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Lost Friday - "The Hunting Party."

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Season 2 - Episode 11 - "The Hunting Party."

Another Lost Friday is upon us. We have much to discuss.

Where do I start? I had been looking forward to this episode for weeks, knowing that it would finally set off the plotline that would lead us to the story behind the Others. Well, the fuse has been lit, the barrier has been broken and all bets are off. The stage has been set for an all-out battle between the castaways and Others.

Normally, this is where I'd paste Wikipedia's viewer-submitted synopsis of the episode. Not today. Not only do I think I can do a better job, but I'm doing this on a Wednesday night and there's nothing up on Wikipedia yet. Besides, I'm going to be busy for the next few days, so it's now or never.

And away we go:

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("I'm going to blow you apart like a gallon of ranch dressing.")

Michael goes completely off of his nut and knocks out Locke, taking a gun and heading off in search of Walt alone. Beforehand, he makes sure to lock up Jack and Locke in the chamber that's holding the weapons. Eventually, Kate and Sawyer come into the hatch and save the day. Sawyer, Locke and Jack get strapped and head out to bring him back, telling Kate to stay behind and man the computer. She obviously doesn't listen and heads out without them knowing.

Personally, I don't think that Michael is conversing with anyone on that computer. If he is, I don't think he's talking to Walt. If the Others wanted Michael, they would have taken him when he was on the boat, or again when he was with the tailies. He's not being led into any Other-induced danger; he's just wandering around because he's losing his mind.

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("Hey, have you seen my big-ass Dharma medallion anywhere?")

Anyways, before Michael takes off, he mentions to Locke that he knows things about the computer that he does not, and actually threatens to shoot it. When Locke starts to track Michael in the jungle, he realizes that he's headed in a different direction; obviously being directed by whoever the person on the other end of the hatch computer is (if anyone). After hearing some shots, they lay low and keep their eyes peeled. We still don't know who fired the shots and for what reason; Michael has yet to be found.

Meanwhile, back at the hatch, Charlie and Hurley listen to some obsolete albums and talk about random things. Hurley mentions that he might have a shot with Libby; with which Charlie encourages him to make his move. Why Charlie doesn't bring up the Smoke Monster incident is beyond me, but he gets an episode next week, so we shouldn't have to wait long. I also wonder why they didn't bring Sayid and Eko along for the hunt. Who better to bring on an Other-killing spree than the guy who obliterated two of them with a big rock?

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(Looks like a band of Others, if you axe me. I think the DeGroots are on the cover.)

In flashbacks, we see the demise of Jack and Sarah's relationship. Due to long hours at the office and their lack of contact and affection (not to mention failed attempts at having a child), Sarah informs Jack that she was leaving him for the man that she had been seeing for some time. This man isn't shown yet, but there is still plenty more to the Jack and Sarah story. Jack is clearly heartbroken, and we're left with him watching his wife walk out the door.

Personally, if my mate made six figures a year, I'd be a little more compassionate when they worked late and didn't have much time to talk. In the poker game that is a relationship, talking about feelings is three of a kind, making a ton of money is a straight flush, and making a paralyzed woman walk again is like, 6 aces. She sounds ungrateful if you ask me, and you most certainly did.

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("I can't believe I was on 'Party of Five' for 7 years.")

It should also be noted that in the flashbacks, people start to look to Jack as some sort of miracle worker. As news of his work with Sarah spread, people began seeking him out to operate on the inoperable. This aspect of living up to expectations is great insight into the 'Man of Science' Jack has become.

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(John Madden was found on a deserted island last week...)

Back in the jungle, the hunting party gets surrounded by Others, as we hear the unmistakable voice of the man on the boat who stole Walt (Mr. Degroot, perhaps?). Sawyer, who's now been shot more times than 50 Cent, fires a round at the man and has it ricochet back into his damn ear. A forcefield-affect seemed to be the culprit, which is just freaky enough to not be considered silly. The man informs the hunting party that 'this is our island,' and 'you live because we let you live.' He then orders them to leave their weapons and go back to the beach, clutching a freshly-captured Kate as collateral. They reluctantly oblige, and Jack is clearly furious with Kate the entire hike back.

