Saturday, October 1

Final Fantasy.

Good = Beautiful downtown Minneapolis.

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Better = The Minneapolis zoo.

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Best = The Minneapolis Radisson Plaza.

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Best EVER = Arcade Fire.

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(I'm in there somewhere.)

Some of those pictures are mine, most are not. I think you can tell them apart. Here's a snippet from the Minneapolis Star Tribune, reviewing the show:

Arcade Fire Rocks To Power Of 9

Having nine members in a band usually means there is either going to be a lot of soloing or somebody let the roadies and T-shirt sellers on stage.

In the case of burgeoning Canadian indie-rock band Arcade Fire -- whose concert Thursday at First Avenue sold out weeks earlier -- going from a quartet on record to a nine-piece on stage resulted in something completely mesmerizing, like a mini-orchestra full of mad-scientist musicians.

Led by husband-and-wife singers Win Butler and Regine Chassagne -- he's a mournful high-wailer like Roger Waters, and she's an animated squealer à la Björk -- the Montreal band returned to town in a position where acts such as Radiohead and the White Stripes stood years ago. The band has one acclaimed album to its name, 2004's dramatic opus "Funeral," and now the members only have to prove themselves as a live act before critics fawn over them forever.

Let the fawning begin.

Thursday's 70-minute set started with a French horn player blowing from atop the club's DJ booth, which led into the gradual crescendo of piano, violins, guitars and pulsating rhythms of "Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)."

Many of the songs worked that same formula, starting out mellow and haunting before building into a raging, hyper, string-fueled overture. The best ones in this batch were "Crown of Love" and "Headlights Look Like Diamonds" early in the show and "Rebellion (Lies)" before the one encore. A gorgeous and inspired cover of "Five Years," from the catalog of key Arcade Fire supporter David Bowie, also fit this mold.

A few other songs, including "Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)," started out hyper and became all the more high-strung. During these tunes, the nine musicians bounced wildly between instruments and/or danced with each other like performance artists.

And then there was "Wake Up," which the band saved for an encore -- the same song U2 took the stage to at Target Center only six nights earlier (Arcade Fire also opened for the Irish quartet on tour this summer). "Wake Up" had the First Avenue crowd chanting a chorus of "ooh-ooh's" the way U2 fans do in "Pride (In the Name of Love)" -- except in this case, it wasn't the 9,563rd time, and it felt downright divine.

September 30, 2005.

Enough of that. Here's the picture of that creepy shark from Lost last week.

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Wha-? What in the hell is going on?

Episode 2 was even better than episode 1, and judging from the previews for next week, everything's about to go a little ape-crap up in that island.

The Red Sox and Yankees are closing out the season with a three-game series at Fenway Park. This will determine who goes to the playoffs and who watches them from their multi-million dollar homes. The CDP doesn't have to remind you that the Boston Red Sox are very near and dear to my heart. In fact, they are so near and dear, there's a wager going on at CDP headquarters that is of truly epic proportions. As the playoffs get underway, the life-changing wager at hand will be revealed. Stay tuned.

It's October. Enjoy it.

Wednesday, September 28

Neighborhood #5 (CDP)

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Minneapolis beckons. The CDP will be back with all-new stuff later this weekend. Until then, chat it up in the comments section. September is shaping up to be the busiest month ever here, and I don't want a silly vacation to spoil that. Internet traffic makes me strong, just like Flintstone vitamins.

Arcade Fire plays at 6pm, and Architecture In Helsinki is playing in a different room of the venue at 8pm. If I could see them both, my head would most certainly implode. Not explode, mind you, because I wouldn't want to get any brain matter on my two new favorite bands. It's not respectful.

In the meantime, check out this link regarding the Wisconsin Realtors Association's policy to reveal to prospective home buyers if a house is haunted or not. It was found by the Missus, and is 100% accurate. I love Halloween, and you can expect October to be jam-ass-packed with autumn splendor.

Lost is on tonight. Lost is on tonight. Lost is on tonight. Lost is on tonight.

Monday, September 26


Here are 10 things you missed during the Lost season premiere:

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1. On the medicine bottle that Desmond injected himself with, it had CR4-815-23 42 on the top.

2. Desmond has natural light coming from his windows. Where in the hell is that coming from?

3. We’ve now seen the second person miraculously recover from being paralyzed. The connection is Desmond. When Jack went back in to talk to Sarah, he hadn’t cleaned himself off yet. Could Desmond have healing powers that “rubbed off” on Jack? How does Locke fit in? Desmond said that he was in a “race around the world” and “was almost a doctor”.

4. When Desmond logs into the computer, he uses the numbers. On his exercise bike, he's traveling exactly 16 miles per hour.

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5. The last number of Desmond’s safe combination was 42.

6. The man who died on Jack’s operating table was Adam Rutherford, age 57. He is surely the Dad of Shannon, stepdad of Boone. At some point, Shannon will realize that Jack was involved with the deaths of both of these people.

7. The time of Rutherford’s death was 8:15.

8. Desmond is apparently a great athlete or physical specimen. Ethan was the same way. Also notice that there are bunk beds in Desmond’s room. Perhaps he and Ethan lived together. Desmond certainly does not live alone.

9. Ethan came into the camp unnoticed because he came up through the water. This must be where the entry and exit to the hatch is. It could also explain the cord that runs into the ocean.

10. Did you miss the season premiere? Don’t worry; it’s re-airing before the new episode at 7pm central time. You really don't want to miss this one.

The new episode on Wednesday will focus entirely on Jin, Sawyer and Michael, as they fight for their lives and try to get back to shore.

Coming Soon: Rejected Advice Columns.