Friday, November 4

Lost Friday - Son Of A Rerun Edition.

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Another Lost Friday is upon us. We have much to discuss.

First and foremost, people have told me that I should warn of potential spoilers. That being said, let it be known now that this Lost Friday, along with every Lost Friday until the end of time, will contain potential spoilers. SPOILERS AHOY! There you go. There are things that I know, and things that I avoid knowing so I don't ruin the show for myself. Use your best discretion, I do.

This week's episode was a repeat airing of Season 2 - Episode 3, titled "Orientation." It was one of the most important, scrutinized and theorized episodes of the series thus far, so a repeat airing wasn't too bad at all. If you want more of a detailed analisys of "Orientation," allow me to direct you to one of my earlier Lost Friday posts. Enjoy.

Now, back to the task at hand. Wednesday's episode is entitled "Abandoned," and the writers specifically aired reruns just so this episode would coincide with sweeps week. It's going to be that good. Here's the skinny, straight from the press release:

"Sawyer’s wound becomes life-threatening as he, Michael and Jin make their way through the interior of the island with the tail section survivors. Meanwhile, Shannon is once again haunted by visions of Walt, and Charlie becomes jealous of Locke’s interest in Claire."

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This episode will be Shannon-centric, flashing back to the death of her father. Once again, remember that Jack was party responsible for Mr. Rutherford's death, as he opted to save his future wife on the operating table instead. I find it interesting to recall the argument that Boone had with Jack in season one concerning the choice to save Boone from the water instead of the drowning girl. If you go back and watch that conversation, a lot of things ring true concerning the parallel concerning Boone and Shannon's Father (or step-father).

You must also remember that someone's going to be killed by the end of the episode. Theories and speculations are flaming the interweb, but any betting man would figure the corpse in question will be Shannon. After all, it IS her episode, and we're going to find out every little detail about why she is the way she is. She's going to get busy with Sayid, start freaking out about Walt again and end up dead.

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From what I can tell, the killer won't be revealed for at least a few weeks. This gives us much to look forward to. Perhaps the killer was one of the people on the plane.

Because we can discuss "Abandoned" more in-depth once it's over (and you've heard enough about what's going to happen), I wanted to look ahead to upcoming episodes. Most of this has been fact-checked and confirmed, but you never know until it actually happens.

Episode 7 - "The Other 48 Days" - November 16

The harrowing first 48 days in the lives of the tail section survivors are revealed. From what I can tell, this will be told entirely in flashback (nobody in particular?), going back and forth from various tail-section folk. Previous photos have shown Ana and Eko, along with some children who look suspiciously like the filthy-footed "others" we saw during "...And Found."

Obviously, this episode is going to rule because we're going to not only get more backstory on the characters, but we might get to see who some of these "others" actually are. Keep in mind that the "others" pretty much slaughtered or captured all of the tail-section survivors.

If you want amazing photos from this upcoming episode, check out my previous LOST FRIDAY post.

Episode 8 - "Collision" - November 23

Violence erupts when Ana Lucia and her group stumble upon the other castaways.

From what I can tell, this will be the episode where all the survivors finally meet up. It may also be the episode where we find out who (or what) killed the latest casuality. It looks like it will be Ana Lucia-centric, focusing on what she did before she crashed on the island. Expect to see a Jin/Sun and Rose/Bernard reunion.

Straight from the rumor mill, here's a preview of a pivotal scene:

"Sawyer practically dies because of his infected shoulder. He is suffering, like the marshall. Ana is all for a mercy killing but Jack refuses. Ana has a line "I'm taking over." Ana tries a violent take-over, but Desmond shows up unexpectedly and saves the day. Fans who have been waiting to see Ana get put in her place will see it. Jack questions Desmond about the medicine, Desmond says it will help but that Sawyer has "bigger" problems then the infection. Flashback explains how Ana lost her job as a cop, also why she was in Australia. "

Woah. Try to take that all in for a second. For weeks now, I've been telling people that I think Ana Lucia is a cop who was on the plane to keep an eye on Kate. Now, my theory has been (nearly) confirmed.

