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Lost Friday - "The Long Con."

Season Two - Episode 13: "The Long Con."

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Another Lost Friday is upon us. We have much to discuss.

Oh, sweet redemption. This was clearly the episode that 'Fire + Water' was trying to be. Slick character development, uneasy trust issues and soap-opera-esque back stabbery. This week, the castaways were shifting their good/evil tendencies like crazy, leaving the viewers unsure of what happened even after the episode was over.

Even though this was mainly a character episode, it was filthy with mythology. Inside jokes, easter eggs and head-scratching circumstances led up to really one of the best episodes of season two.

Now, make with the skinny! (This episode review was stolen from the Blogosphere without permission, as I am far too valuable a resource to waste on boring recaps):


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("Jesus Christ, Locke. What are these?")

Jack's checking on guns and ammo. We learn that Locke's keeping the heroin for "therapeutic purposes," but is too superstitious to break the statues. Jack asks Locke for the combination to the armory. Locke gives it to him, reluctantly, after extracting a promise to consult each other before using it. Then Locke casually mentions that Jack might want to lock up the medicine, too.

On the beach, Sawyer taunts Charlie for getting tossed out by Claire and punched by Locke. Charlie points out that Jack's ransacking Sawyer's tent. Jack's taking back the pills Sawyer had in his stash way back when. Sawyer is not happy about this.

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("I had to take an entire bottle of these just to make working with Neve Campbell tolerable.")

Flashback- Sawyer jumps up, claiming to be late for a meeting. His suitcase falls open, revealing a bunch of money. We've seen him run this con before. This time, though, his lady friend totally busts him. She tells him she didn't take anything from her husband in the divorce and asks Sawyer to show her how to con people.

Back on the island, Kate teases Sawyer, who's cleaning up his tent. Sawyer breaks the news to Kate about Jack and Ana-Lucia pow-wowing. She pretends not to be bothered. She's not very good at it.

Hurley's brought Sayid the radio Bernard had, but Sayid tells him in no uncertain terms that it's useless.

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("Don't waste time skinning it, dude. Just throw it down my throat!")

Sun's working in the garden and hears something rustling in the jungle. You can totally tell it's just Vincent though by the way the foliage is moving. He runs out to Sun and then quickly runs away. A sudden downpour starts. Just as suddenly, Sun is restrained, hooded, and abducted. On the beach, Kate and Sawyer hear Sun's cries and run to find her knocked out with her hands tied. Sawyer sends Kate after Jack and returns Sun to the beach. Jack arrives to take care of her and gets the story from Kate. Ana-Lucia declares, "They’re back."

The rain's stopped. Ana-Lucia wants to go after Sun's attackers, but Locke vetoes the idea. They plan instead to wait for Sun to wake up so they can find out what happened. Everyone's sort of surprised about the attack since Zeke promised them an uneasy truce. Sawyer and Kate try to follow the trail the attackers took. Sawyer thinks something's fishy. They find a hood, but Sawyer says it's not just like the one the Others used on Kate. "It’s all in the details," he says. He suspects Ana-Lucia's trying to scare people into joining the army.

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("Damn. I was so sexy, my nose done gone and broke.")

Flashback- Sawyer's showing his lady friend how to set up a junk jewelry con. "It's all in the details," he tells her. He tries to sell some fake gold jewelry at a gas station and Cassidy offers to buy some. Then everybody else at the gas station does, too.

Back on the island, Kate wants to know how well Jack knows Ana-Lucia. Ana tells Jack some more people want to sign up. Jack asks her where she was that morning and she gets indignant. Claire comes to tell him that Sun's awake, thereby saving him from having to answer Ana-Lucia. Sun tells Jack what happened. She knows about as much as we do. Jin is understandably upset and Sun tries to calm him down. "Gun," he says repeatedly in English. Kate suddenly realizes that it's all a setup by Ana, trying to get her hands on the guns. Kate wants Sawyer to warn Locke that they're coming for the guns.

Sawyer warns Locke about the posse coming after the guns. Sawyer admits to telling Locke just to piss off Jack. He suggests that Locke change the combination. Locke asks for his help in moving the guns, wanting Sawyer to man the station while he stashes the guns.

Flashback- Sawyer orders a meal in a diner. Some guy- his partner Gordy, it turns out- joins him. Sawyer tells his Gordy he's not going to get the money from Cassidy. He threatens Sawyer and Cassidy if Sawyer doesn't get the money.

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("The books beat me at ping-pong again, Sawyer.")