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("Hand over your weapons, or I'll waste this completely disposable and unlikable character.")

When I heard the man's voice, along with him knowing the castaways by name, my jaw dropped open. I knew this episode would go good, I didn't think that we'd come face to face with the boat guy again. This is a huge moment in the course of Lost, as we now have established battle lines, and a confirmation that the Others are real people with a real goal.

During this conversation with the man from the boat, he informs us that Walt is fine, and is a 'very special boy.' That's pretty much all the information we get from him, before he disappears again into the shadows. He clearly wasn't afraid of the gunfire, as he knew he was being protected by whatever was surrounding him (Electromagnetics saves the day again!).

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("Mention 'Party of Five' one more time. I dare you!")

Back on the beach, Sawyer and Locke try to shake off what happened to them, now knowing that they might actually be outnumbered and outskilled by the Others. Meanwhile, Jack talks to Ana Lucia on the beach, and remarks to her that he wants to turn the castaways into an army, presumably in the hopes of claiming the island for their own. Things are about to get wild.

Fade to black; make with the numbers!

4. Who was Jack's wife seeing? Internet rumors are saying that it could be anyone, from Jack's Dad to Desmond. It would seem like the viewing audience would already know this mystery guy, but we'll have to wait for the next Jack-centric episode to confirm or deny.

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(The Others' torch technology is light-years ahead of our own.)

8. Also, a lot of people online were wondering who shot Sawyer. Almost nobody brought up what I saw from the start; he shot himself. 'Zeke' wasn't afraid of the castaways and their guns one bit; he even remarked a few times that the guns weren't going to do anything. When Sawyer took his shot (and who wouldn't?), it bounced off of some shield that 'Zeke' had up, and got sent straight back to Mr. Ford.

15. I don't know if you caught this or not, but when 'Zeke' orders a fellow Other to haul out Kate, he says, 'Bring 'er out, Alex!' If you remember, Alex was Rousseau's baby that was kidnapped by the others about 16 years ago. Is it the same person? Wouldn't make much sense to put that name in the script unless it meant something, so there's a good chance this is the Alex we had been hearing about.

16. 'Zeke' also says, 'From the dawn of our species, Man has been blessed with curiosity.' This is a quote from Alvar Hanso, who provided the DeGroot's with the funding necessary to start the Dharma Initiative. This proves that 'Zeke' knows Alvar, and could very possibly be Mr. DeGroot in the flesh.

23. Who in the hell is Geronimo Jackson? Sounds like a clue to me. The only real group close to that name was Geronimo Black, which was founded by one of the members of the Mothers Of Invention. One of their songs was called "Other Man," so take from that what you will (Ethan Rom).

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(Charlie finds a piano made completely of heroin on the shoreline.)

42. Charlie seemed mad jealous wen he saw Locke snuggling up to Claire and Aaron at the end of the show. This is a perfect lead-in to the next episode, 'Fire & Water.' Here's the press release straight from ABC:

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(Eko teaches Claire the art of the super-fly baby cornrows.)

"When Charlie's vividly surreal dreams lead him to believe Claire's baby, Aaron, is in danger, Locke suspects Charlie may be using again. Meanwhile, Sawyer encourages Hurley to act on his attractions to Libby."

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("So, you ever been with a huge guy before?")

There you have it. Another Lost Friday in the books. Start the discussion in the comments section and feel free to e-mail the CDP at

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I was flipping out when all those lights came on in the trees when they were talking to the Others guy.

Good eye on the force field thing, I need to rewatch that part... which I would do if our local ABC affiliate wasn't stupid enough to pre-empt Lost with a b-ball game. Still, that's nuts.

Also, good ear on the Alex thing. It's about time to bring back Rousseau.

Stupid Lost prediction... By the time Michael finds Walt, he'll have been turned against his Dad and the rest of the crash survivors.

