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Lost (Good) Friday - "S.O.S."

Lost Friday.
Season Two - Episode 19 - "S.O.S."

Another Lost Friday is upon us. We have much to discuss.

Well, now we're getting somewhere. This was one of the few episodes where more things were answered than questioned (unheard of!). People spoke up when they had something to say, secrets were shared and characters acted like the characters we've come to know (blasphemy!). It was a strong episode that perfectly ushered us into two weeks of reruns (one rerun and one clip show), with a cliffhanger that will essentially bug the hell out of us until May 3.

Speaking of bugging the hell out of me, here's The Skinny, courtesy of Wikipedia, the best non CDP page on the web:

("If there's not a prize in this cereal, I'm through with brand loyalty.")

In the flashback, Bernard and Rose meet for the first time when he helps her get her car unstuck from the snow. As he is about to leave, Rose stops him and asks if he would like to have coffee with her. Five months later, while the two are at Niagara Falls, Bernard proposes to Rose. Rose tells him that she is terminally ill and only has a few months to live, but Bernard wants to marry her anyway. Bernard brings Rose to Australia for their honeymoon, but reveals that he was taking her to a faith healer named Isaac. Rose reluctantly agrees to meet with Isaac.

Another shameless plug for Oceanic.
("Heyyyy...wasn't that Rose; the black woman from the island?")

Isaac says that there are points of energy in the world, and his home is on top of one. He channels that power and heals people with it. However, Isaac tells Rose that he cannot cure her because the magnetic spot in Australia is not reacting to her, but she might react to one of the other spots out in the world. Rose decides to tell Bernard that she has been cured so he won't spend the remainder of their time together making other attempts to save her life. At the airport, Rose drops one of her pills, but a wheelchair-bound Locke picks it up for her, revealing that Rose is aware of Locke recovering the use of his legs.

Bernard and the extras.
("Okay, listen up! WHO IN THE HELL ARE YOU PEOPLE!?")

On the island, Bernard is frustrated with the growing complacency of the islanders. He attempts to marshal a group of people, some of whom he does not know the names of, in order to build a sign so airplanes and photography satellites know there are people on the island.

Draw a happy little hatch.
(Of course, he had to write over the top of my favorite french poem.)

Meanwhile, in the hatch, Locke is attempting to redraw the map he saw from memory. He ignores the blaring timer on the counter, but enters the code and presses the button when Jack asks. Jack then tells "Henry Gale" that he is going to go find the Others and propose a trade for Walt. "Henry" says the Others will never hand Walt back over.

How do you say 'jerk' in Korean?
("Screw you, Bernard. I'm going to go and sleep with my insanely hot wife.")

Bernard, with his task force assembled, tries to corral them into following his commands for building the sign. Rose undermines his efforts when she claims that building such a sign will only endow the survivors with false hope. Bernard, crushed, attempts to get the project underway regardless. He does so belligerently, and gradually his supporters drift away.

I'm Matthew Fox, so no funny stuff.
("If you don't start talking soon, I'll put peanut butter in your pants and send Vincent in here. Same deal if you do start talking, but I'll send in Kate instead.")

In the hatch, Locke, goes over to the gun closet to talk to "Henry Gale", who has stopped speaking, eating and drinking. Locke bangs on the door and asks if Henry really did not push the button during the lockdown. "Henry" does not answer, sitting quietly and grinning smugly to himself.

What child won't want one?
(This takes me back; playing with horrifyingly battered dolls on a deserted island.)

On the island, Rose and Locke are talking and Rose hints that both of them have benefited from the island's healing power. Rose goes to Bernard and admits she had lied to him about being healed in Australia, but she says she has now been healed on the island. She fears that if she leaves the island, her illness will return and she will die. Bernard tells her that he will stay on the island with her and abandons his project. Meanwhile, Locke returns to the Hatch and begins to redraw the blastdoor map.

Can I borrow a cup of shirt?
("Jesus, look at the size of that stool!")