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Now it's COMPLETELY confirmed. This picture was taken on set. Things are going to get crazy between Ana and Kate, especially since it's concerning Kate's fugitive past, along with her beloved Sawyer.

Wait a second...Desmond's coming back? Holy crap! He's going to inject Sawyer with some of his secret medicine? Seriously?

The synopsis states that Sawyer has "bigger" problems than the infection. I get the feeling that the monster is going to finally make a return appearance. This is going to be absolutely insane.

Episode 9 - "What Kate Did" - November 30

"As Kate's backstory continues, her original crime is revealed. Locke and Eko make an interesting discovery about the film, and Michael has a mysterious encounter with the computer."

Fresh off of the Ana Lucia flashback, we get to flashback to "what Kate did" that made her such a wanted woman. My theory has always been that it has something to do with her mother, as she was none too happy to see her at the hospital.

The fact that Locke and Eko (Eko?) discover something about the film will put a lot of pieces into place concerning why they're still pressing the button in the first place. Apparently, after watching the video too many times, Desmond starting taping the celluloid back together, causing strips of film to be pretty much removed from the video. Well, let's just say that they're going to find them, and it's going to, once again, rule. The missing portions of the film will start to bring the Dharma Initiative more into perspective, and we might get to hang out with Desmond again.
"Michael has a mysterious encounter with the computer." This will clearly have something to do with Walt, but we don't know what as of yet.

Episode 10 - UNKNOWN - UNKNOWN

Episode 10 is really under wraps right now, but I wanted to bring it up for a serious reason. As if the next 5 episodes won't give us MORE than enough to chew on, the execs at ABC tell us that Episode 10 will take place on the island...BEFORE THE CRASH. Do I see a Desmond flashback on the horizion? We'll find out.

Whew. This is plenty to talk about until Wednesday. Start the conspiracy in the comments section. Please notice that I added my very own LOST FRIDAY pieces to the LOST sidebar section. Now you can index what the CDP had to say about Lost every week.


Thursday, November 3

Chink In The Armor.

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Okay, I'm not going to lie to you. I feel like crap today. My Boycott Unity piece was supposed to be here today, but last night I went to bed at quarter to 10 and slept straight through to 6:30. I think it had something to do with the entire plate of Alfredo Portabello Ravioli I washed down with a pint of Caramel Cone ice cream. It's going to be a long day.

Not only that, but I have a training seminar out of the office all day today. The next time I touch a computer will be at 5 tonight. In honor of SWEEPS MONTH, however, I want to post something every day of November, so here I am.

So, here's the deal. My next post will be LOST FRIDAY tomorrow (which will rule, by the way), and the BOYCOTT UNITY RETROSPECTIVE (equally amazing, if not better) will arrive this weekend.

Until then, the comments section is yours. What are you working on today? What are you having for lunch? What are you wearing? Have you ever killed anyone? Stuff like that. Get to know each other a little better, and I'll be back to entertain you in no time.

Wednesday, November 2

Off The Record.

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(the greatest comic strip of all time.)

Tuesday, November 1

No Comment - 2004 Edition.

SWEEPS MONTH is officially underway. Ahoy!

If you're new here, SWEEPS MONTH is where we pull out all the stops to bring in as much traffic as possible before November is over. This is when we do all the year-end lists and whatnot, along with a ton of things we've never done before. I work hard to pull it all together, and all I ask is that you show up at least 15 times a day. It's a decent trade-off.

I really enjoy the comments section. They allow me to connect with the fans, the friends and the common man. They give me a chance to prove to everyone that I'm just like them, and not placed high upon some unreachable celebrity pedestal. Sure, I live in the coolest city in the nation, I'm married to a smoking hot woman and my cats are top-notch, but I'm still quite humble. It's in the comments section that it all comes together.