In other news, The Office is quickly approaching BBC Office levels of comedy.
I think Jack is definetly losing it. He's not such a likable guy any more. What put me over the edge was him laying back in the bunk after having a nap. Everyone else is living on sand and leaves and he's taking a snooze. Even the baby has to live outside. That's not fair at all.

You may be onto something with Jack's wife leaving him for his father. That would tend to sour their relationship a little and account for the grand canyon of a rift between them. Also I might add, when we were promised a beautiful Italian woman they really delivered. That woman was so captivating I couldn't look away.
I'm pretty sure reading this doesn't really give the full effect. I don't really understand anything that's going on. You should just come hang out some weekend and we'll have a DVD marathon.
I bet it was Desmond that Jack's wife was seeing. That could make for some interesting conflict when Desmond returns. Also, the island is a space ship.
Aaron, if you really want to take on a Lost Season One marathon, I'll be there in a heartbeat. We'll make Smores, it'll rule.

Paste, when I heard 'Zeke' yell from the shadows, I jumped off of the couch and started freaking out like a common idiot. Once the Missus realized who it was, she started freaking out, too. It was a nice moment.

The force field thing is my (correct) theory, but I have to credit the 'Alex' discovery to those viewers who were watching with the captioning on. Rousseau should be coming back any week now; hopefully with Desmond.

I heard that we won't see Walt again until season 3. Not cool.

Jack has been an irratable guy from the start, and we got a good look at how he got this way. His leadrship qualities are good enough, but man, he can be a real jerk sometimes.

When I was watching the flashbacks, I had to keep remembering that this all took place before he turned his Dad in to the board, etc.

I taped the Office and Earl, and haven't seen them yet. I'm very excited; although I wish I could be talking about how good they were now.
Your theories are always better than mine; because you're not afraid to take a chance. For that, I am in your debt.

The smoke monster is a dinosaur; piloting the Island spaceship.
Oh, and on the Hanso Foundation website, there's a new deal. If you click on the pic of Alvar, it shows the computer screen with:
Who is this?

It also tries to bring up some pic, but the link's broken for me.
Yeah, I remember seeing that a while ago. It's supposed to bring up a 'confidential' fax from Hanso concerning some of their studies. There's also something on there about a 100-year old Monkey in their life-extension project, so that's just crazy.
A 100-year-old helper monkey would really be crazy.
Yeah; he would have been helping people since 1906. I hope that his or her owners give him a nice pen and pencil set for a century of outstanding service.
The thing it brings up on the Hanso Foundation is a confidential fax from some international health organization thanking them for the large donation and apologizing for the "misunderstanding" that resulted in the previous fax expressing concern over their life-extension experimenting.

The "MOLE" thing really bothers me. Someone isn't who they say they are, or someone will be someone who they aren't expected to be, or who they weren't before, or something. I've just confused myself.

I am of the opinion (and please correct me if I'm wrong) that the "Others" have never attacked the camp of the fuselage survivors. The only one who did was Ethan, and I have a feeling that he was an exile from the "others". If you ask me why I think this, I will tell you that I can't explain it, because it's just a hunch.
Your Others theory is right; they never attacked the fuselage survivors like they attacked the tailies. Ethan was spying so they could eventually take Aaron (and do away with 'bad' Charlie), but you know how that ended. Goodwin was spying on the tailies too, and you know how that ended.

Perhaps the tailies were treading where they weren't supposed to be, and got the brunt of the Others' attacks. When 'Zeke' was talking to the Hunting Party about 'not crossing the line', I think he was being very literal in that sense. I think he wants the survivors to stay on the beach and stop mucking up their experiments.

I'm telling you, Michael is not talking to Walt on that computer, or anyone for that matter. Everyone is starting to see things they can't explain, and this is just another example. Michael was headed in a specific direction when he took off, though, so at the very least, he thinks that someone gave him directions.

