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Best & Worst Of 2005.

(Thanks to everyone who participated in this year's list. I tried to make sure I got rid of all your typos.)

1. Favorite Album Of 2005.

CDP - If you want to see my favorite albums of 2005, allow me to direct you to my wack lists:

Best of 2005 (2004 Edition)
Best of 2005 (#20-#16)
Best of 2005 (#15-#11)
Best of 2005 (#10-#6)
Best of 2005 (#5-#1)

MISSUS - Since I can't even remember what albums really came out in 2005, I'll just say the ones that I remember and enjoyed more than vaguely.

Matt Pond PA - Several Arrows Later
Of Montreal - Sunlandic Twins
Nada Surf - The Weight is a Gift
Caesars - Paper Tigers

(CDP Edit: I'd like to mention that Several Arrows Later is a good album that wasn't included on my list. It impresses me each time I hear it, and 'Halloween' is one of the best songs of the year.)

SHERRY - LP - Suburban Sprawl and Alcohol

LP has such a kick-ass voice and incredible breath control (seriously, she can hold a note for like a minute). It's something different from Kay Hanley, but it's definitely just as rockin'!


1. Sufjan Stevens - Illinois
2. Clem Snide - End of Love
3. Iron & Wine and Calexico - In the Reins
4. Wilco - Kicking Television (live)
5. If Songs Could Be Held - Rosie Thomas
6. Death Cab for Cutie - Plans
7. Nickel Creek - Why Should the Fire Die?
8. Headphones - Headphones
9. Ben Folds - Songs for Silverman
10. The Listener - Ozark Empire

(Kathleen Edwards - Back to Me, Eisley - Room Noises, and Boondogs - Fever Dreams probably should have all been on there.)

ANDREW SMITH - I noticed that all of my newer CDs are from 2004, but nonetheless my top 2 albums came rather obviously:

1. Mediocre at Best: The Lost Classics (B-Sides & Live)
2. Captain Salisbury and the Mystery Meats: Sargeant Salad vs Vegetable Vigilante

Both CDs take me back to a time when there was a rocking music scene and I had not a care in the world. The Mediocre at Best CD features the song "600 Days" that had lived only in my mind for over 3 years. Also features live versions of songs, like the "New Song," that I had grown to love my freshman year of high school. While the CD was easily one ofthe most generous things I have ever received, it even came along with slew of patches, buttons, and other concert paraphanailia. Easily the best bundle of the year, likely the new milennia.

Captain Salisbury's long awaited follow up to their 2002 self titled CD arrived 2 years after the band had broken up. The album features the track "Jet Set," along with 5 other rockin new songs. While the CDs bring back even more memories of how I miss my high school days, they are a strong testament to two bands I miss dearly.

(CDP Edit: Thanks for the props, our massively swelled heads appreciate it.)

ERIN - I actually didn't buy any albums at all this year, except the Funny Girl soundtrack which, well, you know's not even new for 2005. I think I, as my music, am out of date.

2. Worst Song Of 2005.

CDP - Anything on the radio that didn't have a real drummer, or anything on the radio sung by someone who uses a headset during live performances.

MISSUS - Wake me up when September Ends - Green Day

That song is tripe. Crap, rubbish, trash. I can't even think of enough words to explain the way that song disgusts me.

SHERRY - I don't know the exact title of it or the idiot who wrote it, but it's the one with the chorus that has this little, high-pitched voice in the background singing, "On my Ooooooowwwwn!" It just makes me want to kill everyone around me! I mean, who ever thought that this would make a meaningful musical statement! Come on!

(CDP Edit: If you know what song she's talking about, let it be known in the comments section.)

PASTE - Anything by Usher makes me want to jam pencils in my ears, especially his big hit which I can't name.

ANDREW SMITH - Fall Out Boy - Sugar, We're Going Down

It is possible to find the song catchy at first listen, but I think it helps to have your collar completely covering your neck. I can't say I ever really hated this song until I arrived at La Crosse, when, for the first couple weeks, you could not escape it. But everyone here now has the "I knew them before they were on MTV" going for them. It’s ironic considering how trendy most people here are. They don't know anything.

3. Favorite Song Of 2005.

CDP - My favorite radio song of 2005 was Feel Good, Inc. by Gorillaz (yep). My favorite song of 2005 in all was probably In This Home On Ice, by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!

PASTE - Favorite song of the first half of December 2005 is Holland 1945 by Neutral Milk Hotel.

SHERRY - LP - Wasted

I just can't think of anything off of the radio. I didn't even attempt to listen to what everyone else in the U.S. was listening to this year. It's an awesomely awesome song with a rockin' drum beat, and I could listen to it over and over again for the rest of my life.

(CDP Edit: Knowing Sherry, she will listen to it over and over again for the rest of her life.)

ANDREW SMITH - Gorillaz - Feel Good, Inc.