In the hatch, the beeping's started, and Sawyer's taking his sweet ass time entering the numbers. Jack and Jin show up. Sawyer feigns ignorance about Locke's whereabouts. Jack finds the armory empty. Sawyer feigns ignorance about that too, then tosses the confiscated pills at Jack. Jin stops Jack from going after Sawyer. Man, he always knows the right thing to say. I mean, it's almost always in Korean, but it seems to do the trick.

On the beach, Locke is merrily tending a fire. He refuses to tell Jack where the guns are, claiming he was about to violate their agreement. Locke claims guilt for teaching Michael how to shoot. Jack's yelling for Locke to give him two guns when shots ring out. Sawyer reveals that he has the guns now. He got the ups on both Jack and Locke. He's more than a little pissed that they swiped his stash while he was gone. Sawyer says he's done taking orders. From now on, anyone who wants guns is going to have to come to him. "I'll die before I give 'em back and then you'll really be screwed, won't you?" he says. He declares that there's a new sheriff in town, and they best get used to it.

Flashback- Sawyer returns home to Cassidy. He directs her attention to Gordy, waiting in a car outside. He reveals that she was the long con. Sawyer claims that he does care about Cassidy and that Gordy's going to kill them if he doesn't get the money. He tells her to wait for him at a motel and tells her he loves her.

Back on the beach, Sawyer's cleaning one of his guns. Kate wants to know how Sawyer pulled it off. He won't tell her. Kate's mad that Sawyer used her in his con and wants to know if he had anything to do with Sun. Kate armchair-therapies that Sawyer did all this because he wants people to hate him. He claims he did it because "a tiger don't change his stripes."

Hurley's reading a mystery manuscript he found. Sayid brings him the radio, which he fixed, but tells him not to expect anything. They receive Rousseau's signal, and then something that sounds like old-timey radio commercials. Then period music starts playing very clearly. Hurley's impressed by the strength of the signal but Sayid warns that it could be coming from anywhere. "Or anytime," Hurley kids.

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(Thinking about what Jin's going to do to him, Charlie silently whizzes in his shorts.)

In the jungle, Sawyer offers Charlie one of the statues as a reward for his help. Charlie refuses it; he just wanted Locke to look and feel like a fool. He asks Sawyer not to tell Sun about the part he played in their con. He wants to know how Sawyer even came up with the idea.

Flashback- Sawyer goes out to the car, which is empty, and waits for Cassidy to leave. He counts to mark time and then goes in after the money. He wistfully looks at a picture of him and Cassidy before placing it face-down.

On the island, he tells Charlie he's not a good person and never did a good thing in his life. I think we all know at least the latter part isn't true- when he told Jack about his dad comes to mind- but for some reason I hesitate to think that Kate might have him pegged.

Good recap, random person. CDP, make with the numbers!

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(This represents the number of lines that Eko had in this episode.)


4. First off, did anyone see that coming? I sure didn't. Sawyer and Charlie make a strange team. Sawyer’s firmly in control of his lackey now, because he has the drugs and the goods that would get Charlie slaughtered by Jin. Even though he's been a real jerk lately, I didn’t see this coming from Charlie. Don’t you think there was an easier way to get back at Locke, than to set up something so elaborate and tricky? Nonetheless, Sawyer is right where he wants to be again, a hated man, just like in season one.

When we first saw the clip of Jack taking Sawyer's pain pills, it reminded me of Locke taking Charlie's stash. I realized that those two have a lot in common. They're both outcasts, they're both stashing contraband, neither of them are to be trusted at all, they're both full of intense self-loathing, and they both committed revenge murders in the past. Come to think of it, why didn't we see this coming? Charlie has crossed the line now, and will probably never be trusted by anyone again should his secret get out. On a personal note, nobody attacks Sun and stays on my good list. Totally and completely unnecessary.

I didn’t realize how sick of the Jack/Lock power stuggle I was until I saw that Sawyer had conned them both. In a way, I was happy about it, because I honestly think he’s the best person to give the guns to (besides Sayid). He’s not going to just hand them out, and he doesn’t care if people hate him. Also remember that he was none too happy about seeing Kate getting threatened by Zeke, so maybe he’s doing this so he can be in the fray when they start hunting the Others. You can’t train an army without ammunition. He said it himself, ‘there’s a new sheriff in town.’ How cool was that?

8. On the mythology front, something’s going on with Vincent. He’s always around before something weird or bad happens. It’s been speculated in the past that he’s the special one, and not Walt, and this could mean that he's working as a mole for the others (seriously?). I also like the artificial downpour that shows up out of nowhere all the time. Clearly not Mother Nature’s doing. It must also be noted that Michael might be working for the Others now, perhaps striking a deal to get Walt back.