I'm going to move to Utah and legally marry Lost.
Normally I'd say "your wife won't like that," but in this case I'm pretty sure she'd be all for it, as long as she could watch.
Oh, that was a well-crafted line. Bravo, Aaron.

She feels the same way about me marrying French-Canadian Olympic male divers.
Did you see Zeke's face when Jack brought up Ethan in the conversation. He had a strange reaction there.

Also, The Office was another great ep, but not quite the insanity of last week. That one still tops my list.
I plan on watching 'The Injury' one last time before watching last night's 'Office.' It was really, very funny.

I'll have to watch again to see Zeke's reaction to the Ethan Rom inquiry.

It's pretty wild to think that there are probably about 100 people on this island right now, and it's 100% off the radar. Dharma's doing something to avoid detection, which goes back to my satellite theory.
I like Stephen's theory about Ethan not being one of the Others. Maybe he thought he could use Claire's baby to appease the Others, the same reason Rousseau wanted the kid. I wonder if there are pockets of other survivors from other crashes, maybe that's where Ethan came from. This doesn't discredit my theory that they've all become ultra tiny and the whole island is contained in a petri dish in Alvar Hanso's lab.
Going with the Life Extension project and 100 year old monkeys. I'll say Zeke and some of the others are survivors of the shipwreck in the jungle. They have been living there all along and are also responsible for the Dharma Initiative bunkers being abandoned.
Oh, this is some good stuff. Just the thought that some of the Others were on the Black Rock is really creepy.

However, that was decades before Dharma existed, and therefore decades before the Life Extension Project existed. I guess you never know.

Honestly. I don't know how many more characters I can take. I mean, on any given episode, we can see dialogue from up to 20+ major characters. That's more people than I know in real life.
You'd make more friends if you didn't spend all your time in front of the TV.
Who needs more friends? TV will never let me down. Unless they cancel a show I like or show basketball instead or something.
yes, but that monkey existed decades before Dharma too. I think Dharma is a front for the Hanso Foundation anyway, so how long has Hanso been around?
Hanso's been around since about WWII; it could still be a very real possibility. Hanso more or less owns the Dharma Initiative because they gave funding to the DeGroots to launch it.

When Zeke was holding Kate captive, he was using a WWII-style Luger; not at all like the firepower in the Swan hatch that he stole from the Hunting Party. If that indeed WAS Mr. Degroot, why wouldn't he have access to the stuff the Dharma people had access to? Also remember that Goodwin had a WWII-style knife as well, and the Others never seemed to be armed with anything too nasty.

I don't know what to make of that, but it leads to the idea that these people have been there a very long time.
Or maybe they're vintage WWII weaponry aficionados.
I'm not sure about Desmond being the "other man" in Sarah's life (can't even use the word "other" any more). Didn't he make some comment to Jack that indicated that he was unaware of Sarah's post-surgical miracle healing? Sort of like a "How did things turn out?" question?

I got really suspicious about whether it was Walt on the computer or not when he asked if Michael was alone. Why the hell would a kid ask that of his dad, especially given the circumstances? A secret lover, maybe, but not a kid to his dad.

I don't see how the DeGroots could have been on the island since WWII. They were doctoral candidates in the '70's, right? Maybe they just had those weapons there because that's what Hanso made his fortune off of, and still had a few lying around.
What is the connection between LOST and smartdust? Is this what the "monster" black cloud is?
What's 'smartdust?' Sorry, I'm really tired.

I don't see how the DeGroots could have been on the island since WWII. They were doctoral candidates in the '70's, right? Maybe they just had those weapons there because that's what Hanso made his fortune off of, and still had a few lying around.


Desmond doesn't know how Jack's relationship turned out, because they never saw each other again. There's no way that he was Sarah's lover.

Again, spot-on about Michael and Walt. It's just not him; and it's probably not anyone.
I bet Sarah left Jack for Eko. I know you guys wouldn't have expected that, but that's because you all are racists.
I was planning on countering that with a trademark witty comeback, but it's too funny to touch. I know my bounds.

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