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Lost Friday - "Collision."

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Season 2 - Episode 8 - "Collision."

Yet another Lost Friday is upon us. We have much to discuss.

This post is arriving on the heels of an after-Thanksgiving gluttony spree here at the CDP. I ate a lot, didn't get much sleep and am still sick with a bad cold. I know you're concerned.

Nevertheless, it's going to be a little condensed this week, simply because this week didn't offer very many answers and mythology. It did, however, set the stage for two of the biggest episodes yet. More on that later. First off, the skinny on "Collision," courtesy of our friends at Wikipedia:

Realizing that Shannon was shot by Ana-Lucia, Sayid pulls his gun on her. Eko stops him after a quick and muddy fight. Ana-Lucia tells Eko to tie up Sayid, but he refuses. She then forces others at gun point to do so, claiming that she knows what she's doing.

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A flashback shows that Ana was a police officer in the LAPD who got shot by a suspect and was hit by four bullets in her vest. After recovering, she is assigned an office job, but demands to get back into a patrol car. Her chief, which turns out to be also her mother, reluctantly does so.

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Soon, when called to a stressful domestic shouting match, Ana loses her calm and pulls her gun. Her partner orders her to holster it, calling her by first name as she does not respond to "Officer Cortez".

In the meantime, Eko carries Sawyer away to find the other survivors. Michael decides to give water to Sayid, daring Ana to shoot him. They talk about Walt and Ana. The rest of the group are also angry at Ana-Lucia, asking about "her plan". In exchange for the release of Sayid, she demands supplies from the hatch so that she can live "alone" in the jungle, being convinced that Sayid will not stop until he can get revenge on her.

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We see some more of Ana-Lucia's past. When the officers of her mother caught the suspect who shot her, Jason McCormick, she declined to identify him, despite the evidence of fingerprints and his confession. He had to be released.

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While playing golf, Jack and Kate encounter Eko carrying Sawyer, and they bring him into the hatch, where he is treated. Locke questions what happened, but Jack reminds him that the timer is going off. Jack tries to give Sawyer a pill for the infection, but he won't swallow it. When Jack instructs Kate to hold Sawyer's head up, she holds him gently and whispers into his ear until he takes the pill.

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Jack is now furious after just being told that Shannon has been killed, and Sayid is held prisoner by gun-point. He demands Eko to tell him where they are, but Eko refuses because it will only make Jack even angrier. Michael suddenly bursts into the hatch and tells Jack what happened. Jack grabs two rifles, gives one to Michael and starts to make his way out of the hatch. Suddenly Eko screams "Stop!" and asks Jack what he's looking for. "Peace? Revenge? or Justice?"

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Jack tells him he wants all his people back safely. Then Eko says "Ana-Lucia made a mistake." It's obvious from Jack's surprise reaction that he knows her. Eko takes Jack out to where Sayid and Ana-Lucia are in the jungle, but only Jack, and without any guns.

Sayid, still tied to the tree, tells Ana that only 40 days ago, he tortured a man in a similar situation, as well as many other men while being in the Republican Guard of Iraq. She asks him if he has kids, to which he answers no. She then starts telling him her story, and that she was formerly a cop.

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A flashback shows Ana-Lucia, wearing regular clothing, spotting Jason McCormick in a bar. Outside in the parking lot, she stops him, saying "Hey Jason ... I was pregnant!" She shoots him down with three bullets, plus three more from close distance into the body on the ground.

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After Sayid asks what happened to him, she lies, saying "Nothing, they've never found him." She then releases Sayid, throws her weapons to him, and dares him to take revenge: "Go ahead, pick it up, I deserve it." He declines, stating that she is already dead.

Eventually, the rest of the tail-section survivors and Jin make it back to the camp, where Bernard and Rose as well as Jin and Sun are finally reunited.

The episode ends with Sayid carrying Shannon's body back to camp, and Ana and Jack staring at each other.

Fantastic. I will say, however, that this synopsis had to be heavily edited by me due to episodic errors and paltry grammar. I'll continue to use their recaps though, as I'm incredibly lazy. Make with the numbers!

1. This first point comes to us from Entertainment Weekly:

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"Can there be any doubt that Ana Lucia is Jack's double, and Eko Locke's? They seemed to hammer that home pretty hard. I speak primarily of the final shot, but also of the eerie first meeting between Locke and Eko. Locke's just sitting there, innocently doing his crossword and..."

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"Hey, what about that crossword, anyway? The clue he's working is ''Enkidu's friend.'' That's a reference to The Epic of Gilgamesh, an ancient Sumerian text that also happens to be one of the oldest pieces of extant world literature. Gilgamesh was an Achilles-like champion who fights alongside Enkidu, his fellow warrior and quasi-doppelgänger. Does this mean Locke is Gilgamesh to Ecko's Enkidu, or vice-versa?"