My somewhat guilty pleasure song. This song was incredibly catchy, and had the same effect on me as when I was a 6th grader and heard Tubthumper for the first time. I couldn't get the song out of my head even though I had no idea what they were saying, at least for the first couple listens. I actually had no "real" favorite song of the year, but I did enjoy this.

4. Favorite Film Of 2005.

CDP - Batman Begins.

I wasn't really digging around for any indie masterpieces this year, and only managed to get to the theater about 5 times. Christopher Nolan is a genius, and I've loved every film he's made in his still-early career. This is the best Batman movie ever; you hear me Tim Burton?

MISSUS - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

I recognize that I have done nothing but complain about this film since I saw it, but despite the "difficulties" I have with this movie, it's still Harry Potter and therefore it's still better than anything else.

PASTE - I didn't see very many movies in the theater this year. Narnia was great once you get around the press-manufactured controversy and Disney's seedy marketing strategy. They showed a trailer for it at my church, which made me feel greasy. There should be some indie-type film or doc I should mention, but I can't think of any that came out this year that I saw.

SHERRY - Batman Begins.

Christian Bale is so hot, and his acting is excellent. He turns me on with his commitment to his roles. I love his huge muscular arms in this movie. The whole Batman voice thing is kind of wierd, but the movie is 100,000 times better than the other Batman movies made in the 90's.

ERIN - I only say The Aviator, North Country, Elizabethtown, and that may be it although the year is not over and I intend on seeing Rent as soon as possible. So far Elizabethtown is superior. It is a fine mix of Orlando hotness and cinematography. I loved it, and just so you know that I'm not an idiot, my brother Steve (who is super cool) loved it as well and considers it also a favorite of 2005.

ANDREW SMITH - Batman Begins.

I am a huge Batman fan and I didn't feel the last run of movies really did him justice, especially the last two. It was much darker as well, and as realistic as a super hero movie could really be.

The only problem with Batman Begins was the lack the showstopping quotes from Mr. Freeze in "Batman and Robin:"

Cop: “Please show some mercy!
Freeze: “I'm afraid my condition has left me cold to your pleas of mercy.”

Mr. Freeze: “Ice to see you!

Mr. Freeze: “What killed the dinosaurs? The Ice Age!


5. Best Book Read In 2005.

CDP - Blink - Malcolm Gladwell

MISSUS - Could this be any more predictable...Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. What could be better than learning about the young Lord Voldemort?

ANDREW SMITH - Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

I find the Harry Potter books just keeping getting better with each new installment. There is also so much up in the air after this one, mostly on Dumbledore's instincts, that it will be very interesting to see how the next one plays out. I have really enjoyed that the books progressively have gotten darker.

ERIN - I read "Eats, Shoots, and Leaves" and it was awesome for all of those English fanatics out there. I also read some other good ones like The Turn of the Screw, Dictionary of the Khazars, and some other great books that I had to read for school like She's Not There and My Year of Meats. All excellent, reading is awesome!

SHERRY - I didn't read a whole lot of interesting books this year; most of them I read were for school and on music education. But I did enjoy The Da Vinci Code. It turned me on to the concept of Jesus being married and having kids, etc. It will have you salivating at the thought of being able to turn to the next page and reading the next chapter.

PASTE - I don't read very often, but here's what I read and am reading:

Blue Like Jazz: Non-religious Thoughts on Christianity -Don Miller

The first couple pages are available to read on Amazon. Any description I make of it will probably make it sound like it sucks, which it doesn't at all.

Mediated: How the Media Shapes Your World and the Way You Live In It - Thomas De Zegontita

A friend of mine is using this in the high school philosophy class that he teaches. Fascinating commentary on pop culture in the last several decades. First sentence: "ASK YOURSELF THIS: did members of the Greatest Generation spend a lot of time talking about where they were and what they did and how they felt when they first heard the news from Pearl Harbor?"

6. Favorite TV Show Of 2005.


#10 - Saturday Night Live
#9 - Malcolm In The Middle
#8 - Supernatural
#7 - Mythbusters
#6 - My Name Is Earl
#5 - Night Stalker
#4 - The Office
#3 - House
#2 - Arrested Development
#1 - Lost

MISSUS - Lost. I am very glad that my mother turned me on to it.

But for laughs, I reckon I'd have to say The Office, because that show almost makes me cry every week. Michael is the saddest human being ever.

Best NEW show? Nightstalker. Enough said.

PASTE - Lost, duh.

SHERRY - Lost! I can't tell you how awesome this show is; there are no words to describe it (refer to Ryan's posts on Lost).

Arrested Development- This is the only time when I laugh histerically at the TV. Not many things amuse me the way this show does.