I've compiled all the best comments from year one of the CDP (2004), and placed them here for your enjoyment (year two will be along later in the month). Here, you can see what life was like for the first 300-some days of the CDP's existence. Straight from the mouth of you, the common man (but mostly me), we can all re-live the big and small moments that made up 2004. Enjoy.

For example, here's the very first comment I ever received:

Her page is way cooler than suck! – February 2004

This was in reference to the Missus' blog. I later found out that it was indeed the Missus who wrote it. In fact, the Missus is one of the best commentees on the CDP. Here's just a sampling of her masterwork:

I'm glad that you got your comment dealy working...must have taken a really smart person, probably a girlfriend, to figure it out for you. – February 2004

Girls can get along well with most people, too, provided they act normal....guys aren't so great, they're just not as involved in their communication as girls. That's why girls have so many problems with people...they can see things that guys can't. It's what my mom called "the uterine homing device." – February 2004

It's amazing that your taste in TV and music can both suck SIMULTANEOUSLY. – March 2004

The other day I was on the computer and Ryan was watching his teeny bopper mtv like he always does and I heard this horrific noise coming from the TV. At first it sounded like a Japanese girl who couldn't speak english or sing very well. Upon closer inspection, it sounded like Rush. But I KNEW that Rush speaks english...they're from Canada. So I turned around only to be greeted by the horrific sight of a mongoloid man with creepy hair and disturbing features. Naturally, I exclaimed "What is this crap?" to which Ryan replied "Coheed and Cambria. They're awesome!" I raised my eyebrows in disbelief and went back to my computer work. Awful. Truly truly awful. – April 2004

The Eggstractor does too work! I just had to get the hang of it....with the exception of the one egg that shot right out of the kitchen onto the computer desk, the rest of the eggs were a success. – May 2004

He always swore at an infant...he didn't just throw a phone. Good times. – June 2004
(I've read this comment a hundred times, and I have no idea what it means.)

Did I tell you Ryan that we were doing a naked wedding? Sheesh, I thought I would have told you that by now. – June 2004

"Wet from Birth"...that's disgusting, and it makes me want to vomit up all of my delcious cheesy shells and jalapenos lunch. – September 2004

Yeah, if your dad just grew his hair out a bit he would be identical to Johnny damon...that's pretty funny. – October 2004

Who knew that a little 8-bit video game could cause so many profanities to come from the mouth of a 22 year old? – December 2004

Of course, she's not the only voice of intelligence and reason here. Every now and again, some friends drop in for a few words of wisdom. Like Ben, for example:

It's ALL about the Fiber my friend. I poop five times a day. – February 2004

It has been decided by an act of congress (dated 09/01/2004) that, in an effort to avoid the same confusion that took place at the polls during the general elections of 2000, the 2004 presidential election will be held on two consecutive days. Those planning to vote for the Kerry- Edwards ticket are to report to the their designated polling place and cast their vote on Tuesday, November 2. Those wishing to vote for the Bush- Cheney ticket are to report on Wednesday, November 3. – September 2004

Let's not forget Sherry:

For any person who doesn't know and who happens to stumble onto this page, note that Ben and I are NOT brother and sister, but yes, we do sleep with each other. – March 2004

I just wanted to say that that story brought a very stressed out girl lots of joy and happiness. Thank you! You left out one important detail... the pathetic-looking bear keychain that Celia bought in the gas station connected to the motel and diner. Oh, I love that keychain!! – April 2004

Did you guys hear that Edwards is going to be Kerry's running mate!!!!??? I'm so excited because I was going to vote for Edwards for president anyway! – July 2004

Oh my god! That Ashlee Simpson thing was hilarious; what was she thinking dancing like that? Well, she got what she deserved! haha! – October 2004

Geez! I'm sitting here scared that some little doll thing is going to come up behind me screaming with a little knife, trying to cut my ankles; or that I'm going to look in the closet and find a green-colored girl with a really, really scary look on her face; or that a girl is going to come crawling out of my TV; or that George Bush is going to win the election on Tuesday! Whoops, enough said... – October 2004

