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Lost Friday - Son Of A Rerun Edition.

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Another Lost Friday is upon us. We have much to discuss.

First and foremost, people have told me that I should warn of potential spoilers. That being said, let it be known now that this Lost Friday, along with every Lost Friday until the end of time, will contain potential spoilers. SPOILERS AHOY! There you go. There are things that I know, and things that I avoid knowing so I don't ruin the show for myself. Use your best discretion, I do.

This week's episode was a repeat airing of Season 2 - Episode 3, titled "Orientation." It was one of the most important, scrutinized and theorized episodes of the series thus far, so a repeat airing wasn't too bad at all. If you want more of a detailed analisys of "Orientation," allow me to direct you to one of my earlier Lost Friday posts. Enjoy.

Now, back to the task at hand. Wednesday's episode is entitled "Abandoned," and the writers specifically aired reruns just so this episode would coincide with sweeps week. It's going to be that good. Here's the skinny, straight from the press release:

"Sawyer’s wound becomes life-threatening as he, Michael and Jin make their way through the interior of the island with the tail section survivors. Meanwhile, Shannon is once again haunted by visions of Walt, and Charlie becomes jealous of Locke’s interest in Claire."

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This episode will be Shannon-centric, flashing back to the death of her father. Once again, remember that Jack was party responsible for Mr. Rutherford's death, as he opted to save his future wife on the operating table instead. I find it interesting to recall the argument that Boone had with Jack in season one concerning the choice to save Boone from the water instead of the drowning girl. If you go back and watch that conversation, a lot of things ring true concerning the parallel concerning Boone and Shannon's Father (or step-father).

You must also remember that someone's going to be killed by the end of the episode. Theories and speculations are flaming the interweb, but any betting man would figure the corpse in question will be Shannon. After all, it IS her episode, and we're going to find out every little detail about why she is the way she is. She's going to get busy with Sayid, start freaking out about Walt again and end up dead.

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From what I can tell, the killer won't be revealed for at least a few weeks. This gives us much to look forward to. Perhaps the killer was one of the people on the plane.

Because we can discuss "Abandoned" more in-depth once it's over (and you've heard enough about what's going to happen), I wanted to look ahead to upcoming episodes. Most of this has been fact-checked and confirmed, but you never know until it actually happens.

Episode 7 - "The Other 48 Days" - November 16

The harrowing first 48 days in the lives of the tail section survivors are revealed. From what I can tell, this will be told entirely in flashback (nobody in particular?), going back and forth from various tail-section folk. Previous photos have shown Ana and Eko, along with some children who look suspiciously like the filthy-footed "others" we saw during "...And Found."

Obviously, this episode is going to rule because we're going to not only get more backstory on the characters, but we might get to see who some of these "others" actually are. Keep in mind that the "others" pretty much slaughtered or captured all of the tail-section survivors.

If you want amazing photos from this upcoming episode, check out my previous LOST FRIDAY post.

Episode 8 - "Collision" - November 23

Violence erupts when Ana Lucia and her group stumble upon the other castaways.

From what I can tell, this will be the episode where all the survivors finally meet up. It may also be the episode where we find out who (or what) killed the latest casuality. It looks like it will be Ana Lucia-centric, focusing on what she did before she crashed on the island. Expect to see a Jin/Sun and Rose/Bernard reunion.

Straight from the rumor mill, here's a preview of a pivotal scene:

"Sawyer practically dies because of his infected shoulder. He is suffering, like the marshall. Ana is all for a mercy killing but Jack refuses. Ana has a line "I'm taking over." Ana tries a violent take-over, but Desmond shows up unexpectedly and saves the day. Fans who have been waiting to see Ana get put in her place will see it. Jack questions Desmond about the medicine, Desmond says it will help but that Sawyer has "bigger" problems then the infection. Flashback explains how Ana lost her job as a cop, also why she was in Australia. "

Woah. Try to take that all in for a second. For weeks now, I've been telling people that I think Ana Lucia is a cop who was on the plane to keep an eye on Kate. Now, my theory has been (nearly) confirmed.

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Now it's COMPLETELY confirmed. This picture was taken on set. Things are going to get crazy between Ana and Kate, especially since it's concerning Kate's fugitive past, along with her beloved Sawyer.

