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Lost Friday - Volume 2.

Season 2 - Episode 4: Everybody Hates Hugo.

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Another Lost Friday is upon us. We have much to discuss.

This was the perfect time for an episode like this. For three straight weeks, we've gone at breakneck speed through a ton of plot points and maniacal secrets that caused nerds like me insomnia for days. With "Everybody Hates Hugo," we still got a ton of answers and questions, but it was at a pace that allowed us to collectively catch our breath.

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Here's the quick synopsis, straight from our friends at Wikipedia. Read it and refresh yourself before we move on:

In a dream, Hurley sees Jin, who is suddenly speaking English, and a man in a chicken suit. When questioned about his newfound mastery of the language, Jin informs him that, actually, Hurley is speaking Korean, to which Hurley responds, "I am?" in Korean, with English subtitles. Jin then warns the dreamer that everything will change.

In flashbacks, the viewer is shown the events immediately following Hurley's discovery of his winning lottery numbers. Opting to keep his ticket to instant wealth a secret, he is lectured by the manager of Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack for eating food without paying for it. Hurley quits, and his friend Johnny does likewise. The pair visit a record store, where they consider buying Driveshaft's album and Hurley asks an attractive salesgirl for a date. Later still, Johnny and Hurley steal a vanload of garden gnomes and use them to spell out "Cluck You" on the lawn of their former employer. Hurley asks his friend to promise that they will never change, and Johnny does so; immediately after, his friend notices a news crew at a local gas station and pulls in to see what's happened. The reporters have arrived because they know the winning lottery ticket was bought at that location; the clerk recognizes Hurley and points him out. Johnny is stunned, and his expression clearly reveals that, despite his promise, everything has changed.

Hurley struggles with the task of food rationing. Charlie asks Hurley if the hatch contains food, specifically peanut butter, and Hurley stonewalls him. Charlie storms off and Hurley decides to enlist Rose to help him inventory.

Meanwhile, Jack and Sayid attempt to excavate the sealed-off portion of the Swan facility. The concrete walls seem to be impenetrable, and Sayid remarks that a similar technique was used to protect against the effects of the Chernobyl accident.

Sawyer, Michael and Jin learn that their captors are survivors from the tail section of the plane and are taken to a second Dharma site, which they use for sanctuary. Libby says that there were 23 (one of the numbers, again) survivors from the tail section of the plane, but it is clear that many have since died. Bernard, Rose's husband, is one of the survivors still living.

Claire discovers the bottle of messages from the raft lying on the beach. She asks Shannon what to do, and the pair conclude that Sun should be the one to make the decision. Sun opts to conceal this new fact and buries the bottle.

Hurley becomes less certain of his ability to ration the food in a manner that keeps everyone happy. Hurley attempts to quit, but Locke refuses to permit this. Hurley then recovers the unused sticks of dynamite and prepares to blow up the food. When Rose asks him what he's doing, he explains that the food, newfound wealth to the survivors, will change everything and everyone will come to hate him. Rose talks him down from this rash act. Later, Hurley informs Jack that he won't ration the food; he will give it out freely. Jack accepts this, and the survivors appreciate Hurley's generosity, including Charlie, who gives his benefactor a Hurley-like hug of reconciliation.

Well, that's great. Now let's dig a little deeper. Here come the numbers!

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1. Hurley's boss at Mr. Clucks was Randy, who later went on to become Locke's boss at the box company (that Hurley owns, I might add). Randy's stint at Mr. Clucks was before his job at the box company, as Locke had his conversation with him in the break room just weeks before the crash. Hurley won the lottery about a year before the crash.

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2. Don't forget, Mr. Clucks was hit by a meteorite shortly after Hurley won the lottery. Wednesday's flashback didn't get us far back enough into Hurley's story to see how he got himself institutionalized, but we'll get there in good time, and maybe find some more insight into the numbers.

3. In Hurley's dream at the beginning of the episode, Walt's face is shown on the milk carton he's drinking.

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Remember, Hurley doesn't know that Walt is missing. Perhaps he knows more than he realizes? Also, the man in the chicken costume is the gas station attendant that notices Hurley sitting in the van when the news crews show up.

4. The best quote of the night comes to us from Hurley's friend. "Drive Shaft? More like Suck Shaft!"

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5. A lot of people keep asking me, "How did the guy at the gas station know that Hurley had won the lottery?" My only theory is that Hurley was a regular at that gas station, and the attendant remembered entering his numbers. Either that, or Hurley played those numbers all the time, and finally struck it rich when the time was right. It's the best theory I have so far.

6. Is it possible that the DeGroots were the people on the boat who took Walt? Have a look-see, and remember that the DeGroots were the husband and wife founders of the Dharma Initiative.

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7. We're starting to find out that the "others" have killed a large amount of the tail section survivors. We'll find out more about that in a few weeks, when their own episode will air.

