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Men Are Stupid: Example #180,986.

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This is Steven Avery.

Steven Avery lives in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. He runs an auto salvage yard there, which has been the family business for quite some time. Steven is a regular guy with regular problems.

For example, in 1980 he was convicted of burglary. Steven didn't learn his lesson though, and got convicted again for stealing stuff in 1981. That time, it was a felony.

In 1982, Steven dipped a cat in gasoline and threw it into a bonfire to die. Some people in the vicinity took offense to that, and he was charged with animal cruelty. Surely, this would be the turning point in his life.

Nope. In 1985, he was convicted of sexual assault and sentenced to 32 years in jail. He pleaded his innocence, but the jury wouldn't have any of it. They threw his ass in the clink, and he sat there for 18 years.

In 2003, DNA evidence came along and actually proved that Steven Avery didn't commit the rape that he was serving time for. After 18 years behind bars, Steven was released from jail concerning a crime that he didn't commit.

Wow. Not cool. I mean, this guy wasn't a very good dude, but to go to jail for 18 years for no reason? That can't be good on your psyche. When a guy like him gets out of jail, he's either going to be really good or really bad. I feel for the guy.

Until Halloween 2005. That was the day that 25 year old Teresa Halbach showed up to Avery's Salvage Yard to take some freelance photographs for Auto Trader, a local paper that showcases used cars for sale. Teresa showed up and never left.

People started to wonder where she went, obviously. The media couldn't help but make the connection that she went missing on the property of a guy that goes to jail a lot. Avery was cooperative, however. He even went on the local news to plead his case.

"I don't know what's going on," Avery said. "I think someone's trying to set me up again."

Well, that doesn't sound suspicious at all.

Me and the Missus argued about this for days, while police searched Avery's property for evidence. I was following the "innocent until proven guilty" assumption, and I also felt that no man in the world was dumb enough to kill someone after an 18 year false imprisonment. I had to believe that; people aren't that crazy, are they? Avery had to know that the media would swarm all over his salvage yard, and unless he did a damn good job of hiding the evidence, he would be in a heap of trouble.

The Missus was following the "he's a serial killer that got really messed up after being in jail for 18 years for no reason" assumption. Her theory was that even though he may not have actually committed the sexual assault in 1985, he had something to do with it. People don't just get snatched from their houses for a crime that had absolutely nothing to do with them. He's obviously not a good guy, he was punished for a reason, and the jail time only allowed him to marinate in his creepy juices. Besides, when you to jail for no reason, you may feel like you have a free crime to commit.

So, on November 5, they found Teresa Halbach's car in Avery's salvage yard, stripped of its license plates and obscured by trees. The blood of Halbach AND Avery were found in the ride. That's strike one.

On November 9, the police found that Avery was in possession of a .22 caliber semi-automatic rifle and a .50 caliber powder muzzleloader. Being a felon, you can't own guns. Avery was arrested on these charges while they continued to search his property. That's strike two.

A few days later, investigators found the mother lode. Scattered throughout the property were bone fragments, teeth and hair matching that of Halbach. Halbach's blood was also located all over the property, along with the keys to her vehicle hidden in Avery's bedroom. Investigators also found handcuffs and leg irons in Avery's possession.

The forensic anthropologist states, "almost every bone in the body is present and has been recovered from the scene." She goes on to say, "bone fragments are the obvious result of mutilation of a corpse." Investigators believe that Avery burned and tried to conceal and mutilate the corpse over the course of five days following her disappearance.

That's strike three, Steven. You're out.

Back on the homefront, the Missus is raising her arms in triumph over yet another victorious argument. I am flabbergasted at the sheer amount of brashness and utter stupidity of Steven Avery. I can't wait for the confession, because I simply need to understand what he was thinking, if anything.

If you want a quick theory, I believe that he wasn't equipped to adjust himself outside of prison and wanted, needed to go back. Therefore, what better way to do so than by committing a crime that you already served time for? Does the state share any of the blame for messing this guy up, or was he plenty messed up before all of this happened?

I wonder if the state will subtract 18 years off of his life-without-parole sentence.

This has been the talk of Wisconsin for the last few weeks, and everyone has a say in the matter. What's your say?


Like I said, innocent people don't proclaim "I've been set up!" They just act confused and say they have no idea what is going on. Saying "I've been set up" immediately denotes that you are connected to the crime.
There is no explanation other than he wanted to go back to jail. I can't think of any other logical conclusion.
That makes me wonder if he actually was guilty of the rape (or instrumental somehow in making the rape happen), depending on how the DNA evidence was handled.

Funny, just seconds before I refreshed your page I was scanning google news and saw the headline with the pic of the guy in chains and the words "Wisconsin murder" and wondered if that was big news there.
It certainly IS the big news here, especially up north where our folks live. We just got over that Chai Vang guy that killed those 6 deer hunters, now this.

The 1985 assault thing is the big mystery. It would appear to me as though DNA evidence cleared him, but it doesn't necessarily make him innocent. He could have been an accessory or accomplice or something. You don't just get convicted of something like that for no reason. He had something to do with it.

Like Lee Harvey Oswald, for example. I don't care if you think he killed JFK or not, he was certainly in the depository with the intent to kill him. What happens next is almost irrelavant(sp?).
That's a slippery slope when the lines between intent or desire to commit a crime and the actual crime start to blur. People do get arrested and do time for crimes they didn't commit. I'd rather err on the side of the guilty going free than the innocent being jailed.