Ben and I got up at 9:30 this morning, made blueberry pancakes, decorated our Christmas tree, and then went shopping! It's sad that I consider sleeping until 9:30 as sleeping in. Are you guys having a Christmas tree this year? You should because you're able to get a huge-ass one! Like a 20-foot-tall one! That would be awesome! – December 2004

Here's one from RJ that I always found funny:

You're in the people pleasing business? What a coincidence! I'm a people! Now please me! – August 2004

Still, nobody comments more than I do:

Check baby, check baby, 1-2-3-4
Check baby, check baby, 1-2-3
Check baby, check baby, 1-2
Check baby, check baby, 1

It's called the rump shaker. And I'm testing the comments. – July 2004

Me and Batboy have been on the outs recently since he started spending more time with the stuck-up "Weekly World News" crowd. You know, the 400-pound baby, that alien that meets with all the Presidents, and that Confederate soldier that they found alive in a cave. They're nice people on their own, but get them together and they pretend you don't exist. – July 2004

What can I say, I feel better now that my soul is gone. – August 2004

I also got a haircut a couple days ago. People at work tell me that it makes me look younger. I think it makes me look more mature and studious. Then again, most people are stupid. – August 2004

My page should be fixed. If it looks weird on your computer, it's because you have a strange text size/resolution configuration and it's not my fault. Maybe you should stop trying to be such a loner and do something right for a change. – September 2004

That Jessica Simpson thing was so brilliantly poetic I could just poop with happiness. – October 2004

Dude, I put it right through his neck. I could feel the skin give way for the tines to slide through. That's why I threw up once he died. – November 2004

You've got to admit though, it would've been quite funny to have you yak in someone's $30 Prime Rib. – November 2004

Did you know that this page is responsible for the deaths of thousands of cattle? It's true. The server is fueled by cow hides. – December 2004

Yeah, my Mom looks like a whale in that picture. "Hey, where's my Mom, and what's that whale doing at my graduation?" – December 2004

I think that cats taste like Tofu, they absorb the flavor of whatever you're simmering them in. – December 2004

But really, the best part about comments is the endless dialogue:

"Mr. President, how's the re-election campaign coming along?"

"Mr. President, do you prefer ham or turkey?"

"Mr. President, where did you hide the Easter eggs?"

"Mr. President, where are your pants?"
"Ummm...." – April 2004

THE CDP: As long as I look good, maybe they won't notice my crippling emotional problems hindering my work.

MISSUS: Your self-esteem and emotional issues are so outwardly apparent, seems like it would be hard not to notice. – May 2004

MISSUS: Will this be the year that Mr. Jacobs finally kills someone?

THE CDP: With the Gipper dying, and Michael Moore spreading filth all over the airwaves, this might be the year he rips a child's head off and scoops out the tender goo inside. – June 2004

THE CDP: At least that's what I'm going to tell my family this weekend. They have more important things to worry about than their crack pipe-sucking son. Hey, that's pretty funny! Imagine me smoking crack, and you'll never laugh at anything else as hard again.

MISSUS: No, it's not very funny when you smoke actually scares us, and makes us all hide under our beds...and the children all scream "Daddy, please don't sell our shoes! They're the only pair we have left!"

THE CDP: Yeah, well maybe we wouldn't have so many kids if you believed in birth control, and didn't want to live off the system so damn much. I've become everything I've ever hated.Well, off to the job center to get food stamps.

MISSUS: YOU'VE taken a turn for the worst, you lousy father and provider.

THE CDP: My only task as a male is to impregnate as many women as possible, and not pay any child support.

MISSUS: As is mine....oops! I wasn't supposed to tell anyone else that. – August 2004

SHERRY: I know that I'm telling everyone around me to vote, but I don't know if that's enough. I should start putting up posters or something, or get a mega-phone (or whatever they're called) and start shouting things at people on campus.