Jack plans to contact the Others and exchange "Henry" for Walt. Jack and Kate head out to the location of their previous confrontation. En route, they are briefly captured in one of Rousseau's traps but free themselves. Kate reveals the existence of the medical hatch to Jack and tells him she had withheld the information from him because he hadn't told her about "Henry." When they arrive at the site, Jack calls out for the Others but gets no apparent response. They camp at the site and as they are talking, they see somebody coming at them from the woods. It is Michael.

I'm Mike D, and I'm back from the dead.
(Even in a delirious haze, he still has the energy to scream 'WALT!')


There you be. I want to draw attention to Bernard's quote to Eko, "I liked you better when you just hit people with your stick." I plan on using that quote as often and as inappropriately as possible.

"Hey CDP, did you get those performance evaluations I sent you? Your job depends on it."

"You know, boss, I liked you better when you just hit people with your stick."

Try to come up with the worst possible situations to use that line; it's fun! Way more fun than...

The Numbers:

Oh my God, I live in Australia.
("I sense a tonsilectomy in your future.")

4 - When Issac was trying to cure Rose, he had a reaction much like the one that Claire's psychic had with her. Keep in mind that both these people are in Australia, so they may have a connection to each other, or DHARMA in general. The evil on the island is strong, and can be sensed by these folks who are sensitive to energy.

Issac told Rose that the magnetic energy by his home allowed him to harness it for healing powers, but this particular energy wasn't working on Rose. Of course, the strong electromagnetic energy from the Swan hatch is working just fine on Rose, as it had worked for Locke, too. Rose is the only person on the island that we know of who knows the truth about Locke being formerly paralyzed.

Sandcastle contest winners, two years running.
(Once you go Locke, you'll never go back.)

8 - Remember last season, when Locke and Boone were searching for the beechcraft? Perhaps Locke was getting too far away from the hatch and its electromagnetic field, causing his legs to atrophy again.

With Henry planted firmly inside Locke's head, John started to lose faith in the hatch and went outside. When Rose reminded him what the hatch had done for him, he seemed to have his faith temporarily restored, as he went back in and started sketching the map he saw on the blast door.

I prefer pre-torn shirts.
("Please don't make me kill you inside this church, cuz' I will.")

15 - As it turns out, Eko IS building a church, much to Bernard's amazement. Eko's comment about 'people being saved in different ways' made a lot of sense, especially to someone with a backstory like Eko's. The underlying themes of redemption and salvation take on a physical location and form with this church. In helping Eko build the church, Charlie is trying to redeem himself for the mistakes he's made on and off the island, and we'll see more people using the church as a sanctuary in this regard.

16 - Vincent showed up out of nowhere during the episode, which was a sure-fire sign that either Walt or Michael was coming back. That dog brings nothing but bad news wherever it goes. It's sort of like the Dick Cheney of the island, only Vincent has never shot someone in the face.

This is John Locke, taking your requests until 9pm!
(Locke falls for the old 'tie a board to your leg while you sleep' gag.)

23 - Here's a quick theory about the lockdown. Perhaps the lockdown happens to protect the plane making the food drop. Think about it. Everything that comes near this island crashes into it, and it probably has something to do with the electromagnetic field. When the lockdown happens, the hatchlings are given a few minutes warning (as evidenced on the intercom, although it seemed to be broken) so they can get to where they need to be (hatch clock, etc.). The blast doors protect the rest of the island from the magnetic field long enough for the plane to make the drop without error. Because of altitude and whatnot, it would be possible for the plane to make the drop without being seen or heard, especially if it's some sort of military-style jet. Feel free to add any supporting or detracting theories to this one. It seems to be the most logical theory I've heard thus far about the lockdown, if one can measure these things.

Is that a knife in your pocket?
(A vase...or two faces?)

42 - What in the hell was Jack thinking, going into the jungle like that? What was he expecting to do? It seemed ridiculous that he really thought the Others would show up and play ball because they wanted Henry back. Judging by Henry's quote ('They'll never give you Walt'), not only does he know who Walt is, but he's pretty important to them; Henry's not.