Wait a second...Desmond's coming back? Holy crap! He's going to inject Sawyer with some of his secret medicine? Seriously?

The synopsis states that Sawyer has "bigger" problems than the infection. I get the feeling that the monster is going to finally make a return appearance. This is going to be absolutely insane.

Episode 9 - "What Kate Did" - November 30

"As Kate's backstory continues, her original crime is revealed. Locke and Eko make an interesting discovery about the film, and Michael has a mysterious encounter with the computer."

Fresh off of the Ana Lucia flashback, we get to flashback to "what Kate did" that made her such a wanted woman. My theory has always been that it has something to do with her mother, as she was none too happy to see her at the hospital.

The fact that Locke and Eko (Eko?) discover something about the film will put a lot of pieces into place concerning why they're still pressing the button in the first place. Apparently, after watching the video too many times, Desmond starting taping the celluloid back together, causing strips of film to be pretty much removed from the video. Well, let's just say that they're going to find them, and it's going to, once again, rule. The missing portions of the film will start to bring the Dharma Initiative more into perspective, and we might get to hang out with Desmond again.
"Michael has a mysterious encounter with the computer." This will clearly have something to do with Walt, but we don't know what as of yet.

Episode 10 - UNKNOWN - UNKNOWN

Episode 10 is really under wraps right now, but I wanted to bring it up for a serious reason. As if the next 5 episodes won't give us MORE than enough to chew on, the execs at ABC tell us that Episode 10 will take place on the island...BEFORE THE CRASH. Do I see a Desmond flashback on the horizion? We'll find out.

Whew. This is plenty to talk about until Wednesday. Start the conspiracy in the comments section. Please notice that I added my very own LOST FRIDAY pieces to the LOST sidebar section. Now you can index what the CDP had to say about Lost every week.


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Why are the number wrong on that Locke thing?

I can't wait to see Ana Lucia put in her place; she fills me with rageahol.

Sayid has a tummy pooch in that picture; that is adorable.
I'm anxious for more episodes that feature Claire and her accent.

Charlie's been getting the shaft lately, too. They need to have a very special episode about heroin addiction. [high pitched]You all everybody![/high pitched]

I was also thinking an unexpected twist could be Rose getting killed by the tail-section survivors somehow, which would put Bernard in conflict with the people who have kept him alive thus far. As big of a deal as they've made about it, I'm sure it'll be a major character, though.
Also... "rageahol"... Ha ha ha...

"I'm like a chocoholic, except with alcohol."
I think Rose is going to be the one to die, simply for the reasons you stated. They couldn't POSSIBLY do something so sappy as to reunite those two. It's going to be devestating yet hilarious when Bernard gets to camp and finds Rose's head impaled on a skewer.

It's too bad really, because Rose is a sweet lady.
1. You're right, the numbers are wrong on the iLost photo. Good lookin' out, money! I didn't even notice that. Perhaps it's a play on the "I Lost" parody. Or maybe the person who did this graphic is a freaking idiot. Pick your poison.

2. This Ana Lucia thing is going to be cool, because with her going after Kate, and Kate running from her and going after Sawyer, and a HUGE power struggle already taking place, sparks will fly. It'll be nice to have them all fighting, perhaps Kate will beat the crap out of Ana. Perhaps she'll KILL Ana.

3. Yeah, Sayid must be hoarding his own island snacks.

4. Claire has the best accent on the island, with Sayid's fake accent coming in a close second.

5. Charlie will be more in this week's show, because of the conflict between him and Locke. Yeah, we can't forget about that heroin, too.

6. The Rose/Bernard thing might be interesting, because there IS a chance the writers could keep those two apart for a while. It just doesn't make sense that they would reunite and be done with.

7. I like Lost.
As always, great stuff. Truly excellent. And you're absoutely right -- there's much to look forward to.

The missing clips of the Orientation video have me drooling the most.
Oh yes, anything concerning Desmond is a cause for excitement. That mysterious Episode 10 should be amazing.

Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate getting linked and whatnot. It's great to be a part of the Lost community, if only for one day a week.
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I'm encouraging everyone to check out LOST TALK. Lex has been really great about linking me, and I really do appreciate it. In fact, this very post is currently headlining his page!