AARON: Sherry, you should definitely get a megaphone and start shouting things at people on campus. That would be awesome. – September 2004

TINMAN: Holding candles at midnight and singing Kum-ba-yah will not stop these spineless jerkoffs from attacking again; firing a SAM missile up there camel lovin' asses might.

THE CDP: I don't like our President for a few reasons. Mainly because he stole the election, he's an agenda-based liar and he brought us to war under false principles. I am NOT, on the other hand, a peacenik.

I believe in the idea of war; but we should only go to war when it's absolutely necessary. The pretenses and reasons for our current war were completely false, and have been proven so. Iraq had nothing to do with September 11, but GWB was looking for a perfect time to start a war he had been thinking about for a decade. Now that we're in this mess, we have to get out of it.

Pulling our troops and running would be a disaster. We have to stay and fight, lose more innocent lives and destroy our status in the eyes of the rest of the world.

This war was a mistake. We went after the wrong people for the wrong reasons, and we're stuck. I agree completely that we need to target the terrorists and make sure this never happens again, but that's not what we're doing. The private terrorist groups continue to grow while we bomb another innocent city.

MISSUS: I hope know one wants to bomb me, because I REALLY like camels. – September 2004

AARON: I expect you to have a mustache next time I see you, Ryan. Seriously.

MISSUS: Ryan, your grandma thought you would look nice with a moustache. I said, "I don't think so." I swear, if you EVER try to grow one...there will be some serious consequences. Probably even death. – September 2004

MISSUS: Did you call me something mean and then delete it? Damn caffeine induced dementia...

THE CDP: No, I spelled caffeine wrong, and I wanted to keep my Blog spotless of misspeelings.

MISSUS: I don't see what you have against Miss Peelings. She's been very kind to you...

THE CDP: She taught me how to live again... how to love again. – October 2004

BEN: Christopher Reeves is dead! Ha HA!-Beenjamin

THE CDP: Thanks for your input, Beenjamin.
"Where have you been, mon'?"

"I've been jamin'!"

I can't believe Christopher Reeves died on the same day as Christopher Reeve! What a tragic coincidence. Okay, I'm done giving you crap about your grammar now. – October 2004

THE CDP: Dr. Katz was also filmed like that, and actually produced by the same company that does Home Movies. Sort of like The Simpsons and Futurama.

MISSUS: Dr. Katz wasn't really very funny either.

THE CDP: Well, now you're just trying to piss me off. – November 2004

THE CDP: They're only called "steak knives" in theory. We just need knives to cut things., new CD's...Celia, can you help me out here? What do we need knives for again?

Come back to me when you have a question about Television or Sports. It's really all I know.

MISSUS: We need knives because ours are all dull and lousy and they don't cut anything! And yes, I will kill you. – December 2004

THE MOM: I will no longer give my hard earned money to Forever 21 or to New York and Company! What is our world coming to when you cannot even return something to a store without being harrassed?

THE CDP: Those are some trendy stores. I can't even afford shoes, so I'm walking around with plastic bags twined around my ankles. – December 2004

MISSUS: Good thing for the whole wedding thing, cuz 2004 kinda sucked. No, it REALLY sucked.

THE CDP: I don't know if 2004 sucked THAT much. I mean, we moved into a new place, got married, things like that. I think in terms of my life in general, it was one of the most important years of my life thus far. I'm certainly not the person I was in 2003. A lot of terrible things happened this year, but just concerning me, it was pretty memorable.

MISSUS: Yes, as far as my own life it was a good year. As far as the outside world, it was a pretty sucky year in those terms.

THE CDP: There you go. Who cares about the rest of the world, WE had a good year! I heart isolationism. – December 2004

KOPLIE: Yo, going through the page as usual to catch up and make an embarrassment of myself for trying not to laugh in a stuffy quiet computer lab! I have to say that CPD is a great escape from writing a 10+ page paper on the Spanish Inqusition: its causes, new insights and its relation to the anti-semitic side of the Reformation.

