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Lost Friday - "What Kate Did."

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Season 2 – Episode 9 – “What Kate Did.”

Once again, another Lost Friday is upon us. We have much to discuss.

With Lost going on a 5-week hiatus after Wednesday's episode, they needed a cliffhanger to keep people guessing and obsessing over the holiday season. “What Kate Did” delivered, giving us one of the most important episodes of the series thus far. That being said, it was one of the most frustrating hours of television I’ve seen all year.

Wikipedia, give me the skinny!


You know what? Screw Wikipedia. No offense or anything, but for weeks now, I’ve been cutting, pasting and editing the user-submitted episode reviews so they're legible and accurate enough to put up here. This week’s Wiki-review is paltry and full of holes, so I’m taking over the reigns today. Besides, my reviews are way better. Always.

CDP, give me the updated skinny!


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(This is what happens when George Bush tries to make toast.)

Right smack at the beginning of the episode, we find out what Kate initially did to start her life on the run. After taking an insurance policy out on the family’s house under her mother’s name, Kate causes a gas leak and blows it sky-high.

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("Let's get you all ready for the explosion, Pops.")

I should also mention that Wayne, her drunken stepfather, was passed out in the house at the time. Kate takes off and visits her Mother at the diner where she works. She explains to her what had happened, gives her the insurance papers and disappears.

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("Mom, I killed Dad. Are you still serving breakfast?")

While at a bus station, the Marshall catches up with Kate as she attempts to get a ticket to Florida. Apparently, her mother turned her in to the authorities, and she was promptly arrested for murder. The Marshall takes her away to the station, but gets involved in a car accident, going off the road in an attempt to dodge a large black horse in the road. Weird. After a brief struggle, Kate breaks free and escapes again.

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(This is what happens when George Bush tries to make toast.)

Before she leaves for good, she stops at the military recruiting office where her father works. She discusses everything with him, including a discovery she had made. While looking through pictures of her father in the armed forces while comparing dates, she realized that he could not have been her real father. This meant that Wayne was her actual father, who she had just killed in the blast. We would later find out that Kate knew this before the explosion, choosing to kill him because she would never be able to feel good enough for anyone, knowing that asshole Wayne was her father. That takes care of that.

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(You can save your "Kate is a horse-face" jokes; I'm way ahead of you.)

Back on the island, Kate starts seeing the same black horse that caused the accident with the Marshall. Chalking it up to lack of sleep, she ignores it for the time being. Meanwhile, in the hatch, Sawyer starts asking Jack where Kate is. He then mumbles, “I love her.”

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(Rated TV-14: Excessive stubble advisory.)

Kate chooses to tend to Sawyer while everyone else is attending Shannon’s funeral (everyone except Ana Lucia, that is). While the funeral takes place, Sawyer has a bit of a possessed freak-out, choking Kate and demanding to know why she killed him. Shaken and stirred, Kate abandons the hatch, leaving Sawyer and the computer to fend for themselves.

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("Did you say something about my stubble?")

After the funeral, Locke and Jack arrive at the hatch to find Sawyer sprawled on the floor, the computer wailing with a few seconds to go and Kate nowhere to be seen.

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(This is what happens when George Bush tries to make toast.)

Locke enters the numbers just as the timer reaches zero, and Jack makes sure that Sawyer is stable before heading out to find Kate. When he catches up to her, they exchange bizarre dialogue before Kate breaks down and kisses him. She then runs off, leaving Jack by himself to wonder what just happened.

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("Please. Say something, anything nice about my stubble.")

Back in the hatch, Kate starts looking over Sawyer again, now thinking if he is channeling the spirit of Wayne (he did ask her why she killed him, after all). She tells him why she killed him just as Sawyer starts coming to. Eventually, Sawyer becomes coherent again and asks where he is. Considering that he’s in a bed, Sawyer thinks that they have been saved, but Kate takes him outside to prove they are still on the island. It’s at that point where they both see the black horse on the island. Kate touches it just as it runs away.


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(Even after a plane crash, Locke still likes to bust out the vacation tapes.)

Locke is explaining to Michael what they know so far about the hatch. Mr. Eko seems strangely interested in this conversation, beginning to open up a dialogue with Locke. Michael remarks that there are blast doors in the hatch, which come down in the case of an explosion. Locke also clarifies that the numbers can’t be entered into the computer until the clock is at 4 minutes. Locke then shows Michael and Eko the Orientation tape, which again, clearly has pieces removed from it. Locke doesn’t think too much of it, but Eko sits him down later with a surprise.

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(This copy of the Old Testament had a coupon in it.)

Eko tells Locke that they had found another hatch on the other side of the island, containing, among other strange things, the Old Testament of the Bible. As he shares this information with Locke, he opens the book to find it hollowed out and containing a reel of film. Holding it up to the light, Locke realizes that this is the missing piece of the Orientation film. Eko reminds Locke to not mistake coincidence with fate, which sounds remarkably like something Locke would normally say.

