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Lost Friday - "Dave."

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Season Two - Episode 18 - "Dave."

Another Lost Friday is upon us. We have much to discuss.

I'm not going to lie to you. I expected a little more out of this episode. True, we learned a few important things, as well as a good groundwork for what lies ahead, but there was room for so much more. I'm sick of groundwork; I want actual ground. I won't dwell on the negatives though; as Lost's worst work is still some of the best on TV (with the exception of 'Still Standing'; that show's hilarious!). With less than a handful of episodes left this season, here's hoping they spill a lot of information in a little amount of time, or I'll spend all summer in the fetal position on my couch. Well, I'll probably do that anyway, but I'd at least like to be happy while I did it.

Hurley episodes are always a bit depressing, mainly because he's such a likable character and we don't want anything bad to happen to him. The reasons over why he was committed were answered on Wednesday, along with how he managed to 'cure' himself. This week's focus was more on backstory than anything, and this late in the season, I guess I'll take what I can get. If anything, this allowed us to understand most of Hurley's past, and why he feels like keeping secrets from time to time. Let's get to it.

'The Skinny,' Courtesy of Wikipedia:

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(Rated TV-14 for excessive sweat stains.)

The episode opens up on Hurley and Libby, running along a nondescript section of the beach, and it is all too apparent that this exercise was Libby's idea, an attempt to help the self-conscious Hurley become healthier. Unconvinced of his own self-worth, Hurley admits to Libby that he has a secret, and takes her inland to show her his hidden stash of the food bearing the Dharma Initiative logo. She convinces him to get rid of it, and Hurley says that he finally feels free.

As the two share an intimate moment, Jin and Sun followed by a few others rush by, speaking of a discovery. Hurley and Libby soon follow to find a large group of the survivors around a huge crate filled with food. The assumption made is that it was dropped overnight. Fighting soon breaks out, and to quell the aggression, Charlie suggests Hurley split up the food again. As he panics and refuses vehemently, Libby suggests that everyone can be trusted to take only what they need, earning Sawyer's ridicule with her optimism. The group apparently resolves to Libby's suggestion, and there is no further incident. Hurley does not go after the food, however, and instead goes out into the jungle, chasing after someone he saw that no one else had noticed -- a bald man in a bathrobe, who flees into the jungle. Hurley loses sight of the man, finding nothing but a slipper.

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("Look Jin, a set of wicked Matchbox cars! Kick ass!")

The flashback begins with Hurley in a psychiatrist's office, speaking to a Dr. Brooks (played by Bruce Davison) about his mother, his diet, and why he is in the hospital in the first place. An "accident" is mentioned, but Hurley expresses desire to avoid speaking of it. Changing the subject, the doctor asks of a friend of Hurley's, Dave (Evan Handler), whom he feels is having a negative influence on his progress. The scene shifts suddenly to a basketball game in a gymnasium where the same bald man from earlier is trying unsuccessfully to get someone to pass him the ball. He trash-talks the other patients, but they do not respond. As the man, whom we learn is the titular Dave, and Hurley talk, Hurley mentions what Dr. Brooks said about him. His response is to try and demonize the doctor in Hurley's mind. He ends up convincing Hurley to join him and go (presumably over-) eat tacos in the cafeteria.

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(When experimenting in S&M, be sure to always have a safe word. Mine is 'muffins.')

Back on the island, Sayid and Ana-Lucia interrogate the man we know as "Henry Gale," who we find once again tied up in the interrogation room. When asked about the leader of the Others, the bearded man, Henry at first repeats his denial of being one of the Others at all. His explanation is that he was a part of the rescue team and found Henry Gale dead, hanging from a balloon, and buried him out of common human decency. Sayid proves this false by reading a message that the real Henry Gale wrote to his wife, Jenny, on a twenty-dollar bill that was found in his wallet -- he would have never gotten to write this message if he was really found dead. Exposed, our impostor Henry lets it slip that he knows the bearded man that Ana-Lucia spoke of, saying that, "He is nothing." Sayid loses his patience and says he'll count to three, and then shoot "Henry" if he doesn't answer the question, and it is apparent that Sayid fully intends to make good on his threat. With the gun aimed at his head, Sayid pulls the trigger. Luckily for Henry, Ana-Lucia pulled Sayid's arm away at the last second; the bullet harmlessly hits the ceiling. In another room but within earshot, a bedridden Locke shouts and asks about the gunshot. An irritated Jack goes to investigate, telling John that he can handle it on his own, and ends up leaving the interrogation room with Sayid. Henry tries to thank Ana-Lucia, who is the last to leave, but she interrupts, telling him to "shut up."