15. A lot of people were speculating about the ending of the flashback. My take is that Sawyer conned them both, end of story.

The episode ran parallel with the flashback. Everything Sawyer had ever done has been to con everybody but himself. He capitalized on the Charlie/Locke quarrel by using Charlie to take Sun to further tarnish Locke's reputation. In doing so, he set Charlie up for a long con, meaning a hard fall to soon follow (his secret being found out). This worked right along with Sawyer wanting to get back at Jack, and the fact that Locke and Jack were at each other's throats; it was like an equation that fell into place for Sawyer. Knowing that Charlie had previously been outed by the group, Sawyer knew this was the answer to getting what he wanted. It was brilliantly calculated.

16. It’s interesting that Charlie didn’t want the drugs, and didn’t take them from Sawyer, either. We also found out why Locke didn’t break the statues when he put the drugs in the vault. That is, if you believe him. Frankly, I think that Locke might keep them around in case he needs to jerk around Charlie again in the future.

23. Easter Eggs Ahoy! Here are just a few things you didn't know about this episode:

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("Damn it, why can't I ever find the Torture Channel?")

A) The song that Sayid and Hurley hear on the short wave is "Moonlight Serenade" by Glen Miller, a 1940's WWII era classic. Glenn Miller’s plane went missing during WWII.

Furthermore, I love the solitude and lonliness of the scenes where they try to contact the outside world. It adds to the mythology and theme of the show, and it's also terribly creepy. I hope they keep listening to it, just to see what they can pick up.

B) By the way, some nerd found out that the call letters named on the shortwave radio were WXR, which were the call leters used for Coast Guard Radio in Kodiak, Alaska in 1945. Did you just get the chills? I did. Make your own assumptions on that one. The WWII connections are too much to ignore, and now the idea that a WWII-era station is being beamed to the island is a bit too much for me to consider right now.

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(It's becoming painfully obvious that Locke can't really read.)

C) We see Locke handling the book, An Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge, by Ambrose Bierce. You may know that Ambrose disappeared under mysterious circumstances and was never located. The book is about a man who survives a hanging, only to realize that...well, check it out for yourself.

D) Kate's mother (Diane) is waiting on Sawyer at the diner during his meeting with Gordy. Have I mentioned that Pulp Fiction is my favorite movie of all time? That scene reminded me a lot of it, for some reason.

E) The name of the Construction Company Michael worked for showed up briefly during the flashback scenes. I didn't see it myself, and I'd rather not search for it right now.

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("The Joe Estevez story.")

F) 'Bad Twin,' the manuscript Hurley found in the wreckage, was written by Gary Troup, who died in the plane crash. This manuscript will actually be released as a book, which is a TV first.

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("Why is this episode rated TV-14 for violence? AAAUGHHH!!!")

42. Next week's episode (#14-'One of Them') was written by Damon Lindleof and Carlton Cuse, so you know it's going to freaking rule. If you saw the previews, you see the hatch clock hitting zero (again), Rousseau showing up with a (supposed) captured Other, and Sayid getting down to some torturing business to get much-needed information. This will be a Sayid-centric episode, and it also looks like Jack and Locke are going to have another serious spat. Seriously, it looks amazing.

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("Well, it beats watching Invasion.")

Still no word on the Aronofsky-directed episode. I'll keep my eyes peeled.

So, there you have it. As always, here's the CDP library of Lost Fridays for your archival pleasure. Sorted chronologically for your protection and mine. Thanks for stopping in this week. E-mail me at, or sound off in the comments section. Later.


I think it'll be interesting to see who Analucia cozies up to... She's obviously after the guns first and foremost. Maybe she's already in on this with Sawyer? It wouldn't surprise me if she'd been keeping all her bases covered all along. She seems a little too submissive compared to how she grabbed the power early on.

Also, there's still at least one gun left that Sawyer has no control of, the one(s) Michael took with him. And whatever Desmond took with him. And Rousseau. More than I thought when I started this paragraph. So there are a few guns, they could have their own little civil war amidst the crash survivors.

I was almost crying from laughing so hard at last night's Office, particularly the short film Michael made. "A Michael Scott Joint"
Ana Lucia and Jack seem to be getting closer, but I wouldn't put it past her to already have a side plan in action, in case their army doesn't work 'oot.

Oh yes, there are a ton of guns all over the island. Michael has at least one, Rousseau has a few, Desmond took at least one, and Zeke has a whole canvas bag full of them. Remember when the Marshall had a gun, and we all thought it was the only one on the island? Those were the good old days.

Earl was tremendously funny; I really like how they explored the fact that karma really IS making him complete this list. It's not in his head or anything. I laughed for the entire last 5 minutes, when he was all stung up.