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(Marvin Candle reminds me of Satan, except a wee bit more evil.)

Sitting down to watch the newly spliced film, the missing footage reveals that the computer must never be used in attempted contact with the outside world. Doing so might compromise the project and lead to another "incident". Weird. As they try to figure out what it all means, Michael starts snooping around by the computer again.

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(Early cyber-hatch-sex.)

When the clock reaches 51 minutes, Michael hears a beep coming from the computer. Looking at the screen, he sees the word “Hello?” Responding back with “Hello?”, the transmission asks who he is. Michael responds with “Michael. Who is this?

The screen reads back, “Dad?

As we see Michael’s reaction, the screen goes dark; Lost starts a 5-week vacation and I crawl into a bottle of whiskey until January 11.

When this episode was over, I was pounding my fists in frustration, cursing and throwing cats left and right. After such a cool revelation and discovery, we have to sit on our hands until 2006.

Make with the numbers, damn it!

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(Yeah, I feel really bad for the poor Korean doorman. Just awful.)

1. Jin and Sun totally slept together. Hurley knew what was up. Good for them. How gratuitous of the producers to start the show off with a shirtless Jin, leading into a constantly-shirtless Sawyer. I'm offended. I mean, in the first season, Shannon, Kate and Sun were in a bikini only like, half of the time. For shame!

2. The best line of the night belongs to Hurley. "So...Rose's husband is white. Didn't see that one coming."

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(This is what happens when George Bush tries to make toast.)

3. In addition to being the main focus at Shannon’s funeral, Sayid popped up on the television in the military recruiting office where Kate’s (former?) father worked. That's what you get when you torture people for a living.

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("How dare you disgrace the American flag? That's the flag my Daddy rebelled against!")

4. The relationship between Locke and Eko is amazing. Not only are they great characters with interesting backstories, but they are played by the two best actors on the show. Their faith, along with their secrets and willingness to believe will be a huge driving force for the rest of the season. I especially liked how genuinely interested Locke seemed when Eko was telling him the story about Josiah.

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(Locke is humming the Honey Comb jingle in his head the whole time.)

5. Speaking of which, the mysterious episode 10 will be an Eko-centric episode. I’d talk to you about it now, but then what would we have to talk about for the next five weeks? Sports? Okay, then.

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(Eko is humming the theme from "Shaft" in his head the whole time.)

6. Well, the Colts are certainly the team to beat this year, currently 11-0. A lot of critics, and even former Dolphins Coach Don Shula, think that they can pull off the first perfect season since his Miami team of 1972. I don't think this will happen, but it should be fun to watch it all play out.

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("Three thousand blinking lights, and I can't get one damn key made!")

7. The discovery of the blast doors, the missing Orientation footage and the mysterious encounter with the computer have left us reeling and waiting for answers. Even though I knew that Michael would have something like this happen to him, it was still pretty wild when it happened. Was it Walt? Is someone screwing with him? Where is he? Here’s hoping that sometime before the end of the season, Walt will get a flashback episode, and then I can die in peace. Well, there's a lot of things I still need to do before I die, but seeing a Walt flashback episode is probably one of them. Top 10, at least.

8. As previously stated, Lost Friday will continue each week, but there won’t be a new episode of Lost until January 11. In the upcoming weeks, we’ll talk about the next few new episodes, along with a lot of other stuff that we normally can’t dwell on when there’s new episodes to talk about. It should be interesting enough, so don’t forget to come back and check it ‘oot.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out all of my previous Lost Friday posts. See you next week.


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You're funny...toast. I like that.
I aim to please, so you aim too, please.
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Forget "What Kate Did," let's talk about what Ana Lucia and Libby did:

One more reason to dislike the tailies (except Eko and Bernard).
Buh, who cares about those horsefaces anyway.
It should be noted that I do not think Kate is a horse-face. I've heard the things people say though; obsessive fans can be so cruel.

Mainly, it's the Missus, but I'm not naming names. Whoops.

The new rumor is that you can see the horse trainer's hand in the first shot of it on the island. No word yet weather or not the horse is sporting a Dharma logo.
Is it just me, or are the BLAMMERS! getting lazy on choosing new names?

I was up til 5am studying guitar theory... soloing and 2 guitar harmonizing, mainly. And starting to learn Lydian scales. Now I want to write some music. Woot!
You should watch Lost instead of playin the guitar.
They are getting lazy. They're not even speaking english anymore. Pshhhh.

Lost is better than the guitar, because in 100 years, people will still be watching Lost. Where will the guitar be? Nowhere, that's where.
I'm going to stop building guitars and start filming my own episodes of Lost.
Complimenti Blogger per il post riguardante this post . Volevo sapere se puoi dare uno sguardo al mio sito che parla di scommesse calcio e dirmi come ti sembra. Se ti interessa l'argomento scommesse calcio non puoi trovare di meglio!
I'm keeping this one up, just so my last comment remains funny.

