's car crash correlated with Tom's death, because Sara's accident had to do with Mr. Rutherford and nobody else. That being said, they could throw a monkey wrench into the works, and combine that whole hospital setting together. Perhaps Jack worked at the hospital that Kate visited; perhaps Jack knew Tom?
You seem rather more well-informed on all the intricacies of the episode than you did a few days ago.
I was also wondering about the relationship between Rousseau and Ethan, because it's clear that she was trying to take Claire at least one of the times she was attacked. Claire did say they tried to inject her with something, which would point to Rousseau for that particular attack since she had injected Sayid earlier. Maybe Ethan's kidnapping of Claire was a separate and isolated event?
We know why Rousseau tried to take Claire's baby, and it possibly was completely isolated from Ethan's crack at it. Remember, Rousseau said that she has never actually seen "the others", so unless she was lying, she had never met Ethan before.

Concerning the injection, it could have come from Rousseau, because she did the same thing to sedate Sayid, but we saw plenty of injections in Desmon's pad. If they're working together, Ethan could have had access to injections as well.

Damn Charlie. He HAD to go and shoot Ethan six times.
There's an emblem on Desmond's uniform when he suits up and gets his gun, my cable signal is too crappy, though, so when I pause it on Tivo I can't make out anything.

I also wonder how Bob Loblaw is going to tie into all this. Oh wait, wrong show.
I cannot believe how brilliant and lightning-quick this new season of AD is. I am so happy that they may actually be getting better in their writing style. They cover so much story in 22 minutes, I'm afraid they will run out of ideas.

I seriously don't think I stopped laughing through the entire episode. Even the Bob Loblaw thing made me lose it for a while. I can think of 50 jokes tonight that were better than anything I've seen on TV this year.
No doubt, I'm scared they're going to run out of jokes. I wonder what the deal was with Andy Griffith. When Ron said "Noone makes fun of Andy Griffith, I can't emphasize that enough." I wonder if he had stormed off the set or something. Dangit, I have to turn everything into a mystery now. Or do I? Anyway, that was hilarious that they had Harry Hamlin on there. "That guy from LA Law is right..."
I'm so slow. You know that whole thing about me not getting jokes? It causes Arrested to sort of become lost on me...I still like it, though, even though I'm in the dark the majority of the time. I feel like a tard.
You see, Ron Howard played Opie on the Andy Griffith show. Perhaps Ron was just eluding to the fact that he worked with him as a child.

Speaking of which, replacing Henry Winkler with Scott Baio, on a show that's narrated by Ron Howard? They should just drop a dump truck full of emmys at the studio and be done with it.

These days are ours.
Homer: It'll be great to see the old gang again. Potsie, Ralph Malph, the Fonz.

Marge: That wasn't you, that was "Happy Days"!

Homer: No, they weren't all happy days. Like the time Pinky Tuscadero crashed her motorcycle, or the night I lost all my money to those card sharks and my dad Tom Bosley had to get it back.
It's the thoughtful delivery of the "No...they weren't all happy days..." line that gets me every time.
It's the "my dad Tom Bosley" that makes my brain wiggle with delight.
With Scott Baio AND Jason Bateman on the show, it's going to be hard to decide who really owns my heart.
When Chach' and Teen Wolf get together, everyone wins!

Bob Loblaw. I've been saying that in my head all day.
I'm just amazed that noone's ever used the name "Bob Loblaw" as a joke before. At least I've never heard of it. I literally laugh out loud everytime i think about it.

Teen Wolf 2, not Teen Wolf... Show some respect to Alex Keaton.

I wonder if they'd ever try to get Ricky Schroeder to do a cameo, they could have a Silver Spoons reunion.

I was just going to mention that! You gotta go there.
What's got two thumbs and wants to know what's the deal with Desmond?

This guy!
Oh man, the Office was out there last night.

I was remarking to the Missus how much more dirty Arrested Development can be, and still get away with it due to their clever writing and Shakespearean wordplay. It's so much like Seinfeld it's insane.

My Name Is Earl made me tear up on a few occasions. That silent exchange between Earl and Donny (crazy eyes) made me literally roll on the floor.
Yeah, the Office was trying a little too hard to be risque, but I guess given the subject matter... And also that the lack of subtle wordplay was what they were parodying, "That's what she said" being the perfect example.

I cracked up when Donny looked down his shirt and whispered to his Jesus tattoo, "What would you do?" and Earl started looking scared again.
I work with a girl who looks at me just the way the Donny was looking at Earl.

Yeah, the Office knew exactly what it was doing, no doubt about it. Not being able to hold back a "that's what she said" cracked me up. I was in high school all over again.

When Donny looked down his shirt, I lost it. Every time they cut back to Donny staring at Earl, it got funnier. They could have done it another 10 times.

Hathery, does she look at you like the picture of that Runaway Bride?

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