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That's a good point. For a few weeks now, it's clear that Ana and Eko are the tail-section version of Jack and Locke. The "man of science, man of faith" edge is really getting hammered home, and detailing the power struggle that's taking place. Now that everyone's under the same roof now, this will only intensify.

2. I picked this snippet up from a Lost message board. It comes to us from "FormerLostFan:"

If they don't kill off Ana Lucia soon, I'm done with this show. She is so annoying and her storyline is not compelling. Plus, she is a man.

Well put. Is she contractually obligated to scowl on every frame? I understand that this episode was supposed to make people more sympathetic towards her, but the "shoot first, ask questions later" aspect is quite unappealing.

3. When people ask the producers of the show where the love interests lie, they tell you "It'll be where you least expect it." I think they might be right after this episode. Sayid and Ana look as if they will take refuge in each other based on their tortured past. Also, check out this still from next week's episode and tell me that Jack and Kate aren't kissing:

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Hmmm. Plot points to be revealed next Wednesday, I suppose.

4. Ahh, the reunions. Not only did Kate and Sawyer join back up, we also saw the reunions of Michael and Vincent:

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Jin and Sun:

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Bernard and Rose:

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Along with the bizarre and uncomfortable reunion of Jack and Ana:

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With everyone together and functioning as a solid unit, questions will start to get answered. This is what they will be focusing on for at least the next two episodes.

5. Of course, there will be only ONE more new episode in 2005. After the November 30 airing of "What Kate Did," Lost goes on vacation for FIVE DAMN WEEKS, returning on January 11 with the heavily awaited Episode 10. This means that there's going to be a lot of interesting cliffhanger hatch information next week. You really shouldn't miss it. Also, it will give you a chance to re-watch a lot of the Season Two episodes and catch up on anything you may have missed. LOST FRIDAY will still be here every week with new stuff, so keep stopping in.

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6. Let's talk about next week's episode. "What Kate Did" will focus on...well.

Apart from that, we're going to get some serious hatch and island information, the possible return of Desmond and an excrutiating wait until after the holidays. Apart from the emotional things that will take place next week (people hooking up, etc.) they are going to find the MISSING PIECES OF THE ORIENTATION TAPE. Here's a still:

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Michael will have an encounter with the hatch computer, and Kate's full backstory will be revealed. It should be creepy as hell and loaded with theory information to set you for the rest of the year.

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What more could you want? The standing theory is that episode 10 will take place on the island before the crash of Flight 815, but that's pretty far off on the horizon. Episode 9 will be retribution for the shoegazing that Lost as been doing for three straight weeks. I can't wait.

Start the theories and discussion in the comments section. If you missed any of my previous Lost Fridays, check them out here:


(PS- If you want to check out the amazing and spoiler-filled CTV trailer for Episode 9, The Tail Section has it up and running. If you do watch it, you won't be able to function until Wednesday. You've been warned.)

Michael and Eko are straight chillin' in the hatch.

I actually kind of like Ana-Lucia's character... I mean, I don't like her, but I like her as part of the story.

Any guesses on what Kate did? It obviously has to be pretty terrible that they're making a big deal of it... Also that her own mother was so terrified to see her. But not so terrible that her childhood friend felt the need to protect her, or at least he was not scared of her.
Michael and Eko look pretty comfortable in the hatch, considering what they've been through for the last few days. They deserve it. I like the wall hanging in the background. When I'm a multi-millionaire, I will have a Swan Hatch replica under my solid gold house.

As far as the story goes, Ana Lucia brings more depth to the storyline and to Jack's character development. I like her more now than I did two weeks ago, but she's still getting on my nerves. At least now, people aren't on Kate's case much. There's a new annoying woman for them to channel their anger on.

Yeah, what Kate did had something to do with her family, like her Mother and Father for sure. I think her Dad was a military man, so that might play into it somehow. It should be interesting, considering all the bad things we already know she did.

I'm still wondering why her and Jack are kissing. Sexy results, indeed.
I think if you look more closely, that is Jack and Anna kissing.
Ana Lucia does have a little emotional baggage, but is it just me or did her hotness factor triple this week!?
Jack is definitely kissing Kate on the spoiler-filled Canadian trailer.
I thought it was Jack and Ana as well, until I noticed that the tank top matched Kates. Then I saw the Canadian promo, where it was clearly Jack and Kate. Things are never the way they seem on the island, so expect some strange reason for the lip-locking.

Ana looks a little more visually appealing to me now that I've seen her off the island and out of that stupid leather vest. She's still a far cry from eye candy in my book, however. I still can't stand her acting, though. It's not so much the character as it is the actress for me.