THE CDP: You're the second person in just as many days using my page as a diversion from a college Spanish project. That's weird as hell.Also, I agree with you completely. Catching up with the Canadian Police Department is a great way to waste your day. I’m an asshole. – December 2004

But through it all, the love still remains:

MISSUS: I'm running of with Gabriel Q. Meowbox, and there's nothing that you can do about it.
THE CDP: "Off", hun. You're running "off" with him.

Wait, you're doing what?

MISSUS: I'm running of with him, can't you read???

THE CDP: That's it, the birthday party is off.

MISSUS: I think you mean that it's of.

THE CDP: I just realized that I'm physically incapable of hating you.

MISSUS: I'm pretty sure you mean that you're incapable off hating me.

THE CDP: Nope, it turns out that I can hate you just fine.

AARON: You kids are hilarious. – November 2004

Later on in the month, you'll be able to see the best comments of 2005, which is even bigger and better than 2004.

What's your favorite comment of 2004? Speak your mind, and maybe it will show up on the next list. SWEEPS MONTH is just beginning, so stop back often, because we're just getting warmed up.


Sunday, October 30

Puttin' On The Moustache.

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On Friday evening, Benjamin and Sherry stopped by to spend the night. We went out to eat at the Olive Garden (still my favorite chain restaurant, regardless of what anyone else has to say about it), finished off some of that wine I had been hoarding (see this post), and were all sleeping soundly by midnight. It was a nice night, and it was quite enjoyable to see them again and catch up on things.

The next morning, we went out for breakfast at the Country Cafe, a local diner that is dangerously close to being sued by Country Kitchen for copyright infringement. Afterwards, we went to Best Buy, where I picked up a CD (My Morning Jacket's 'Z'). Then it was straight over to PetsMart to take a look at the new arrivals of animals that have been displaced by hurricane Katrina.

By the way, I'm mentioning and linking all these national establishments and blogs because they're now paying me $16 every time I do. The CDP's selling out, and you're coming with. I'll have a dollar tally at the end of the post. Let's move on.

Because I'm an idiot, I didn't have any cash on me to donate to the shelter that was sponsoring all these animals, so I basically just pet everything that was looking at me, and hit the road. I paid special attention to a bird named Jade. Jade was the coolest bird ever, letting me pet him and stroke his tender beak. Most birds I've come into contact with over the last 23 years have done nothing but screech and break skin, but Jade made me love winged creatures again. I would have bought him had he not been a $900 "specialty" bird. What this specialty was (plumbing or electronics, I believe) I still have to figure out. We left in a hurry, and Sherry left for an afternoon of working back in her hometown of Green Bay.

Ben stuck around, however, so we headed over to the west side of town for more shopping. First on the list was the Halloween Superstore, where I looked for a fog machine. I'm not doing any setting up or candy distribution this Halloween, but I just wanted a fog machine for everyday use around the CDP headquarters. I thought it would be cool to come home from work every day to a heavenly landscape and pulsating techno music, cats wandering around in a haze, blinded by the 2 feet of artificial smoke.

I didn't get my fog machine, but I did find a cheap mask the scared the hell out of the Missus, so I wrapped it up and headed for the Exclusive Company, the midwest's best source for good music. I bought the Missus a new album and another for myself.

Then we went to the next logical place. The farm!

Image hosted by

We headed way out of town to the small village of Lodi, to the Treinen Farms' annual Halloween Corn Maze.

Image hosted by

According to the web page, this farm had it all. A massive corn maze, a haunted hayride and most importantly, a PUMPKIN SLINGSHOT. This was a no-brainer.

This farm was indeed...a farm. There were of course, chickens.

Image hosted by

Goats by the armload. Some even roaming free around the grounds.