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(Say what you want about DHARMA, they sure know what's tasty.)

Leonard is playing Connect 4 with Hurley back in the hospital, with Dave being as flippant as ever. Hurley is munching on celery, but Dave exhorts Hurley to steal one of Leonard's graham crackers. Dave reasons, "What's he gonna do? Call you a '23'?" (In reference to the infamous numbers that Leonard is repeating). Hurley quickly snatches one and eats it. The nurse comes by with his medicine, and Hurley hastily thanks the nurse for it. Before he can down it, Dave tries to tell Hurley about his plan to escape. He tells Hurley that the medicine is just meant to keep him under control, so that he doesn't escape. Dr. Brooks comes by with a camera and asks to take a picture of the two for a bulletin board. They give a pose, and as Dr. Brooks leaves, Hurley pretends to take the medicine, but shows Dave that he hasn't really swallowed it.

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("I'm a complete and total fabrication of your subconscious! ROCK!")

On the island, Charlie offers Mr. Eko to help build some sort of mystery structure. Hurley, in the meantime is still chasing Dave through the jungle. At a clearing, Hurley finds a box of DHARMA "Fish Crackers" (which bear a resemblence to Goldfish crackers), and begins gorging on them. Dave appears, and Hurley tries to reassure himself, saying Dave isn't actually here. Dave simply responds by picking up a coconut and hitting Hurley in the stomach with it. Dave then runs off and Hurley gives chase. Hurley follows him onto the beach, where Charlie and Eko are working. Of course, neither of the two saw a man in a bathrobe walk by, so Hurley goes to see Sawyer about getting some of the medicine he was taking in the hospital. After some further inquiry, and no lies, Sawyer pokes fun at Hurley's hallucinations. Finally, Hurley snaps and jumps on Sawyer, getting several good hits in on him while screaming all the names Sawyer has called him. Jin and Sun hear this commotion, but Jin gets some enjoyment at seeing Sawyer getting beat up, and lets about a minute pass before pulling Hurley off Sawyer. As Hurley walks away, Sawyer says "You're crazy," and Hurley scowls back, "I'm not crazy." Jack, Kate, and Libby, among others, begin to get understandably curious about what provoked Hurley into his violent actions.

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(When men have tickle fights, it's clearly less sexy than women.)

We continue our examination of Hurley along with Dr. Brooks. Through some fairly difficult conversations, it is revealed that Hurley feels his weight is a major source of his problems, including the "accident". Though the specifics are not revealed, we learn that Hurley walked onto an overloaded deck, one built for 8, but that was carrying 23 people, and it collapsed. As a result, 2 people died and Hurley went into a catatonic state for a while. When he snapped out of it, he was racked with guilt, but Dr. Brooks has been desperately trying to convince him that it wasn't his fault or the fault of his obesity. He tells Hurley to stop talking to Dave, reminding him again of his negativity. Hurley retorts that Dave is the only one who really cares about what Hurley feels. Dr. Brooks finally caves in and shows Hurley something "that might upset" him. It is the picture taken earlier - with no Dave in it. Dave is a figment of Hurley's imagination, created to distract Hurley from the difficult task of losing the weight he really wants to lose.