8. A major character will die before the holidays, and it will be a woman. Mark my words.

9. Okay, we're starting to get some answers about this island finally. The tail section survivors are staying in another hatch, this particular station being the Arrow. We see this in one of the last shots of the episode.

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Here's a closer look.

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This proves the theory that all 6 stations are on this island, which would account for a lot of the strange crap happening over the last 50 days. It explains the sharks and polar bears (I'm positive that the polar bears will have the Dharma mark on them if they find any more), but it still doesn't explain a whole slew of weird business.

But, consider the following.

The Swan and the Arrow are 2 of the 6 stations revealed so far. The Swan and the Arrow also happen to be 2 of the 6 constellations of Apollo. They are as follows:

1.) Cygnus - Swan
2.) Sagitta - Arrow
3.) Corvus - Crow
4.) Crater - Goblet
5.) Ophiuchus - Serpent Handler
6.) Orion - The Hunter

If this follows suit, the remaining 4 stations will correspond with these remaining 4 constellations. Which stations are doing what experiments are yet to be fully determined, although the Arrow looks to be completely abandoned for some time. My opinion is that the "others" are former members of the Dharma Initiative, like the DeGroots, Ethan Rom and Kelvin.

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(After finding the bottle washed onto the shore, Claire went directly to Sun with the news. Presumably thinking that the guys on the boat- including her husband- are dead, Sun opts to bury the bottle, as to not tell the rest of the island and cause an uproar. Interesting.)

Let us not forget the Apollo candy bars that we saw in the hatch. There's a reason that nobody has ever seen these bars before. Instead of using the "numbers" to look for clues on the ground, perhaps the hatchlings should use the numbers to look to the sky, instead. Speaking of which...

10. If that mixture of theory and fact wasn't far-out enough for you, this one's going to blow your mind. It certainly threw me for a loop, and became a pretty interesting observation, as far as I'm concerned. Keep in mind that I don't come up with some of this stuff. A lot of it comes from fans that are even more obsessed than I am. So, without further babble, I present to you...

The Satellite Theory.

The following tidbit of information was taken from a site that uses satellites to bounce signals from transmitters:

N.O.A.A. satellites orbit every 108 minutes or about 14 times a day. The satellite scans a 5,000 kilometer wide area as it passes. The satellite is within transmitter range for about 10 minutes. If the transmitter is sending then the satellite will receive multiple messages from the transmitter.

Think about this for a minute. Every 108 minutes, a satellite sends its beam to the earth, retrieving whatever information it was launched to collect, then shoots it off to whomever is in charge of said satellite, weather it be the Government, NASA or what have you.

Could it be that pressing the button approximately every 108 minutes masks the island from a satellite spotting it, so it can't be discovered? Perhaps the catastrophe that happens if the button is not pushed is that the satellite can discover the island, ending the experiment. Maybe the "Swan" is using the magnetic anomaly to somehow create the effect. The "incident" would then be the launching of a satellite that could discover the island. It would be very ironic if by pressing the button they turn out to be preventing their own rescue.

Remember in season 1, when Charlie makes a comment about satellites being able to see anything? Sayid then says that satellites have to know where to point in order to retrieve information. That's one hell of a plot point.

This theory also links well with the comment made by Michael during Exodus II. They are surprised at how large the island is when they are sailing away on the raft. Michael says "How does a place this big never get discovered?" We may now have our answer. Look to the skies!

Considering the Hanso Foundation's involvement with WWII, we may also have to bring our old friends the Nazis into the fray. Not right now, though. We already have enough to chew on.

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Next week is a Jin episode, entitled "...And Found." Sound off in the comments section, and let the discussion begin.

Another great episode. I didn't notice Walt's face on the milk jug. Odd, being that all the food seems to be a product of the experiment, not store-bought.

Also, I'm not convinced (yet) that the "Others" killed the rest of the tail section survivors. I immediately thought of how the guy in Hatch #1 (can't think of his name, too lazy to look it up) asked if anyone got sick. I figured when I was watching it that they got sick and died.

Also, what was with the bizarro dream that Hurley had at the begining of the episode, with Jin speaking english? WTF?

Great freakin' show. I just hope that this season doesn't suck and let me down.

Also, I think we can all agree that Claire is the hottest chick on the planet...
Walt's face on the milk carton was in Hurley's weird dream at the start of the show. Walt's face isn't on any milk cartons in the hatch, Hurley just dreamed all that stuff up. Which is weird, because Hurley doesn't know that Walt got kidnapped. I think this will come into play once we see why he was institutionalized in the first place.

Yeah, maybe the tail sectioners just got "sick," but I saw the previews for next week's episode, and someone was impaled on a pike. That ain't no sickness I've ever heard of. There was a theory that Ana Lucia was yet another Marshall on the plane, based on how she was handling the gun and whatnot, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

After the first season, I didn't think it could get any better. But the bold direction they decided to go for season two has exceeded all of my expectations. Those writers are brilliant and fearless.