Image hosted by

We paid the $7 to get into the corn maze, but first, we got a few pointers from the girl at the counter. We were given a map of the maze that had approximately 1/8 of the path uncovered. As we worked our way through the maze, we would (hopefully) come across 7 different checkpoints that would give us the 7 remaining pieces of the map.

Getting the rest of the map pieces and getting out of the maze wasn't the only challenge of the maze itself. Somewhere in amongst the vast nooks and crannies of this maze were 8 "secret locations", where special punch cards would be located. If you managed to get out of the maze while finding 4 of the 8 locations, you would get a free bag of popcorn.

I don't even like popcorn that much, but the Missus, Ben and I are the 3 most competitive people on the planet. That "victory popcorn" would be ours, and it would be the sweetest tasting popcorn we have ever had.

Image hosted by

The race was on. We got lost almost instantly.

At the start of the journey, we thought of ways that we could make this go smoothly. We thought about splitting up and calling each other via-cell phone, but the reception was awful and we only had one map. We did this once, and it took 10 minutes to find each other again. We came to the conclusion that it would work best if we collected all the map pieces first, and then went back to find the secret locations. This worked well.

Benjamin and the Missus found the first few pieces, with me bringing it in on the home stretch. It seemed like forever (probably 90 minutes), but we managed to gather up the map like pros, navigating like John Locke. Here's what the maze looked like upon completion.

Image hosted by

Yeah. It was a big, complicated maze. But we weren't done yet. We had victory popcorn to snag.

Don't ask me how we did it, but we ended up finding 5 of the 8 secret locations, one more than we needed to reap the sweetest popped reward. We exited the maze like bruised and battered warriors, but we were better people having known the limits of our human spirit.

Image hosted by

Then it was time to launch a few pumpkins into the lake.

The Pumpkin Launch seemed simple enough. For $1, you could slingshot 3 gourds into the lake, trying to hit this target about 100 feet out.

Image hosted by

If you hit the target, you won a prize. I watched 10 people do it to no avail, so I wasn't expecting anything when I stepped to the plate. My first 2 gourd shots were so far off, I barely hit the water. The slingshot had to be pulled back with a lot of force, and I'm really not that strong of a dude, so I was starting to get a little embarrassed. I slowly loaded my third gourd into the chamber, spit into my hands, and took aim.

Image hosted by

Listening carefully, I located the exact direction of the wind. I did some quick calculations as to what this would do to the trajectory of my gourd, leading me to figure out the perfect place to aim. I closed my eyes, said a quick prayer, and fired at will.

Image hosted by

The gourd sailed majestically into the dimming sky, hurtling silently through space. It hit the water just feet before the target, only to skip off of the surface of the lake and bounce right off the side of the target.

"Hey, you hit it!" someone in line said to me.

"I did? Wow, I did! What do I win?"

"You get a pumpkin!" the kid working the slingshot said.

Image hosted by

I carefully selected my victory pumpkin, and joined Benjamin, who was still enjoying our victory popcorn from the maze.

Image hosted by

We had robbed this place blind.

I put the victory pumpkin into the trunk, and drove us back to Madison. We were feeling pretty darn good about ourselves, taking on the world and emerging so victorious and all. We decided to treat ourselves to some Indian food at Maharaja. I'm not that big of an Indian food fan, but majority ruled, and I was outvoted.

The food was okay, but the place was exceedingly dark (no light) and our waiter was always one dumbass question away from wringing my white, European neck. We couldn't understand each other, and his patience was slim to none. It was nice to leave.

Ben hung out a little longer back at headquarters, and took off for home at around 11. I set the clocks back, and got up just in time this morning to watch the Packers get their asses handed to them once again.

That's my weekend in a nutshell.

Have a good Halloween. This month was the biggest yet here at the CDP (check it 'oot), and next month will hopefully be even bigger. There's a lot going on here in November, so check back often. As you can see, I'm in the habit of updating this page almost every day, so don't fall behind.

Total Link Payments: $384.