Meanwhile, Jack and Kate are treating Locke's wound. Jack determines that there is a hairline fracture and that Locke should stay off of it for a few weeks. This is obviously upsetting to Locke. When Jack begins to suggest the use of the wheelchair found in the wreckage, Locke immediately refuses. He does reluctantly accept to use some crutches. Elsewhere, Hurley is upset about the trouble he has caused for everyone, and announces his intentions to move to the now empty caves, so that he can become that "crazy island guy who lives alone, with long hair, who doesn't wear clothes, and throws doo-doo at anyone who comes near him". He is determined, so nobody stops him, though Libby is disappointed he is leaving. On the way there, Hurley drops his backpack full of peanut butter and begins to eat it straight off the ground. Dave materializes in front of Hurley, only for the show to cut back to the hospital.

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(That picture looks suspiciously familiar. No joke, just an observation. There's poop jokes on the way, I promise.)

It is nighttime, and Dave has snuck into Hurley's room, ready to break out. Hurley tells Dave that he is not real, mentioning the photograph Dr. Brooks showed him. Dave rolls his eyes and mentions something about photoshop and Kinko's, which is enough to persuade Hurley to escape. They sneak down the stairs and Dave points out some unfinished lasagna and says Hurley should grab "one for the road", so Hurley takes it and begins to eat while they go. They get to a locked window, but Dave says Hurley took the keys of Dr. Brooks' desk earlier and they're in his pocket. Hurley does have the keys in his pocket and he unlocks and opens the window. Dave goes out the window, but Hurley doesn't follow. He tells Dave he isn't real and shuts the window.

Back on the island, Hurley and Dave start to talk. Hurley still believes that Dave is fake, but Dave says "things are going to get worse before they get better." Dave tells Hurley that everything that has happened since the night of the escape attempt has been a fantasy. After the night Dave escaped, Hurley had gone back into a catatonic state, and he has imagined everything; winning the lottery, the island, the hatch, the people, even being let out of the hospital. Hurley doesn't believe it at first, mentioning that he won the lottery. Dave asks him what numbers he played, and Hurley hesistantly replies that he used Leonard's numbers. Dave then points out that Hurley has seen them on the island, specifically on the hatch and as the code for the button. Dave also mentions the fact that Hurley hasn't dropped any weight in two months on a deserted island. Hurley tries to explain about his stash, which he and Libby destroyed, and Dave retorts that even Libby is made up, because it wouldn't make sense for Hurley to have such an attractive, skinny, blonde girl attracted to Hurley. Hurley seems to start believing Dave. As Dave leads Hurley somewhere, Dave explains that the Dave who jumped out the window was real, but the Dave with Hurley now is just made up by the part of Hurley's subconcious that wants to wake up. They come up to a cliff, and Dave says the way out of this catatonic state is to tell his mind it's not real by jumping off the cliff. He then deminstrates by jumping off himself, falling far down into the ocean.

In the hatch, Locke demands Ana-Lucia to let him talk to "Henry". Locke is let in, and asks Henry what his real name is, to which Henry replies that everyone should keep calling him Henry, because he's gotten used to it. Locke is puzzled as to whether Henry inteded to be caught or not, saying that the Others should know the island well enough to avoid one of Danielle's traps. Locke begins to say something like "God only knows how long you all have been on this island". Henry stops him, saying "God doesn't know how long we've been here, God can't see the island anymore than humans can see the island". Locke asks if the Others wanted to know the location of the hatch, and that is why he let himself be captured. Henry belittles Locke, divulging to him that the hatch is insignificant. He never entered the numbers into the computer and never pushed the button. He let the timer run down to 0, and saw red hieroglyphs appear, only to be replaced a short time later by "108" again. Nothing happened at all. Locke doesn't believe Henry.

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Back at the cliff, Hurley is contemplating whether or not to believe Dave. Libby comes up and is worried about Hurley, saying Jin saw Hurley running off this way. Hurley, who thinks Libby is made up, tries to call her out, saying Jin can't speak English, but Libby counters that Sun was there to translate. Hurley tells her that none of this is real, that even she is made up, as the part of his mind that doesn't want to wake up. Libby asks him about the man who broke his leg on the other side of the island, and points out that Hurley doesn't know because it happened to her, not him. She tells him to stop saying it's all made up, because she buried a lot of people, and that was real, along with her, and the way she feels about Hurley. They stand together for a moment, and finally kiss. She tells him that was real too, and Hurley says "Maybe we better do it again...just in case", and they both laugh and walk away from the cliff. Libby tells Hurley she knows he can change.