Check it out:
You are a god among men. :)
You always know just what to say. Let's have a baby.
I hope to ride your coattails to popularity (or BLOGULARITY! as I yell it), then literally millions will enjoy my unupdated musings.
Your hits for October were your highest ever. That's got to mean something, right?

I used to check your referrals and notice my page every now and again, and that made me feel good about myself. Now, absolutely everyone comes to your page via that censored urinal picture that your currently displaying.

Don't mess with success, that's what I've learned. From now on, all your pictures should be censored.

Hooray for Blogularity!
You're right. I think I need to have a digitally censored smutfest over there for sweeps month.
Do it. Unnecessary censorship makes unfunny things funny.

Wow. You got linked on the front page of a blog about Lost. You're big time now. Don't ruin it.
I'm going to follow your recipe for success and start having According To Jim Tuesdays. "In next week's episode, we'll find out why she is with him. I also heard that Jim Belushi has his next five years of unexplainable success all planned out, including a K-9 sequel."
Oh, and you're right, unnecessary censorshi* is way funny.
I wonder if people would actually go to a page about upcoming Accoring to Jim shows? You know what, I bet they would.

P.S. Ryan, you know the baby would be ugly.
Aaron's right, just censor random things. Like we were talking about last week, it makes things a lot funnier than the actual content intended. A bleep makes me laugh a lot harder than a swear, mainly because it turns it into a joke.

Yeah, I need to be careful and ride this Lost wave to the bitter end. I'm thinking about expanding "Lost Friday" to "Lost Everyday But Friday."

The According to Jim business made me literally laugh out loud (LLOL), but not as much as this:

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you your moron.
It should be noted that the first season of lost finally premiered in Poland and Norway this week.

In Poland, 4.9 MILLION people watched the first episode. Keep in mind that the population of Poland is 38.6 million people.

In Norway, 709,000 people watched the opening episode, which is ONE SIXTH of the population!

This infection is spreading faster than bird flu.
I still haven't seen an episode.

F*** Scandinavia!
Hey, if it weren't for Scandinavia neither Ryan or myself would be in existence!
Darn right. Rad use of censorship though. It's going to ca**h on, I promise yo*.

Aaron, if you ever get the chance, talk to Ben about getting you season 1. I think you'd really like it. Look at it this way; it's something that me AND the Missus both agree on. That's hard to do.

A ton of Scandinavians can't be wrong.
Did anyone notice the According To Jim fansite I found?
Or maybe I can download the episodes and watch them on the new iPod I'm getting.

But no, I probably won't ever watch them. You kids hyped it up way too much for me to enjoy it. I don't even read your "Lost Friday" posts, I just read the comments.

I noticed the According to Jim fansite. I wasn't aware there was an "According to Jim"...Apparently I'm TV illiterate in all aspects. Like when we met the NBC 26 news anchor and I didn't know who she was. Ha. F*** TV.
You don't want to watch TV on a 2x2 screen. Music, on the other hand, will totally rule on that thing.

What do you plan on doing with it once you get it? I recommend hooking it up to your car. I had always thought about doing that, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

I don't know, I think you could still enjoy Lost even after all the hype. Regardless, you should read the Lost Friday posts because they rock super hard and contain subliminal messages about joing the armed forces.

Yvan Eht Nioj.

You don't need to know that "According to Jim" exists. Trust me, you don't. Someday, I'll find the guy who keeps writing that sitcom over and over again (beautiful wife and a fat loser who's lucky to have her), and put a stick of dynamite in his mouth.
By the way, I recommend the iLost over the iPod.
If I find the guy who keeps writing the sitcom about the fat loser with the beautiful wife, I'm going to buy him an iPod to thank him for attempting to fool women into thinking that this is the norm.

Man, those episode summaries of ATJ... I bet there are a lot of writers' meetings that end with guys walking out saying, "Oh well, at least I'm not homeless."
Even if I never become the writer I've always wanted to be, it would still be okay as long as I never have to write stuff like I see on 95% of all scripted television.

What a terrible sentence.

Yeah, after every episode those writers slap each other on the back and say, "well, that outta' appease Satan for another week."
Someone should buy me the Harry Potter special edition iPod with the Hogwarts crest on the back. That would rule.
Nerd Alert!

The 7th book will reveal that it was all a dream anyways, so why bother?
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