Thursday, February 3

I Won't Remember Anyone Anymore.

I'll make this quick, because I'm tired.

The Streetlight Manifesto/VGS show on Tuesday was fantastic. Mad Planet is a small venue, and the kids were respectful to each other and full of energy. It was the kind of show I remember going to years ago, free of egos and shoegazers. Everyone from the front to the back was shaking their asses. Way to go, Milwaukee. You suck a bit less now as a whole.

Speaking of which, me and Benjamin were all but planted in the worst part of the city when I mistakenly thought I knew where the hell I was. It's a good thing we made the choice to run back to our car like scared crackers, because we were parked a good 3 miles from the venue. I'm an idiot.

This weekend, I'll be catching up on some new cartoons and making sure everything is up to date around the house (bills, cleaning, etc.). We have nothing planned, and I intend to keep it that way. I bought a new GBA game (Super Mario World 2), and have plenty of books to catch up on (including a fantastic encyclopedia of serial killers Ben got me). This is the furthest I will be extending myself for the next 3 days. I promise you that I've been working on lots of things that hopefully will surface in the near future, but for now it needn't be discussed.

What are you doing this weekend?

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Monday, January 31

Tainted Lovespell.

Me and the Missus spent the weekend in Green Bay with Ben & Sherry. Celia was meeting her friends there for a much-belated gift exchange and dinner. Afterwards, we would all retire to Ben & Sherry's place for drinks and mingling. After the disaster that was Celia's 21st birthday party, I made a vow to myself to stay responsible and coherent throughout the night.

Here then, is the night in pictures.

The ladies returned with more alcohol than I had ever really seen, matching the already obscene amount in the fridge. They all seemed rather excited to get down to the business of getting down. Before you knew it, the blender was running non-stop, they were running out of clean glasses, and people were starting to get sloppy.

For such pretty and mature young women, they can sure be persuasive. On their own, they can be reasoned with, even engaging in a decent conversation. Together, they become something altogether different. A roving mob bent on rampant alcoholism and destruction.

I remained calm.

Aaron drank.

Franklin was less than amused.

R2-D2 started to hit on the ladies a bit, but eventually retired to the corner, alone and rejected.

I had more to drink than I really wanted to, but was nowhere near the mess I was last time. Sherry got smashed, which was funny, considering she had a recital at the Weidner Center the next morning. It seemed like comedy in the making.

Before you knew it, Sherry was trying to tug off the pants of each guy in the room. She scared Aaron so much that he left. Once the insanity wore off, drunken conversation and general staggering took over the apartment. Crank phone calls were made, multiple ween conversations were had and I was punched in the gut by Erin, who I can no longer invite anywhere, as she is a bad influence on me.

The night came to a close at about 1 or 2, and we fell asleep on Ben & Sherry's floor. The next morning, we got up and headed out to the recital. It was funny to watch the once primal and animalistic Sherry transform into the bowing and proper musician at UWGB. The perfect crime, I suppose.

She did a great job, then the 4 of us headed out to the most desolate and depressing mall in the world.

There was, however, one nice place there.

After milling around for a couple minutes, we went back to the apartment, shot some pool and left on the long journey home. Somewhere along the way, I got the flu, and that brings us to the present day. I'm sick as hell and I can't remember any more of what went on this weekend.

So, what have I learned?

Well, lots of things. I learned that even though someone can devote their entire life to bullying nice people, it's never easy for those nice people to rise up and knock this person off their high horse. Here's hoping that ends soon. Stay strong.

I learned that Whiskey sets my stomach aflame, and Erin could drink me under the table any day of the week. She usually tries to, and it hurts more every time.

I learned that every Dean from every College in the nation looks exactly alike.

I learned that hundreds of people can flock to an abandoned mall on a Sunday for no reason.

I learned that some people have a lot more interesting things to say when they're tipsy.

I learned that "TWL" is a club that I'm eligible for, yet not participating in. Men, never let a woman tell you that your gender is more vulgar and willing to talk about sex than theirs. Get more than 3 women together, and they become nothing short of a permission-slip-only health class.

I learned that my Wife will yell at strangers from a 4th floor window for no reason other than to call them "Bananas". I have yet to understand why this transpired.

I learned that we need to do these things more often.

If you have any good memories whatsoever of the weekend that you'd like to share, please do so in the comments section. I'm off to Milwaukee tomorrow for the Streetlight Manifesto/Voodoo Glow Skulls show, so we'll talk again on Wednesday.

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