We cut back to the hospital on the day that Dr. Brooks took the picture of Hurley and "Dave". As the shot pans around the room from Hurley and the empty chair, we see another patient being given her medication. The patient is actually Libby with brunette hair, staring at Hurley.


Thanks, Wikipedia. You always know just what to say. It's a good thing, too, because I'm feeling mighty lazy today. Fortunately(?), there's not all that much to get into this week. When you drop something like the almighty Hatch Map a week ago, you can get away with fluff the next time around. Numbers, ahoy!

'The Numbers:'

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(Eating enough celery will turn you invisible. Remember that, kids.)

4. If you didn't realize that 'Dave' was a figment of Hurley's imagination the second you saw him, then you need to be paying closer attention. Anyone who's seen 'A Beautiful Mind' or its many rip-offs over the last 5 years saw this coming from a mile away. Normally, Lost embraces the art of the subtle hint, but in this case, they were laying the 'he's fake!' clue on a bit thick.

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("Rated TV-14 for excessive Shaft-like characteristics.")

8. What is Eko building? I still think it's a church, but I thought Charlie's ribbing was humorous. The castaways are starting to ask more questions about things, which is always a good sign. I don't necessarily like that the audience is so far ahead of the castaways when it comes to understanding what's going on. Once they start to unravel things, most of us nerds will be impatient to the cause.

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("This island is one big salad, and I'm digging in!")

15. Again with the ranch dressing abuse! Mark my words, the Lost writers are doing this on purpose as a direct jab at those of us who freaked out about it the first time. This is the third time we've seen a gallon of ranch dressing get wasted, and that's just what we've seen on camera. There could be literally hundreds of gallons of delicious dressing getting slaughtered on a daily basis. That all being said, why in the hell does DHARMA think their subjects need so much of it? I love ranch, but a gallon would last me for at least the next 5 or 6 lockdowns.

DHARMA makes a ton of food; way more stuff than they would ever need. Imitation Oreos? Goldfish? Who's making all this stuff?

16. Libby in the psych ward. Didn't see that one coming. Well, maybe.

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(Maybe Libby is a figment of Libby's imagination. Still with me?)

What does it all mean? Well, for one, it means that Libby's a liar. Either she was a nut who figured out what was wrong with herself and made a change in her life, or she's still a nut and is stalking Hurley for one reason or another. A Libby flashback episode will be just what we need to see why she was on the plane in the first place. Remember in the hatch, when Libby remarked that Hurley stepped on her foot when he got onto the plane? Most of us figured out that couldn't have happened, due to Libby being seated in the tail section. What else is she keeping from him?

Sheesh, and after all the crap she gave Hurley about trust. Leave it to a skinny blonde girl to play a big guy and break his heart. He'll be crushed, but so will she.

23. Hurley's backstory is pretty much complete at this point. We found out about his overeating, we found out why he had to be committed, we found out about 'Dave' and we found out how he got better. We didn't advance too far this week with island mythology and whatnot, but it did a lot as far as the Hurley mystery was concerned.

42. Just what is Henry up to? Do you really think he didn't press the button? He's starting to confuse me a bit, because he knows things he shouldn't, and doesn't know things he should. We could just chalk this all up to lying on his part, but he said some things that were really interesting. He better be careful, because Sayid's just itching to blow his head off.

We know that whoever he's working for (or is horribly enslaved by) is a bad dude. He's the same guy that Zeke was scared of in 'Maternity Leave.' By the way, Henry said that Zeke was 'nothing,' and called the hatch a 'joke.' Clearly, this isn't someone who's looking out for the security of the hatch or any of its experiments. In fact, it would appear as if he knew nothing about the truth behind the button until after he refused to push it. That doesn't sound like something a DHARMA worker would say.

