Tuesday, November 29

CDP Wayback Machine: Drunk Edition.

You know, there comes a time in every man's life where he gets raging drunk and ruins his wife's birthday party.

Exactly one year ago today, that man was me. In the spirit of full disclosure and outright laziness to create a new post today, the CDP Wayback Machine leads you back to the last time I lost control of myself. Hooray for one year of responsibility! Feels pretty good.

Monday, November 29 - 2004: "The Last Wobbler."

The triumphant Sweeps Month finale is tomorrow, followed by the best comments of 2005 and LOST FRIDAY. December will bring us all the year-end stuff you'd expect to find here. You'll love it, I promise.

Was definitely a much quieter birthday this year.
You got that right. Instead of buying you a present, I just bound and gagged you in the closet.

It was exactly what you wanted.
Yup. And I got 2 more weeks of cat-pilling, crossed wires in my hubby's car, and the front desk all this week. Happy birthday to me!

Whoever the leprachaun is/was that we hit with a car, mutilated, shot, or otherwise destroyed to give us this bad luck we've been having needs to lay off of it now.
In all fairness to the Leprachaun, this last week went a lot better than the weeks before it. For example:

Last Few Weeks - Almost dead cat. Pills administered

This Week - Sick cat. Pills still administered.

Last Few Weeks - Busted car. Several hundred dollars to fix. Broke.

This Week - Bad wiring in car. No stereo, annoying but fixable. Still broke.

Last Few Weeks - TiVo.

This Week - Gamecube.

Last Few Weeks - Crappy job.

This Week. Crappy new job. Think about it.

It's a long race.
And I thought I was having troubles lately. That sucks, kids.
Well, I'd take it over a mugging any day of the week. Sure, my pain is longer, more expensive and drawn out over the course of a few months, but at least I don't have pee in my pants.
Hey, speak for your own pants buddy. haha.

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