Yup, the "guitar craze" of the last couple hundred years is over now. Survival-based supernatural dramas are the next big thing.

That BLAM! reminds of the episode of Seinfeld where Kramer gets his clothes burned in the pizza oven and tries to pay for the calzones with pocket change. The guy starts yelling at him in Italian and Kramer starts yelling Italianish gibberish back at him and bangs his foot twice on the counter.

Now that's a spicy meatballa.
Yeah, and change is spilling everywhere. That's a classic comedy bit, right there.

I have the image of him walking down the street with about $50 in change in his pockets, and it gets me every time.
In other TV news... In January, Earl and The Office are getting moved to Thursday as part of the "must see" lineup that is anchored by Will and Grace... And by "anchored," I mean dragging everything else down. And Scrubs is back on Tuesday.
Any word on whether Nightstalker is actually cancelled for good? That would suck.
I think it was cancelled for good.
Thursday's a good night for Earl and the Office. It moves it away from the already-packed Tuesday lineup, and will give it more of a chance to shine. Will and Grace is still on? Jeepers.

Night Stalker was a seriously good show. Seriously. That's a shame, because Supernatural just doesn't cut it as a paranormal "X-Files"-esque drama. Night Stalker was dark, violent, bloody and actually spooky. I'll miss it, but I'll always have the episode I TiVo'ed that rocked really hard. I'll hang onto that.

I blame Charlize Theron. She's responsible for the cancelling of two of the best shows on tv.
Charlize Theron is a horse-face if there ever was one. But I'd rather be a horse faced actress than a hacked ace fortress.
Cagnadian Inside-Out Talk is going to sweep the nation, mark my words.

"You're worthless! All you do is sit in front of the TV with that bottle in front of you!"

"Hey, I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy."
Oh man, if we could invent a website that would automatically convert a phrase to inside-out, we could make literally dozens of dollars. Just like whoever it was that came up with the jive translator way back when.
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Greetings Blammer!


This mafia BLAM! is getting out of hand.
I remember the "English to 12-year old AOL user" engine a few years back. That was hilarious, because it worked.

Damn BLAM! If this single-letter user, spanish crap doesn't let up, I may have to take drastic measures.
You'll have to start filtering out the alphabet. Then they'll start using numbers.

I thought it was Italian?
You know what? The BLAM! I left on is Italian. My mistake.

We're all going to have to learn hacker-speak if we are to continue the good thing we have going here at the CDP.

/-\RcaD3 f|r3 sUxX0rZ!
Don't know if you've all noticed this or not, but the Hanso Foundation website has an interesting new easter egg. Find the picture of Alvar Hanso and click it.

For those who didn't know about the previous, if you click on the last line of the press release dealing with their life extension experiment, it takes you to a page that looks jacked up, but has a space to enter text. Put in the word "Copenhagen" and an interesting correspondence appears (one that you have to read to make sense of part of the new egg).
Time to dig out some of the old episodes of season 1... I wonder if there are any references to Walt's mom working for (or against) GHO.
Thanks, Stephen. The Hanso page is sort of messed up right now, but I'll look into the egg as soon as it's fixed. I saw the press release and the "click on Alvar's picture" egg, but I didn't know that someone found a text that worked in the prompt. Fantastic.

Paste, I remember you saying that you thought Walt's Mom might have worked for or against Hanso in the past, and that actually sounds like a good theory. There's a lot more flashback stuff concerning Walt and Michael, so maybe we'll see something about that before Season 2 is finished.

Emile De Ravin was on Carson Daly a few nights ago, and Carson wouldn't stop talking about her non-existant pregnancy on the show. He kept asking her questions about babies, even though she doesn't have one in reality. It was an uncomfortable and unfortunate interview.
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I hope the letter O doesn't start BLAM!ing, because O is for Obstinant.

The other Lost thing I've been considering is The Others' relationship to the Hanso Foundation and the projects. The midsection survivors didn't get near the attacks from the Others that the tail section got. I wonder if this is due to the security system being located by where the midsection landed. Maybe the thing they feared initially ended up sparing them most of the attacks from the Others. Maybe the security system was specifically for them, to protect them from the Others.

I'm beginning to lose my faith in Carson Daly. Emilie should have gotten into character and started yelling at him about how noone ever taught her how to raise a baby.
Scratch that, the security system was obviously in place long before the plane crashed. But still, the need for a security system in the first place might point to an adversarial relationship between the Others and the Hanso Foundation.
I can't for the life of me figure out what this security system could be. Locke isn't talking, it makes a horrid mechanical sound and it's almost invisible. On top of that, it tried to pull Locke into a crater and that weird black smoke was coming out and-

Oh man, this is nuts. Even if they do explain it, I don't think I'm ready for it.
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what the member id after you put in the "numbers"
Sorry dude, there is no Member ID. People have unzipped the page to find that there's nothing after that prompt. That's where the page ends for now; no other secrets yet.
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