By the way, how in the world would Henry know what a giant electromagnet sounds like? That made no sense, so I'm thinking he was fibbing Locke at the time. Something's up.

Just before Sayid was going to cap him, he yelled 'I'm a good person!' Taking the nature of the Others into consideration, could it be possible that Henry is an Alex-type prisoner? What I mean is, could Henry have been someone kidnapped by the Others at an earlier age and raised to follow their teachings and experiments? I think we'll figure out more about it next week, because the castaways are prepping to make a trade.

'The Preview:'

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(You stay trapped in the armory too long, you turn to wax. Henry found out the hard way.)

Next week's NEW episode is titled "S.O.S." and appears to be Bernard/Rose-centric. The official description from ABC reads:

"Rose is surprisingly and vehemently opposed to Bernard's plan to create an S.O.S. signal; romantic sparks are rekindled between Jack and Kate when they trek into the jungle to propose a trade with the Others; and Locke begins to question his faith in the island."

Jack and company are crossing the 'line' with Henry in tow, in order to attempt to trade him for Walt. I don't know what Henry does to allow himself to be put on the auction block like that, but something tells me he's going to start answering questions. The castaways wouldn't attempt a trade if they didn't think he was worth trading.

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("Damn you David Barr Yaffe! Damn you to hell!")

Sick of all the reruns messing up the flow? Producer Damon Lindelof feels the same way, and had this to say about the scheduling in season 3:

"We're lobbying ABC for when the show is on, it's on, and when it's off, it's off. So, we want to air it in three acts next year. You know, blocks of seven, seven and eight. But in order to do that, we have to roll the show out in October instead of September, and hopefully that will work out."

That, my friends, is a great idea.

Thus concludes another Lost Friday. Thanks for stopping by for another week; start the conspiracy in the comments section, and send any hate mail to As always, here are links to every Lost Friday that ever was, inaccurate predictions and all:


I was freaked out when they panned around and showed Libby in the psych ward, I guess I should have seen it coming when they made the deal about how she seemed familiar to Hurley. I think she's scamming after his cash.
Slow but good episode! I guess they want to give us a breather before starting the build up for the season finale.

Sawyer showed at least some moral fibre: he could've spilled all info on Hurley's med request to Kate. But instead he settled with muttering "the man is crazy". (Which is almost like saying something kind in Sawyerish right?)
Paste, even though I had a suspicion we'd see Libby in the ward, I must say that I was a bit freaked out when they gave us the big reveal. All of a sudden, nothing she says makes sense anymore. It's possible she's after him for his cash, which would lead to another emotional breakdown in the future if he ever finds out.

I know what it's like; people only like me for my money.

The countdown to the season finale is 5 episodes and counting! They had better get down to business starting next wednesday.

You're right, Sawyer could have told Kate what was up about Hurley, but surprisingly shut up about it. It was nice of him, although he might use it as another blackmail tactic in the future.
Just because she was a patient doesn't mean that she wasn't a psychiatrist. Perhaps she was in there because dealing with her patients caused her to have a mental breakdown.

It's possible...

"We feel that this batch of currently running episodes, through 19, is kind of the calm before the storm," Lindelof told E! Online TV columnist Kristin Veitch. "And then episodes 20 through 24, those final five hours of the show, we're all overwhelmingly excited about because there is a lot of incident and action and mystery revelation coming down the pike. We're really, really jazzed about that final pot of episodes."
I don't have the slightest clue about Libby's backstory, I just know she's not being honest. The writers really have complete control over what they want her character to be, as they can pretty much send her backstory anywhere they want.
I'm surprised that on one is talking about Dave's prosthetic arm....
Moe, your Vitale drinking game is the funniest thing I've read all day. I cannot stand that man and his big-boy Duke crush.

Dave had a prosthetic? Hey, waaaait a minute...
If Dave has a prosthetic arm, Hurly has imagined the best one ever made. Look at the screen cap of the two taking the picture. Dave is clearly able to control his hands.

It's the miracle of modern science!