I think it also has to do with having the show centered around her for a month. It's overkill, and now that she has to share space with 16 others, it shouldn't be so outwardly annoying anymore.

That Canadian promo is wack. I just know that there will be a cliffhanger to make us wait until January 11, and it's going to drive me up the wall.
Jack and Kate, plus a barely conscious Sawyer uttering the words, "I love her." That IS what he said, right?
Yeah, he said "I love her." Then I believe Jack said, "You mean Kate, right?"

Then things got weird. I should probably watch that again.

Mark my words. Desmond's coming back to inject Sawyer with his miracle potion.
I shouldn't have watched the Canadian trailer. Now I can't think about anything else.

I also think it's time for Sun and Jin's backstory to intertwine with someone else's story. In any case, they should show more of Sun. Maybe a spinoff show or something where she solves crimes.

Did you see the Good Morning America where they showed a deleted scene?
No, but they could spice up the next five weeks of reruns with those deleted scenes. What better way to keep everyone buzzing.
I watched that canadian promo and decided I should pay more attention to warnings and disclaimers!! truly can't wait till next show!
Yeah, that Canadian trailer really messed me up. I've been waiting since "Orientation" for a big hatch-related episode, and now it's going to fall into my lap and disappear for 5 weeks before any of it makes sense. If I ever track down Damon Lindleof, I'm going to kidnap him 'Misery'-style, and make him write me a finale, post haste.

The only intertwining so far with Jin & Sun's backstory was that Hurley was on Korean TV during Jin's flashback. I wonder how they could fit more people into it, considering their location.

"Jin & Sun, P.I. She's a cop, he's a hitman. They're cops. Except for the hitman. Tuesday nights on UPN."

The only GMA deleted scene I've seen so far was from "The Other 48 Days," where a box of boomerangs washed ashore. This doesn't sound like much, but the logo on the box was the same logo as the Walkabout company that turned Locke down in Season One.
I think we're onto something with this Jin and Sun show. The season finale would be Jin hired to off Sun, and Sun will be trying to arrest Jin... But they love eachother, and neither can go through with what they've been hired to do. So as an act of love, Jin turns himself in, and meanwhile Sun kills herself. It'll be like a really really violent Gift of the Maji.

Just thinking out loud here.
I've been staring at that crossword puzzle Locke is working on... Doesn't it seem like the answer "gilgamesh" doesn't make the other words going across correct? Clearly the word across is supposed to be "imitative" instead of "imgtative." Also, it's #42 down that he's answering (and perhaps getting wrong).
I think you're right about that. Maybe it's supposed to be "initative," as in Dharma.

Maybe the fact that he's getting it wrong is a clue. However, I'm pretty sure that Gilgamesh is the correct answer for that clue. Beats me, really. Maybe it's the only one he's got right.

Oh! If you look at the handwriting, you'll see that "Gilgamesh" is the only clue that Locke did. Everything else was done by someone else (Desmond?). Looks like Desmond sucks at crossword puzzles.
Paste, did you get the mass e-mail I sent out? I sent it to your address, so maybe you don't use it anymore or something. Just curious.
After looking at a very long thread by mostly stupid people and a few very smart people, it was determined that there is less to the crossword puzzle than it seemed... It was clearly an existing puzzle edited to put in what they wanted... You can see where the word "spiraled" has a letter blacked out, and then no number for the word "led."

I got the email, I was just thinking about that today... I meant to put together a best-of list, but I haven't had time because I watch too much TV. When are you planning on getting that post out? I know there's only a couple days left.
I wanted to get the post out by the end of Sweeps Month, but that's not going to happen. Against my will, I'll be saving most of the "year-end" stuff for December, so if you really wanted to send me something, you still have time.

You obviously don't have to (I've got about 50% response so far), but if there's anything you want to throw onto the pile, it should be a pretty interesting post.
Those Dharma-sponsored crossword puzzles are horrible. No wonder Desmond went nuts.
Alright, I'll get something together. I'm thinking about putting together a favorite things list on my own blog, top ten albums or something like that. I'll do both, though, because I'll get more famous if my opinions are posted here.
Done and done. Fantastic.
Interesting blog, be sure and check out my site / blog when you get a chance at Thanks and have a great day.
If they don't kill off Ana Lucia soon, I'm done with this show. She is so annoying and her storyline is not compelling. Plus, she is a man.

Well put. Is she contractually obligated to scowl on every frame? I understand that this episode was supposed to make people more sympathetic towards her, but the "shoot first, ask questions later" aspect is quite unappealing.

Well put, my ass! I cannot stand sexist comments like the above. I get sick and tired of people insisting that someone has to adhere to an image that society has deemed they should be. What you're telling me is that you didn't like Ana-Lucia because she didn't act demure, like you had believed she should . . . due to her gender.

You're a sexist.

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