Personally, after that close encounter with Kate in the net, I would have just cut my losses and made a beeline back to the hatch with her for some alone time in the Dharma shower. Just me, though. In fact, I'll make the prediction here and now that someone's going to be hitting the hay with Kate before the season's over.

The Preview (Spoilers ahoy!):

("I've gone completely insane; purple monkey dishwasher.")

Here's the previews for every remaining episode of the season. Don't try to take it all in at once, you'll only appear foolish.

Episode 19.5 - "Lost: Reckoning" - April 26 - (Multiple flashbacks)

Much like the recap we had to start off the season, Lost: Reckoning will bring everyone up to speed with what's been happening this year, and steer us in the direction of what will be important factors for the last few episodes of season two. True, it's another clip show, but would you rather watch Invasion? I rest my case.

What I see every morning.
(She'd look a lot more gangsta' if she cocked the gun to the side a little. Just saying.)

Episode 20 - "Two For The Road" - May 3 - (Ana Lucia-centric)

Jack and Kate bring an exhausted Michael back to the camp, and with him, news about the Others. Meanwhile, Ana Lucia attempts to get the prisoner to confess, and Hurley plans a surprise date for Libby.

I was surprised when I heard this was an Ana episode, which is leading me to think that she might not make it to the end of the season. We know there will be at least one more death this year, and this might be it. Also, during the previews, we see Henry fighting with her, which can't be a good thing. Michael's flashback episode will arrive later on.

Episode 21 - "?" - May 10 - (Either Locke or Eko-centric)

Here are some hints as to what's going to happen this week, courtesy of the producers of the show:

Turns out that supercool black-light reveal is a major plot point that carries on through the rest of the season. "Oh yeah, big time," Damon Lindleof said. "I mean, it plays huge in the finale, and even in episodes 20 through 22. Twenty-one is an episode that is very much on the sort of fundamental axis of that map, and it's a Locke and Eko story, which is going to be awesome. Carlton Cuse and I wrote it. That episode is just called '?' because that is the symbol Locke remembers from the map."

Recovering from his injury, Locke joins Eko on a search for the location marked by a "?" on the mysterious map. Their discovery reveals a startling secret about the island and the purpose of the hatch.

Henry Gale, with kung-fu grip!
(When you're a cop and a bound man can take you out, you may want to consider switching careers.)

Episode 22 - "Three Minutes" - May 17 - (Michael-centric)

This will be the big Michael episode we've been waiting for. We will find out everything that happened to him during his time on the run, and maybe even see the return of Walt. Here's a blurb from some gossip column:

Michael will be getting a flashback episode on May 17, during which we'll learn what, um, Others stuff he's been up to these last couple of months. Whatever it is he's been doing, I understand we'll meet a very different Michael than the one we left. Walt will also be back, and yes, he'll still be played by Malcolm David Kelley. I'm also hearing that the episode contains a great scene between Jack and Sawyer.

Also, with Locke and Eko away, Jack is left in charge of the hatch and must decide if he should believe Henry and not push the button and risk everyone's safety.

Episode 23 - Title Unknown - May 24 - (2 hour season finale)

So far, not much is known about the season finale, but I've been told that the reasons surrounding why and how Oceanic 815 crashed will be revealed. It also appears as if the castaways will mount up and attempt to overthrow the Dharma Initiative. More info as the big date gets closer.

As always, here are the links to every Lost Friday so far this season. Use them to catch up on whatever needs catching up. They could make you so much happier, if only you'd let them into your heart.


You're going to pay for that "purple monkey dishwasher" comment.

So I was talking to a guy last night that suspects that the island healed Jin and that's why Sun was able to get pregnant. I still think it might be more sordid than that, but I hadn't thought about that angle.
It's very possible. Yeah, there could be a chance that Sun (or Jin) isn't being totally honest, but if the island can cure a paralysis, it can cure sterilization.

