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Sweet Merciful Crap.

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The CDP has three announcements to make concerning a little television show called Lost.

1. Starting today, the CDP is launching "Lost Friday," which will be a place to dissect and discuss Lost as the weeks roll along. Every Friday, the CDP will put up a new post devoted to the latest episode.

2. In honor of "Lost Friday," you'll notice an entire sidebar section devoted to Lost links. Check them out, as they are full of information and always being updated. More to come.

3. I officially have absolutely no idea what the hell is going on.

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I mean, seriously. I was looking forward to this episode (Episode 3: Orientation) for weeks now, as I knew that a "major plot point" about the hatch would be spilled. True to their word, the hatch was explained in great detail. They explained what it was, why it was there and what it was used for. Any fan of the show would be ecstatic to find all the answers to these questions so early in the second season. Of course, by the time the episode was over, I had a thousand more questions that were far worse than before, and I needed to chug a bottle of NyQuil just to go to sleep.

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In less than an hour, the show went from a stripped-down island mystery to a completely different world altogether. Based on the decisions the hatchlings made at the end of the episode, they set themselves up to be there for a very long time. And the orientation video? This was the most bizarre thing I've ever seen on primetime television.

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It was a mix of "The Ring" and a Nine Inch Nails video. It was evil and wrong, as is Dharma Industries and the Hanso Foundation. Let's do a quick fact and near-fact run down:

1. The hatch is station 3 of 6, known as "The Swan." This base was (is) used for Electromagnetic studies. The other stations were used for Psychological, Parapsychological, Zoological, Extraterrestrial and Utopian studies. We don't know if all of the bases are on the island, or if the island itself is a base. Then again, we don't know if it was ever meant to be used for those purposes.

2. On the "official" page for the Hanso Foundation, the studies listed are the following:

The Hanso Life-Extension Project
The Hanso Foundation Electromagnetic Research Initiative
The Hanso Quest for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence
The Hanso Mathematical Forecasting Initiative
The Hanso Cryogenics Development Imperative
The Hanso Juxtapositional Eugenics Development Institute
The Hanso Accelerated Remote Viewing Training Facility

You can already see how these all tie in with existing circumstances on the island.

3. Jack was being a real ass this week, but I hope that he's right. Perhaps Desmond got lured in there by Kelvin and the rest to participate in an experiment to see if you could scare someone into pushing a button for the rest of their lives. By not having enough faith in himself (a recurring theme, and the reason for his yet-to-be-shown divorce), Jack may have sealed his fate for the time being.

4. Locke showed some depth this week, too. By revealing that it took him a long time to accept certain things in the realm of faith, we see him as more of a human than a destiny-driven lunatic. His relationship with Helen is still up in the air, as she may not be the same Helen we heard him talking to early in season one. Also, could Locke's "father" turn out to be the "Mr. Sawyer" that conned Sawyer's parents so long ago?

5. Next week's episode will center around Hurley. We will find out why he was in a psych ward, and hopefully get some more insight into these numbers. Speaking of which, 108 is the sum of the numbers, and they must be entered into the computer every 108 minutes. The base groups were supposed to switch teams every 540 days, which is 108 multiplied by 5.

6. The "others" that captured Michael, Sawyer and Jin are the tail-section survivors, and we will find out more about them in a few weeks. They will get their own episode explaining their first 40-some days on the island, and their encounters with the "real others".

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7. Remember "Adam and Eve", the corpses found in the caves with the black and white game pieces in their pockets? Well, that same game was in the hatch, meaning that they could have been the initial two people assigned to the hatch. Did they decide to bail out on the experiment, only to get "sick" and expire out there?

8. Remember the shark with the Dharma logo on its fin? This could point to the theory that the entire island is a controlled environmental experiment, with the survivors as subjects. It was obviously planted there by someone.

I'm flabbergasted. Watching this show should be a full-time jorb. When Jack and Locke finished watching the Orientation video, Locke said "I think I'm going to have to watch that again." I'm positive that about 15 million viewers said the same exact thing.

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I could go on, but I'm exhausted for tonight. I hope you enjoy "Lost Friday." I'm doing this to keep my Lost posts to just one a week, but to also have a central place to discuss the current episode without it spilling into every other nook of the CDP. Check out the links and let me know what you think.

Make your own kind of music. Have a good weekend.

(PS- I'm working on the unsightly blank ad space at the top of the page. Ignore it for now.)

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Nice, I was about to comment on the show but didn't want to derail the comment section. Not that that's ever been an issue for me.