That said, a guy who burns a cat alive is a murderer (of people) waiting to happen.

I own, but haven't watched yet, Errol Morris' A Thin Blue Line... I guess they actually used footage from this doc as evidence and got a wrongly accused man out of prison.
Yup, innocent people go to jail, but nowhere near as many guilty people that go free. I agree with you; we already know that the world is a scary place, and I've grown accustomed to criminals walking the streets. That's way better than an innocent man in the slammer in my book.

That cat burning thing is a prerequisite to becoming a serial killer. As soon as me and the Missus heard about that, we both kind of nodded and went, "ah-ha."

I will watch Errol Morris' stuff. I will. I promise.
Yep, anyone who could burn a cat or any other animal alive for no reason other than entertainment has some deep psychological issues.

Though it's funny because people boil LOBSTERS alive all the time, and for some reason that just make you a lover of fine foods.
Let's not forget the caviar trade:

"The poacher selects a fat female sturgeon. She is about four feet long and swollen with eggs. He hits her hard with a plank of wood—not hard enough to kill, but enough to stun. Blood trickles from her eyeballs, mouth, and gills. Quickly, the poacher rolls her over, slits open her belly, reaches inside, and carefully extracts a plump, gray-black sac about the size of a pillow. He puts the egg sac into a large plastic bucket and then throws the eviscerated fish on the ground, where she flaps and thrashes, her abdomen gaping, until she succumbs and dies."

Don't forget to watch Lost tonight. It's extended, the TV schedule lists it as 64 minutes. And, as rumor has it, completely caviar-free.
You know I won't be missing lost. I always tape it so I can catch anything I may have missed on Thursday. Then I prepare the nationwide phenomena known as Lost Friday. My night is set.

It was nice of them to add a few extra minutes. Apparently they couldn't fit enough commercials into an hour. E for effort, though.

Caviar free is the only way for me. I'm going to go on Cafe Press and make a shirt that says that.
This whole "Lost Friday" thing is going to your head. I don't even know who you are anymore. Nationwide phenomena? Pffft.
I meant to add that your Lost blogs are "mediocre at best." Not that I actually read them; I don't know anything about the show. I just wanted to use that lame inside joke.
Even I know that inside joke, and I've only been here for like 72 hours.
Extended version of Lost my ass! They didn't even tell us anything that we didn't already know! Well, maybe except filling in a few details..

Anyway, Steven Avery. That man looks like an asshole, and I think he deserved those 18 years just for killing the cat. Believe it or not, that committee that helped him get out of jail the first time is still claiming his innocence this time around. What morons.. could it be any more obvious that he killed Teresa Halbach?
Even I know that inside joke, and I've only been here for like 72 hours

Well played, my friend...well played.

The "extended" Lost was great. We got to see even MORE commercials for Invasion than usual!
Lost Friday rules. If you watched Lost, you would totally know that. When I get paid 50 million bucks a year to do weekly reviews of television shows, you're going to wish you were a little nicer to me. I've got big plans!

Big ups on the "M@B" inside joke, and bigger ups to Paste for the "72 Hours" rebound. It's this Shakespearean wordplay that sets us apart from all the other fools chatting away on Blogs. We're setting a higher bar here, and I'm proud to be a part of it.

The "extended" part of Lost was merely a rapid series of events we've already seen, setting the stage for "Collision" next week. They did a good jorb covering 48 days in like, 40 minutes, but there's still way more questions than answers. Me likey.

Steven Avery is in a heap of trouble. Usually, when someone is the victim of a massive systematic cover up to frame the innocent, the person in question isn't a previously convicted felon.

If he didn't kill Teresa, I'll eat my hat. And I STILL think that Ana Lucia might not have killed Shannon, but I'll save that for tomorrow.

Since Boycott Unity got a tribute post, perhaps M@B and 72 Hours need one as well? Maybe not.
It's a good group.

And I STILL think that Ana Lucia might not have killed Shannon, but I'll save that for tomorrow.

Maybe you're right, Ryan. Maybe you're pie.
M@B was like four years ago. There's no need for a tribute. Let's take a lesson from Mr. Avery and scatter it's bones in a junkyard and pretend we had nothing to do with it.

Was that in bad taste? Sleep deprivation is kind of ruining my judgement as of late.
Nice, way to bring it full circle. :)
Aaron, why are you ashamed of M@B? It's almost like being part of a cheesy ska/punk band is somehow not a thing to be proud of...
I'm not ashamed of it. It's just that we don't need to be drawing attention to it.
Where do you get off posting all this information? It's been all over CNN and such, that they have no positive identification on the remains, and for that matter, that they aren't even sure they are -human-.
There's no information on this post that I didn't quote directly from reputable Wisconsin news and media sources. If it's incorrect or starting to get out of date, I suggest looking at an actual news site to get your current information.

If Avery is cleared of charges, I'll send you a CDP t-shirt.
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Man, what's with all the SLAM! lately.
Yeah, really. You accuse one guy of murder, and all of a sudden people get testy.

Of course, if he IS cleared of all charges, I'll remove this post. I don't want him hunting me down and killing me or anything.

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