The So many great jokes last night. Conan O'Brien's cameo was hilarious, Michael 'showing around' the camera crew in NYC was also really funny. You can tell that they just put Steve Carrell out there and let him ad-lib a lot of it.

The scrapbook film was just brilliant. A documentary in the middle of a fake documentary. 'A Michael Scott Joint' (written in Comic Sans font) made me laugh, but the 'Great Scott' production company thing made me completely lose it. I was laughing through the commercials.
Great Scott! ... I was trying to remember what that was, that's what sent me over the edge last night.

"There's a guy pooping in a cardboard box down there."

I also laughed out loud when Bob Vance signed his Valentine to Phyllis, "Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration."

And when Ryan pulls his hair and says, "I hooked up with Kelly... on February 13th."

Back to Lost... Actually I don't know what to say, I just hate to take over all the Lost Friday comment sections with Office quotes (even though I love it). I think they're in a space ship that got caught in a time warp, and then crashed on a giant meteor. And it was all planned by the gov't.
No, Lost Friday is a good chance to recap anything good that was on TV this week, especially Earl/Office. Sure, I put a lot of work into them and the captions are hilarious, but we don't need to talk about it. The mutual appreciation and respect is implied.

For goodness sake, don't forget that Arrested Development's swan song is tonight. I can't wait to see what they're going to do.

I second the 'Bob Vance,' 'Pooping in a cardboard box' and 'February 13' jokes. Let us not forget, however, Dwight's bobblehead of himself. His pure joy upon opening it was great.
Ahh, that's right, how could I forget. I'll be TIVOing it, as The Listener is doing a hometown show in Siloam Springs AR tonight.
I like the stuff I've heard from The Listener. True 'dat.

I'm ashamed to say it myself, but I'll probably be watching the Olympics tonight anyways, with AD getting TiVo'ed. See, this is why the show's getting cancelled.
Walker told me AD has AIDS.
And there's no cure.

I hate this! AD is one of the best comedies EVER, and FOX is all but taking it behind the shed and shooting it between the eyes.

I guess I'm not so mad at FOX as I am the general public. It's really a direct representation of what's wrong with America as a whole.
I was glad to see a better episode from Lost. I was quite worried that the Charlie-centric episode would be "Jump-the-Shark" moment.

As for The Office..

Probbly my favorite episode this season. So much substance. So many little things that were downright hilarious.

A Michael Scott Joint
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Yeah, Lost hasn't jumped the shark yet. 'Fire + Water' was a lull, but they came roaring back with really strong writing on Wednesday.

Next week's episode looks nuts, then they're going to air the PILOT episode as a rerun on 02/22. Weird. I wonder why?

The Office was really in prime form last night. During the film, when he says, 'life moves a little slower in Scranton', then they show a clip of Phyllis, I was losing it. Conan's cameo was great. Here's Michael going on about Tina Fey, and Conan swaggers across the screen without so much as a mention. He's my hero.

I also liked how Michael's favorite NYC pizza place was Sbarro.
"That thing is bigger than me"

"No it's not"

Lost was awesome, it was the car crash you never saw coming! Totally made up for Fire + Water
I think there was an important clue in Sawyer's flashback. He was setting that woman up for six months! This man is devious. he has patience. I would not want to play chess with him.
They have only been on the island what 45 days? I think we have not seen the last of Sawyer's deception. It is possible that he may have collaborated with The Others early on. Maybe through Ethan. So far he has been present for every encounter. Even going on the raft may have been part of it. Yeah he got shot, but it's in the details remember. I think Sawyer went after Michael with Jin not to find Michael, but to make sure Michael didn't find anything out. Might be a little far fetched, but we now know Sawyer has the capability to think VERY long term.
Yeah, Sawyer's no fool. I don't think I'll be underestimating his intelligence again.

Throughout the entire episode, you kept thinking that someone was going to get the drop on Sawyer and screw him over, but he just emerges from everything firmly in charge once again.

They've been on the island for a little over 50 days, I believe.
I had a dream last night that was like a real-life version of Resident Evil 4.

An old zombie woman lurched her way up the steps of an old house towards me, and I bashed her skull with a sledgehammer.

This is the first time I've remembered a dream since the whole loud neighbor thing started. It's good to be back.
The one with the lumberjack and pitchfork was better.
Oh yeah, that was actually quite similar. Murder dreams are crazy.

Is that normal?

To be fair, I did murder an old woman just before going to bed, so that's probably what did it.
There is too a cure for AIDS... a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick to the face. The FDA warns that side effects include death.
Chuck Norris' tears can cure AIDS. Too bad he's never cried.

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