One thing I'm growing to love about this show is that it's not just suspenseful and not just an interesting story. It's really exploring bigger issues like faith and science, belief, nature of reality, etc...

I just watched Everybody Hates Chris and I about fell off the couch when he said "Now that was mean. Taking sleep from my father is like taking ignorance from a rapper."

Headphones, Minus the Bear show tonight, woot woot!
Oh, that's going to be a good show. I expect a full review.

If anything, "Lost Friday" will put a limit and fence around exactly how much I can obsess over this show. Like you said, it's worlds beyond anything on TV right now based on the ground it covers. Normally, something like this would get just a devoted cult few, but it seems like just about everyone is on the train.

The fact that something like this is the #1 show on TV is saying something about the reality boom of years back and the theory of the death of TV fiction.

I forgot about Everybody Hates Chris, I'll have to check it out.

My favorite quote of the week came from "My Name Is Earl":

Randy: "Are you sure you want to get that cuckoo clock back? Damn thing almost poked my eye out."

Earl: "Well, you shouldn't have been standing so close to it. You knew what time it was."
Oh yeah, I was also going to add something you probably already added before... The tail-section people must have had an entirely different experience. They didn't have the manifest for the plane, so didn't know who anyone was or anything. Then if Ethan or someone like that shows up, people start getting kidnapped, attacked, etc... They also may have not had any food or water right off the bat, so would go immediately into survival mode. Which may be part of a Dharma study to see how these two different groups react under different conditions.

Also, I predict that Walt's mom provided legal representation for Dharma, or for someone opposing Dharma in court, and her death is related to that.

I think the next episode is going to be interesting, focusing now on the remaining survivors who are clueless about the hatch and the conflict alluded to in the preview.

Desmond has to know more than he was letting on. When Locke mentioned the others building a raft, he laughed at it like it was ridiculous. So be obviously knows a little more about the nature of the island.

And what's the deal with the Black Rock slave ship if Dharma started in the 70s?
1. Without question, the tail-section survivors have had it much harder than our friends in the fuselage. They had little to no resources, and probably had several people killed by the actual "others". That caused them to go savage pretty quickly. When they get to the episode highlighting their journey, it should be very interesting.

2. The thing about Walt's Mom rings true. Perhaps she got caught up in Dharma somehow, and sent Walt home at the last minute to protect him.

3. Yeah, the next episode is going to be a big change for the fuselage survivors. They are going to start filing into the newly-acquired hatch, take showers, ration food, etc. From what I can tell, Jack says "nobody eats anything", because he's still nervous about everything, and that's where the conflict with Hurley's going to come in. I'm really looking forward to more of his backstory, and why he was on Korean television.

Speaking of which, did you see Jin speaking perfect english in the preview?

4. Desmond needs a flashback episode. That way, we can see his race around the world, his crashing onto the island, meeting Kelvin and so on and so forth. He must be aware of those "Dharma sharks" in the water, and is aware that you can't get off the island that way. It's probably why he crashed in the first place. Also, he doesn't know that the survivors fixed the computer and pushed the button, so he's still running around thinking that it's all over.

5. The Black Rock and the Nigerian drug plane are possible if the island was just "taken over" by Dharma in the 70's. The island (if it is an island) is a real place, I'm assuming.

Another thing I forgot to mention was concerning the Orientation tape. First off, things are clearly spliced out of that tape. There are parts missing that are probably pretty important concerning what the real deal is.

Secondly, people online are saying that some of the "students" in the video were "others" that were on the boat that kidnapped Walt. The female in particular.

Thirdly, the Asian man who narrates the tape never moves his left hand. He clearly has lost the use of it, which would make him at least the third person on the show that can't use an arm. We've already seen it with the Australian farmer that Kate stays with, and with Montan, a crew member of Rousseau's that got his arm blown off. almost makes me want to stop writing. It would take me a lifetime to come up with something like this.
Are you sure that Jack got a divorce? Maybe Sarah died; Jack seemed really, really upset when Desmond mentioned that he wasn't married anymore.
Yeah, sorry about that. All we know for sure on that is that Jack and Sarah aren't married anymore, and Jack got his shoulder tattoos sometime after the wedding. His lack of faith may have something to do with that. Perhaps she started getting sick again, like Locke did before Boone died.
Yeah, I had assumed that she died also.

And thank God...she's annoying!
Yeah, I had assumed that she died also.

And thank God...she's annoying!
Annoying people must die. That's a good message for the kids.

I hope nothing happens to Desmond. He rules. I want to see more of his backstory and knowledge of the hatch.
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