Or it could just be an arm.
Interesting theory that Libby still could have been a psychologist, but I still think that's probably not the case. My guess she's been in and out of mental hospitals so much that she knows how to talk like a doctor, she's been treated so much that she knows how to give the treatment. That's just my prediction, though. Also, I think she's from the future, like how they thought Bruce Willis was insane in 12 Monkeys. In fact, they will just show clips of 12 Monkeys for Libby's backstory. That's just my prediction, though.
I don't think Libby is after hurley's money. hurley was in the in the nuthouse before he won the lottery. (and yes I will call it a nuthouse because apparently they aren't allowed to wear anything but pajamas and bathrobes. That's nuts!) Libby is definatley focused on Hurley and I wouldn't be surprised if she wasn't responsible for some of the "bad" things that happen to him. The last Hurley episode ended with him wanting to find out if a girl was his friend before she knew about the money. What happened to her? I think Libby is involved somehow, it wasn't a coincidence she was on the same plane.

Henry remains the creepiest character I have ever seen. I don't believe what he told Locke about the button. Everything he has said has been a lie. He never changes his story until proven false by one of detective Sayyid's peices of evidence. (Where does he get those? It's so crazy!)

Ona final note. I think Sayyid might take Sawyer up on his offer to run his MiniMart. Only Sayyid could call it Torture Mart.
Severed finger anyone?

If possible, rewatch the final 15-20 minutes of the episode and tell me that ISN'T a prosthetic. They focused on his hand (and only his hand) when he offered to pick Hurley up from the ground. Then, as they were walking to the cliff, his arm never moved. Check it out. :)

If possible, rewatch the final 15-20 minutes of the episode and tell me that ISN'T a prosthetic. They focused on his hand (and only his hand) when he offered to pick Hurley up from the ground. Then, as they were walking to the cliff, his arm never moved. Check it out. :)
I'll re-watch the scene, Moe, regardless of if you're messing with me or not. Why would they give an inaginary character a fake arm?

I don't think Libby's after Hurley's money, but she might be after Hurley. I agree with Paste in that she's been around doctors for so long that she just decided that's what she wanted to pretend she was. I'm not sure of her motives, but I'd give a dollar and some change to anyone who can tell me why she was on the plane.

I also think I'll be interjecting some trademarked Paste theories into the next Lost Friday. I think I'd actually prefer the show if those theories started coming true. A friend at work keeps telling me that the whole series is a dream in someone's head, and I told them that the second I see Patrick Duffy pop up on the island, it's over for me.

Henry=Liar. Fantastic actor, though.

You're right, BluStaCon, Sayid's got this guy's number pegged. He has more evidence against him than Rodney King had against the LAPD.
I'm starting to like the way Hanso Foundation conducts research. Maybe that's what is missing in research studies today. Not enough FEAR in the scientists. Think of the beak throughs we could accomplish if the researchers lived in mortal peril.
I'll rewatch the episode, but I don't see a fake arm I'm going to cry myself to sleep at night. I'm just warning you.
When I was a freshman in high school, I did a speech about how they should take scientists who are working on AIDS research and infect them.

My theory was that they weren't being properly motivated, and would probably produce two different AIDS cures in a week once infected themselves.

I was given an F and sternly lectured, even though I was half-kidding. People weren't ready for my cutting-edge AIDS humor back then, and I can't really see why.

The moral of the story is, know your audience. Also, DHARMA is on the right track with this fear-driven work ethic.

Hanso told me I have AIDS.
If it isn't a fake arm, please include me in your suicide letter...that's all I ask.

As for why there could be a fake arm on the island, but not in the flashback? I don't know, but, let's not forget that Dr. Candle had a prosthetic arm as did the old man who sold-out Kate.

Take it for what it's worth...
Okay Moe, just re-watched the last 20 minutes. I'd put $100 on it NOT being a fake arm. No way. Not a chance. However, I know what you're saying.

That scene in question where Dave reaches out to pull up Hurley is really strangely edited, but I don't think it's to draw attention to the fact that the arm is fake. In all honesty, I think that the cut to the shot of Dave's arm was actually a cut to Dave's stand-in, which is why it seemed so off.

