Thursday, July 28

Everybody Knows That Girls Love Robots.

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The sun sets two miles from my house. If you lived here, you'd be me by now.

I've got a mixed bag of headlines for you today. Chew 40 times before swallowing.

Communique Rocks the Annex Despite Poor Interview. Concerts Abound!

Communique put on a great show at the Annex this Tuesday. They played most of the tracks on Poison Arrows, along with some new tunes and a few off of their debut EP, A Crescent Honeymoon. I bought an adorable shirt along with the EP, and they're both fantastic.

In other concert news that concerns me and the Missus, Of Montreal will be playing here on campus at Union South on September 5. The shows there are all ages and FREE, so you have no reason not to show up. Of Montreal is an indie-pop treasure, so come on down; you can stay at my place.

Oh, I forgot to mention one last little bit of unimportant concert gibberish. On September 29, me and the Missus will be heading to Minneapolis to see THE ALMIGHTY ARCADE FIRE! The tickets are purchased, hotel rooms are being reserved, and I'm already crying. I'm trying not to jinx myself by being so happy two months ahead of time, should something unforeseen cause me to miss the show. That being said, I did a cartwheel in the parking lot last night. Let's move on.

Can You Be Fired From A Freelance Job?

Following the tremendous success and notoriety of my full-page interview last week, I'm back at work behind the writing desk, composing yet another album review for the fine people at Core Weekly. The group in question is Grand Buffet, a white boy hip-hop duo from Pennsylvania. More on that later. Ever since I voiced a complaint about the way I thought my interview was handled last week, I've received no replies (or money) from them. This is what happens when you rock the boat, kids. The Missus rocks the boat at work all the time, and they praise her. I do it once when I feel my work is being jeopardized, and suddenly I'm blacklisted. I've always wanted something bad to happen to me for following my beliefs, so maybe its finally time.

(EDIT: I have recently recieved contact as well as a check. Remember that Of Montreal show I was talking about earlier? I'll be interviewing them now. Always rock the boat!)

Quick Reviews Of The Last 15 Albums I've Listened To At Work Today.

Minus The Bear - They Make Beer Commercials Like This EP - (A-)
Pedro The Lion - Achilles' Heel - (B-)
Copeland - Beneath Medicine Tree - (C-)
Troubled Hubble - Making Beds In A Burning House - (C-)
The Dead Milkmen - Chaos Rules: Live At The Trocadero - (B-)
Mando Diao - Hurricane Bar - (B)
Cursive - The Ugly Organ - (A-)
Communique - A Crescent Honeymoon EP - (A-)
The Cloud Room - The Cloud Room - (D+)
The Smiths - Louder Than Bombs - (A)
Minus The Bear - Highly Refined Pirates - (B+)
Rogue Wave - Out Of The Shadow - (D+)
Neutral Milk Hotel - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea - (B+)
The Promise Ring - Very Emergency - (B)
The Arcade Fire - The Arcade Fire EP - (B+)

In case you were wondering, American Idiot still sucks.

Find Me Glossy Paper To Love.

You know me. I'm still a punk in the body of a loser. However, my musical tastes are constantly evolving and changing, and I'm looking for a magazine that reflects that. I enjoy Alternative Press, but I'm growing more and more cynical of the awful bands, paltry write-ups and sad state of affairs in the "Alternative" genre. However, I picked up the lastest issue of "Paste", and it also rubbed me the wrong way, only in the opposite direction. Is there a magazine that covers the areas between AP & Paste? I like some of the bands covered in "Paste", but I also still listen to "AP"-style groups. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

You Smell Like I Feel.

The sense of scent is the closest thing to a time machine that we as humans can experience. If we smell something familiar, we are instantly transported back to that place in time. It's amazing, and I've been intensely aware of it in the last couple days. For example, as I was leaving my apartment, I smelled a lingering scent of a cologne that I couldn't quite remember. All I could recall was that it made me happy, I wore it when I was younger, and it reminded me of nights spent alone with the Missus. Swiss Army! That's it! I immediately went to the nearest department store and purchased the largest bottle I could find. Do the Swiss have an army?

Other times, scents can put you into a place that you'd wish to forget. For example, the scent of crayons and glue puts me right back into Elementary school, and it makes me sick. The scent of Old Lady perfume mixed with coffee reminds me of every meeting I've ever attended in the last 16 years. I swear to you, they all wear the same thing at those meetings.

What Are You Doing?

This weekend, we're heading home for a family reunion. That should be a lot of awkward, but the weather will be nice, and I'm certain there will be deviled eggs. On Sunday, Ben and Sherry are moving into a newer, bigger place in Green Bay. As someone who is still recovering from a full-scale move, I wish you good luck and strength. You'll love your new place. I've got new links in the sidebar, which I've clearly labeled "NEW!" for you. Just another way to make your stay enjoyable. Later.

COMING SOON: The CDP's Favorite Albums Of All Time.

Sunday, July 24

Grilled Cheese America.

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A few weeks ago, me and the Missus traveled to the tiny town of Mount Horeb, about 25 minutes outside of Madison. We were in the mood for a day trip, and there are literally hundreds of places to blow $50 and an afternoon here in southern Wisconsin.

There were two things we were looking for when we entered Mount Horeb. For starters, this is home to the state-famous "Trollway", in which the main drag is littered with hand-carved trolls, representing the Norwegian heritage of most Wisconsinites (including myself). In fact, Mount Horeb is known as "Little Norway" by those in the know.

I decided not to take any photos of the trolls. I took plenty of them the last couple trips to New Glarus ("Little Switzerland"), and it's been a few months since I've had a crippling nightmare, so I didn't want to rock the boat.

The second and most important thing about Mount Horeb was the world-famous Mustard Museum!

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We saw this on the Food Network a few months ago, and knew we had to make the trip. Mark Summers hasn't led me astray yet, what with his hosting "Double Dare" and his OCD that rivals even mine. In all honesty, I don't even like mustard, but that wasn't going to stop me from yet another weird-ass peek into Wisconsin culture.

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The person who started the Mustard Museum was a former lawyer who had worked with a lot of the attorneys that I work with now. Small world.

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What's a mustard museum without an autographed copy of the greatest album by a condiment-themed group?

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Mustard Plug's Evildoers Beware! is one of my favorite ska albums, and we had the fortune of playing a show with them so many years ago. The museum lived up to my feeble expectations, as we purchased a small amount of honey mustard and headed for the exits. We had antique shopping to do!

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Woah, what the hell is that? Four hundred and some dollars for a silly Nazi hat? I've got tons of these in storage.

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We had to get out of that antique store; I was getting a little weirded 'oot.

This reminds me of an idea that I had been kicking around for a couple years now. I was considering writing a book or shooting a documentary called "Grilled Cheese America", in which I would travel across the country, checking out small towns and eating grilled cheeses in every little Mom & Pop place I could find. It wouldn't be so much about the grilled cheese, as it would be about a journey through the heartland of America. I think it would be rad, but I would most certainly die of a heart attack two weeks in. I dunno, maybe it's stupid, but I'd have a good time.

I believe that you learn something new every day. If you weren't already aware of it, I present to you the Mustard Museum of Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. You're welcome.