ANDREW SMITH - This year, my favorite show to watch was "The Office." A lot of fans of the original BBC version didn’t really give the show much of a chance in the beginning, but I really feel the show has surpassed all expectation. I don't think they could have done a better job at casting, and the little subtelties between the characters really make the show even funnier. It may be hard for me to justify it being the best show of 2005, as it is a remake, but I find it funnier than any show on TV this season. My Name is Earl is definitely heading up my list, though.

ERIN - I only watched TV for about three months total of this year so I'm no longer a good judge of TV since I can't watch much anymore besides my daytime soaps.

(CDP Edit: Best run-on ever!)

7. Best Or Worst Moment Of 2005.

CDP - I'll be devoting a post to this before the end of the year. Sit tight.

MISSUS - Worst - Gabe's urinary blockage.

Close Second - Having to give Gabe his medicine.

Best - The day when we realized Gabe's mouth was no longer rank.

I realize these are not nationwide or worldwide events, but my world is really quite small.

Best THING about 2005 is that a Harry Potter book AND movie both came out. That just plain rules.

ANDREW SMIFF - Best Moment - The turn around of the Brewers, most notably the Twins game in which Prince Fielder and Rickie Weeks each homered.

The Tony Little Geico commercial (self explanatory).

Hurricane Rita not hitting Houston.

Worst Moment - Obviously Hurricane Katrina has to be up there.

Ted Thompson mailing the season in, in order to rebuild. We are automatically a contender with Brett at quarterback, and he deserves to at least be sent out with a shot. Put some pieces around him, what's the difference if we rebuild in a couple years when we won't have one of the greatest QBs of all time. This makes me mad, but its nowhere in the league of Katrina.

(CDP Edit: I like the way Andrew thinks. Katrina was a horrible incident, but the Packers season wasn't without its heartbreak. In fact, it's brought me much more personal trauma than pretty much anything this year.)

SHERRY - Best- Flipping off the White House and saying,"Impeach Bush" with 300,000 other people surrounding me who also know how corrupt and evil everything had become in the anti-war march in Washington, D.C.

Worst- All the people being ignored after Hurricane Katrina, and having to pay the price for the government's stupidity in sky-rocketing gas prices.

Personal Best - Getting married... again! I had the wedding of my dreams with all my close friends and family watching; I never want to go through it again.

PASTE - It's kind of obvious, but Katrina was the most affecting in that it raises so many different types of Big questions: Racism, poverty, Gov't responsibility vs personal responsibility, Federal gov't vs local gov't, environmental impact, nature vs. man, reality vs. what's reported, bureaucracy in the face of immediate need, Fox vs Arrested Development, etc...

(Thanks again for pitching in, and continue the conversation in the comments section.)


I think Sherry is talking about that song where there is that sample in the background where they have the pitch all turned up. It's like a hip hop song or something.
Uh oh...somebody decided that smaller fonts and all lower case is the way to be in 2006...
You're right, it's that "Mr. Lonely" song. Wow, that's a turd, right there.

Sorry about the font changes. I'm working on something, and it sort of got messed up. I'm still working on it, though.
No, the font doesn't look bad or anything, it's just different is all.
How kind of you to say that.
That's the one! Oh God, how I hate that song! Every Sunday brunch I would work when we would have greatest hits on in the kitchen, I would hear that song at least 3 times in the six hours I would work.
Pitckfork regarded it as one of their "Worst Tracks Of The Year." Here's what they had to say about it:

(Edited by the CDP)

Poorly interpreting Rule #1 from the Kanye West Production Manual, Akon mistook Bobby Vinton's simpering 1964 hit "Mr. Lonely" for an old soul track. The result is a failure astonishing enough to actually deserve classification as "crack music." What's worse? How dipsh*ts all over the world absolutely reveled in its wretched, gauzy hook, making it a certified international supersmash. I'll give that it pretty much invents children's hip-hop (Fred Penner, are you on this sh*t??), but only at the expense of all human dignity. Congrats, dude, you scored the most played-to-death song in Claire's Boutiques since "How Bizarre". See if you can lock that sh*t down with a Scunci tie-in.
According to me, the best album of 2005 was either Mount Eerie "No Flashlight" or Horse the Band "Mechanical Hand". But nobody's ever heard of either of them, so I win.
Hey, I sent you the e-mail; you should have participated.

I really had a religious awakening after seeing Juiceboxxx in all his glory, so I'm thinking about switching my prospects of a sex-rock band to that of a white hop-hop duo.

Me and Aaron can still do it. We'll be called "Skeleton Power," so we can still wear the hoodies that Aaron so proudly displays.

Skeleton Power - Patent Pending.
would Peaches coun't as "sex-rock"....
New best song of 2005 is the
>Lazy Sunday rap
that was on SNL the other night.

Mr Pibb and Red Vines is crazy delicious.

Worst time to be at work of 2005:
3:00 AM (last three nights)
Peaches counts, but Feist is better.

See, every time I miss SNL, something happens that I really want to see.

I was wondering where you were, Paste. I figured you had already fled Arkansas for the holidays.

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