I watched all of the Dave flashback scenes, and he uses both arms to flail around, scratch his forehead and move his fingers. The 'reaching' scene looks weird, but it's due to poor editing and a stand-in that had larger hands than Dave.

Watch it again and tell me what you think. If you still think I'm wrong, let me know why. If Dave's got a fake arm, I totally want to know. Good eye, by the way. I didn't even notice a problem with that scene until you pointed it out to me.
Furthermore, if you tried to pick Hurley up with a fake arm, you'd tear it right off. He would have used his real arm to hoist him up, not the fake one.
I'm just trying to wrap my brain around this. How did Dave lead Hurly directly to a cliff that Hurly doesn't seem to recognize?
Beats me, I don't think we're supposed to realize that. Or maybe Hurley DID recognize the cliff, but was just surprised when he realized why he was there.
It's probably just a goof-up by the writers.
Damn writers! They should spend less time on how to work ranch dressing into a scene and more time on which cliffs Hurley is surprised by.
I remember freshman year at Winneconne... in Speech class, I once gave my opening line, stared at the wall for 10 seconds, and said "F this" and sat back down.

I got a D in the class, theoretically only so she wouldn't have to deal with me the next semester.

I rewatched the scene.


I'm an idiot. I guess I won't be watching Lost @ 11:30pm on 2 hours of sleep again...

My apologies, all.
No need to apologize, Moe. If I had a nickel for every inaccurate prediction I made, I'd be eating nickel soup.

RJ, my freshman speech VHS tape has been copied and circulated around the high school like a viral video. They're probably still passing that damn thing around.

I offended everyone, got in trouble and kept asses in seats, and the teacher had to pass me because she thought it was hilarious and the class kept voting me 'best speaker.' It was my crowning achievement.
So I just had a very early morning prediction come to mind about Lost, related to Eko and whatever he is building.

As has been guessed here, I think he's building a church... The additional thought I had about that is that churches (Catholic in particular) are often considered places of sanctuary for political dissidents and others seeking refuge from persecution. So my prediction is that we will see Eko taking in an Other who would be done harm by the crash survivors, either Henry Gale or someone else, depending on how this whole trade thing works out.

The fact that I've typed this means that none of this will happen, not even close.

Perhaps Locke will help Henry escape to the church before he can get traded away. Probably not, just thought about that and wanted to toss that out there. I feel pretty confident about my sanctuary theory, though. It'd be an interesting way to work Eko back into the plot and add some conflict.
You might be right about Eko becoming a source of conflict, perhaps next season. He is a changed man, and probably will be opposed to the castaways' more bloodthirsty methods of getting what they want. Perhaps he'll conflict with Sayid and Jack more than anyone?

The general theory is that he's building a church. I bet some of the more agnostic castaways will wonder if he could have spent his time a little more resourcefully. Then Eko will saw them in half.
To further ensure that none of the following occurs, I'll think out loud.

If the church thing follows through, then Eko will try to re-convert Charlie by reminding him that helped build it, and that makes him feel good. Eko might even try to make him his little alter boy.

If Charles goes with it, Claire will eventually start to see Charlie as a good person again. Old feelings will start to be rekindled.

The whole church building exercise, of course, would lead to an Eko flashback of how his gangster connections eventually lead to destruction of his brothers church, which eventually leads on a world-wide scavenger hunt for his brother.

Jack will think the whole thing is silly, but like with Hurly's golf course, will realize that people need more than food and shelter.

Okay, I think we're cliche-safe for a while.
In non-Lost related news...

The wrestling midget I know is going to be on WWE RAW tomorrow night. I haven't watched that in years, but will if a friend of mine is on it. He's just got a little skit, but that's still pretty cool.
Decent theory, B. Concerning Eko, you never really know with that guy. It could be a place where the castaways confess their sins, which might actually be a huge deal concerning why they're on the island.

Wrestling midget on WWE raw. I'm shaking my head right now, but I might actually watch it.
He will be crushed, and so will she."


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