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Maybe The Bluths Aren't Worth Saving.

(For those expecting a Lost Friday post today, I'm skipping it in lieu of something more important than reruns. Lost returns on Wednesday, January 11, and Lost Friday will return on Friday the 13th. Spooky.)

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You know, there are times when I watch Arrested Development where simple laughter just won't do. Every once in a while, their brilliant satire and darn-near Shakespearean wordplay transcend guffaws and teary-eyes, leaving only stunned silence and a shaking heads in their wake. It's just that good. In fact, I've often said that I wish I could create an award, just so I could present it to them.

Stop your wishing, loser, because the CDP Award is finally here!

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Well, it's more of a photoshopped image than an award, really, but it was all I could afford. It's the thought that counts.

Anyways, ain't it pretty? The CDP Award (or the 'Commie' if you prefer) will be handed out every week or so to anything that I think deserved it in the world of entertainment or pop culture. It's been a long time coming, as far as I'm concerned. The very first Commie is being presented to the cast of Arrested Development for their amazing Episode #309, 'S.O.B.'s'.

When Season One earned AD their much-deserved Emmy, I held off. When Season Two surpassed everyone's expectations, I still remained silent. Even the appearance of Franklin didn't budge me. But after watching Monday night's episode, a big thank-you was in order. Very few times in TV history does a show have the courage and wit to do something like this (Seinfeld & The Simpsons are the only two that immediately come to mind); essentially butchering a show to hammer their point across to those who don't understand. It doesn't matter if you thought it was their swan song or the worst thing they've ever done, you have to stand in slack-jawed awe in the way that these people handle themselves when their backs are against the wall.

There were way too many jokes and parallels to list here (feel free to list them in the comments section); I wanted to applaud my television when the episode was over. When this show leaves the airwaves, and it will...soon, we can only hope that something so groundbreaking and transcendent will take their place. Of course, we all know it will be replaced by Celebrity Boxing 3, but let's fantasize for a while, shall we?

How many more episodes are there? I had thought this last one was the final episode, but there will be 13 this last season, right?

I know this wasn't from the last (terrific) episode, but the scene from a couple weeks ago when Gob was at the business meeting at accidentally shot all those coins out of his sleeve... Pure brilliance. Especially when single coins kept shooting out after that, and he broke that guy's glasses.
The only time I ever really watched TV in the past year was when I was working nights at the gas station. But I've seen enough of this show to know it's good. Too bad I'm never home and my TV doesn't really get channels.
I wanted to applaud my television when the episode was over. When this show leaves the airwaves, and it will...soon, we can only hope that something so groundbreaking and transcendent will take their place.

I remember thinking the same thing when Farscape was canceled. What did we get? Tremors: the series.
This episode certainly had a 'last episode' feel to it, but I'm pretty sure there's a few more to go. I wonder if they got the news early enough to write an ending to the series. I really, really hope so.

Aaron, you'd like this show. Seriously.

The first few minutes of that episode, where Gob and Michael are fighting for the floor during the meeting, and everything's going wrong for Gob's act, were brilliant. I missed about 10 jokes because I was laughing so hard when the pennies kept shooting out.

There's nothing like replacing a respectable Sci-Fi series with a rehashing of a 16 year old Kevin Bacon film. Oh, and that guy from Family Ties.

Sha, la, la, la.
AD has been really amusing me lately, but that last episode didn't work for me at all. I HATE SATIRE!!!!

(please see my opinions on the Simpsons episode Behind the Laughter for a full understanding)
See, and a lot of people will tell you that 'Behind the Laughter' was one of the best episodes the Simpsons has done in a decade.

AD not only took on FOX and the TV business in general, they went to the root of the problem; the public. Garbage in, garbage out. Skating With Celebrities is on the air because people watch it. End of story.
It always amazes me when useless celebrity hype crap like Dancing with the stars can get a second season, While shows that require a little depth to appreciate come and go.
I don't think it will ever stop though, people tune in to tune out. As soon as a show starts engaging its audience on any level it usually means its about to be canceled. I mean Still Standing is still on the air.
AD is good. What will they do with the stair truck??
Knowing AD, the Bluth's will probably be living out of that stair truck by the series finale. They will still get hop-ons.

I think each major network is allowed one or two good, engaging and intelligent shows per season, and the rest of the time is used for trash. For as much TV as I watch, I could only come up with 10 current shows worth recommending (see my sidebar).
You can't ignore Family Guy. Fans brought that show back from the dead. Now we're swiming in Stewie quotes!
Truth be told, I'm not the biggest Family Guy fan in the world, although I commend the grassroots campaign to bring it back.

Speaking of which, there are talks to bring back Futurama the same way. Now THAT'S something I'm looking forward to.
I guess if your from NE you tend to appreciate the humor about that wacky little place called Rhode Island. Kind of like Cohen Bros. Movies.
They could definately bring Futurama back on line. PLEASE PLEASE let them destroy that awful War at Home. The few little shreds of funny in that show aren't worth the prolonged suffering of the rest of it. Again, a little side by side: AD against W@H. No contest
I hated that War at Home guy when he was on Boston Public, so why he got his own show is beyond me...
I saw that War at Home show once. Not funny.
I sincerely hope that The war At Home gets canned instantly, if it hasn't been already. I don't need to explain myself any further on the matter.

When they decide to replace it with Futurama, it will be the first right decision FOX has made in three years.

Fargo is one of the greatest movies ever made.
Family Guy sucks worse than Arcade Fire. But I do admire the tenacity of the fans.

"or as we professionals call it, the O.C. Disorder."
"Don't call it that."
The O.C. reference, along with the HBO, Showtime, 'Desperate', Quintuplets-aaaughh!!!

Can I give them a second trophy?
I think any show that can carry off a running joke like the "analyst-therapist" deserves as many awards as it can get.
It would take me a year to come up with just one of their 22-minute episodes. And mine would suck.
Are you at work? Have you checked your messages?
Yes and no.
"Family Guy sucks worse than Arcade Fire."


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