And finally, if I had to choose one woman on the island, it would have to be Sun. She's the only one who hasn't annoyed me yet, and she's just plain cute. In the sake of fairness to the sexes, I will say that I also find Desmond oddly attractive as well.

He has pretty eyes is all I'm sayin'.
Did anyone else feel like a closet racist when they revealed who's Bernard? Was I the only one who assumed she was married to the black guy?

Yeah, Claire and Sun both make my heart a little fuzzier. I think it's the accents. Desmond is pretty dreamy, especially when he tells Jack, "Lower your gun or I'll blow his damned head off, brother." That was like so cool, and by cool I mean awesome.

It was nice to have a little less intense episode.

I had thought Hurley's buddy was the guy in the chicken suit in his dream. I might have to watch that. That is crazy about Hurley's boss becoming Locke's boss, and Hurley owning the company they both work for.

In other TV Land highlights...
That part in The Office where Dwight's in his car blaring REM's Everybody Hurts.

On My Name is Earl, Randy's thoughtful monologues explaining the difference between men and women, or between alive people and dead people.

On Everybody Hates Chris: "All he would have to do is see somebody do something, and he could copy it. Today you call that a music producer."
You're totally right about Bernard. For two weeks, we figured that he was "Shaft", then he turns out to be a white guy. Kudos to the Lost team for doing that, because I'm sure it made a lot of people sort of ashamed of themselves.

Now that you mention it, I think I find everyone on the island with an accent to be pleasing to the eye. American are silly.

It reminds me of when I used to work at the hardware store, and every now and then a British woman would come in that lived nearby. I would purposely talk to them as long as I could just so I hear her talk.

Yeah, check out the picture up top. The guy in the chicken suit was the gas station attendant. The "that's him!" guy.

The Locke/Hurley connection keeps getting tighter and tighter.


The Office: "I hope the war goes on forever and Ryan gets drafted."


"All right, I'm sorry. Besides, he'd be a hero anyways."

"Ryan started the fire!"

My Name Is Earl: There were so many. The "clump", anything that Randy said, the likeness of Earl that he took with him, it was the best episode yet.

By the way, did ANYONE watch Night Stalker on Thursday? It was simply amazing. I like the show and all, but I didn't think they were capable of making an hour of television like they just did. It was suspense/horror writing at its very best. Seriously, it was a great episode. If they ever re-run it, I'll plaster this board with ads for everyone to watch it.
One thing I don't get about the satellite theory. I can't remember how long it has when it starts beeping and they can punch in the code. But when they do type in the code, let's say they actually typed it in when there was a minute left. Then the clock resets. If you did that every time, you'd be punching in the code every 107 minutes instead of 108. You wouldn't stay in sync very long with whatever it is you're trying to avoid.
Yup, I agree with you on the satellite theory; it has some flaws right now. If satellites DO have anything to do with the hatch, we probably won't find out for quite some time.

My Mom thinks that the tail-section survivors are eating each other, and the "others" have nothing to do with it. For everyone's sake, I hope she's wrong.
Um, everyone on the show has an accent depending on where you live...
Everyone who's not from Nebraska has an accent.

Consequently, this is why there are no good-looking people from Nebraska.
You're right about that; everyone on Saddle Creek is ugly as sin.

Someday I'll go to Nebraska, drive straight through it, and have the Missus say, "I told you it was boring! I TOLD YOU!"

I saw a still from the LOST pilot episode that had an Apollo Bar in it. Now, can someone tell me where in the hell it came from? That's completely insane that the writers already had it figured out when they were shooting the pilot.
Again, the writers said from the VERY BEGINNING that they had at least 5 seasons worth of material already planned out.
I understand that, but WHERE did the Apollo bar come from? How did Boone snag himself some hatch-candy two damn hours after the plane crashed?

Unless Dharma owns Oceanic (which is entirely possible), this show actually got even weirder.

The thought that the writers could have had all this figured out, right down to this detail, makes me fear for my sanity in their presense. It's damn near impossible.
I think you're on to something here...
It all fits! So if there are 6 stations on the island (one for each Apollo constellation), then I think each one is in charge of one of the areas of study being researched by the DeGroots. Going by the Orientation film, the six areas are:
Meteorology - your satellite theory
Psychology -
Parapsychology - Walt's ESP
Zoology - the bears & sharks
Electromagnetism - Swan station
& Utopian social *bla-bla* - probably studies of the different groups on the island and their interactions (which explains how "The Others" seem to know everything about them (ex. how to find Walt)).
Yup, each station would account for some of the stuff we've seen happening on the island. Perhaps they took Walt because he was either messing with the plans or he posessed the key to completing the experiment.

Speaking of which, we got a look at the bottom half of the "others" this week, and they seemed like pretty creepy people. Mr. Eko made it seem like these people are capable of ripping people to shreds.

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