Sunday, November 27


Happy birthday, Missus.

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Happy birthday to the raddest bass player in Winneconne history.

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Happy birthday to the lump in my hotel room bed.

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Happy birthday to the only person who makes me laugh every day.

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Happy birthday to the woman who plays darts with random Asian men at local bars.

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(I just really wanted to put this picture in because her hair looks good. I swear she has a different hairstyle in every photograph.)

Happy birthday to my other half.

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Happy birthday to my wife.

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She's going to be quite angry for putting all these pictures of her up, so allow me to suck up for a minute.

If you live to be 122, I still won't have enough time to get sick of you. You're that neat.

You're brilliant and beautiful. You understand everything about me, which is amazing and terrifying at the same time. How you do it is beyond my realm of comprehension.

You didn't teach me to love and cherish the world. Instead, you chose to mock it right along with me. You let go of my hand only when you stop to point and laugh at someone who deserves it.

You're cruel and sinister. Sarcastic and razor-sharp. Your standards are so high, nobody could ever meet them. Everyone lets you down, and nobody is worth trusting. You're just like me.

You keep my socks looking their whitest. You punch me in your sleep. You clap when I breakdance in the living room. You make more money than me. You dye my hair and remind me to make a shopping list.

You're... good.

Happy birthday.

(The SWEEPS MONTH finale is on the way, along with the best comments of 2005. Sit tight.)

I feel vindicated.
aw. happy birthday!
I didn't know you were a bass player, Hathery... And a four string at that, not one of those loser five strings. That's what I like to see. Because of that, happy birthday.
Oh yeah. Not only was she 1/4 of the rockingest punk band in Winnebago County history, she's also an accomplished bass, guitar, piano, marimba and all things percussion player.

She can also play the flute better than Sherry.
Uh oh, there's gonna be another flute-saber fight.
You know it. I think that's what Ben and Sherry do when we're not around.

I've been playing the drums for over a decade, but that's aboot it. Now that I reside in an apartment, I can't really bust them out whenever I want to. I should learn a quieter instrument.

My blues harmonica skills are second to none, however.
You could get some of those drum silencer deals, I had a roommate that did that. Probably not very satisfying in the long run if you never get to play at full volume. I'd like to get a little tiny 3 or 4 piece jazz kit to keep in the corner of my living room or dining room. I'm really terrible at drums, though it's still fun. Bass is my favorite.

I can't think of any song that wouldn't be improved by some blues harmonica.
Back when I was a wee drummer in 1994, I had some nice drum silencers to keep from driving my family insane. Unfortunately, they were sold during a brief period when I didn't have a drum set. Perhaps I should repurchase them, but those electronic drum sets are looking mighty tempting right about now.

Drumming's fun no matter what your talent level is. The Missus makes me mad because she's good at everything she picks up.

Everything sounds better with blues harmonica and tambourine.
I should also add, this post reminded me that I need to acquire a dart board. I used to play all the time at the bicycle shop where I used to work in Omaha. We played cricket a lot.
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Celia and I can totally bust out the "Good Night Ladies" duet right now! We were sooo awesome in 5th grade, but then she had to go and switch to percussion. Percussion is soooo much fun though! I got to play it in our Rehearsal Technique class, where all of the music majors get to switch to secondary and tertiary instruments. Stefanie and I were the only two percussionists, and we played high school level band music with like six million parts to cover. The funniest part of any of the pieces was when Stefanie would hit the gong a lot louder than necessary, then dampen it with her ass while playing the crash cymbals. I still burst out in laughter whenever I think about that.
Oh yeah, you gotta get a dart board. I was just playing cricket with some friends last week. I'd get one here at CDP Headquarters, but having hundreds of tiny holes in your wall comes out of your security deposit. I'm not very good.
Yeah, I did that at a duplex I rented with some friends. Not a good idea.

I'm talking about the darts, not dampening a gong with my ass.

First time I've ever typed that sentence.
Happy Birthday, that was truely a befitting ooey gooey devotional. I hope you weren't deballed for posting th epics. I must say you have a lovely wife
There's a first time for everything. I'm glad you chose the CDP for it.

Nope, I didn't get in trouble for putting all the pics up. I purposely put up pics I knew she didn't have a big problem with, because I'm smart like that.

Well, she might have a problem with the hotel pic, because that's not really her. That being said, she really is lovely, and as soon as she realizes that, I'll be moving back in with my parents.
I can't believe Sweeps Month is almost over. It's been a wild ride.
I know, and I'm positive that no sarcasm whatsoever was implied.

The worst part was that there's a lot of stuff I wanted to do that has to wait until December, like all my top 10 lists and year-end reviews and whatnot. That's okay, they belong in December anyways.

I had no business moving Sweeps Month to November, but it was fun either way.

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