That's one of the strangest comments ever, if I may say so. Purple monkey dishwasher.
I was excited right from the opening credits when I saw Wayne Pygram's name. I was a little disappointed to see him as the faith healer. It means he won't be a recurring character.
You never know; he might be in cahoots with DHARMA or Claire's psychic. Just speculating wildly here, but that's what I'm good at. I'm also good at breakdancing on the patio.

I don't know who this Wayne Pygram is; accomplished actor, I presume?
He was Scorpius on Farscape One of the best.
Well, now I get the reference. All is right with the world once again.

I want a Desmond flahsback episode right away at the start of season three. Just saying.
Things are all starting to click now... which only means we're all wrong... except about the church...

It took all season, but I sense that Locke has found a little bit of the Yoda he ditched a while back, which is all good.

It crossed my mind that Michael might be a villian at this point. It was rather convenient how it all went down. I mean, he ran out into the middle of nowhere and collapsed in the exact place Kate and Jack were waiting. He might have made a deal: he draws them into the trap and exchange, he gets his son back.

It would be quite a thrill to have the survivors go off on two quests like last season. One group is trying to find the '?' and the other group tries to fight the Others.

It would be very Lord of the Ring-ish
You're right about Locke; I hope he recaptures that philosophical mystery we saw in season one. When he goes off with Eko, I think it will return in spades. They'll be operating at a plane of existance to high we won't be able to understand a thing they're saying.

I also like the idea of venturing out and getting to the bottom of things, again like season one. Some of my favorite episodes are the ones where they go on a hike and something awful happens.

You might be right about Michael. He'll do anything to get his kid back, and setting up the castaways wouldn't be beyond him. Once we see his flashback episode, we'll know his intentions.
'Existance,' not 'existance.'
I just realized something about Lost and real know how all the philosophical-type character sometimes speak in little riddles, metaphors, and life riddle? (i.e. Locke, Rose, Eko) Who really DOES that in real life? (without demanding recognition for their cleverness, anyway?) These character always throw out these deep, philosophical sentiments and never even seem to mind that no one is even acknowleging . That would majorly piss me off, just sayin'.
I meant "life lessons", not "life riddle." I have no idea what "life riddle" means. I don't even know why I'm bothering to correct myself, because upon rereading my previous comment no one is even going to know what the heck I'm talking about anyway.

Today is not a good day for coherent communication.
I was just about to delete my whole philosophy rant because it makes absolutely no sense, but am going to leave it up because it is so "riddled" with spelling and grammatical errors that it is unintentionally the funniest thing I've written in quite a while. I believe it actually rivals in the number of errors many of Ben's posts.
Wow, that was funny. The comment in itself was a life riddle.

Life riddles exist, though. For example, how do you lose socks in the dryer? Someday, I'll stumble upon a secret room behind the dryer that's brimming with old socks.

I know what you're saying, though. You're remarking that the more philosophical castaways may think they're all that and a bag of chips. I think the writers just give these lines to the characters to verbally represent the philosophy and vagueness of the island.

Or, they're jerks. Take your pick.
The thing about Locke's legs is that when they went out to the Black Rock, they didn't act up. When he went up into the mountains to smack Sayid on the head, they didn't act up. In fact, when he took Sayid out to the plane after smaking him on the head, they didn't act up.

Some how, I don't think it's a distance thing.
Good call, B. You're right.

It's a shame too, because I really wanted to put a (sort of) logical explanation to it. Back to the drawing board.

I guess the question is, what was Locke doing when his legs started failing that he's not doing now?
If I remember correctly, Locke was at a crossroads about the island's true nature. It ended with him coming to terms with it and taking Boone as his "disciple".
Much like Eko has done the same with Charlie. Locke has some soul-searching to do, and when the "?" episode airs, we should get down to the bottom of it. Maybe even get some more Locke or Eko backstory.

You know what they really need on the island? A pool table.
Or a suggestion box.
Ya know the Missus might be onto something with the "deep philosophical sentiments". In normal reality if someone threw out one of the hundreds of vague I know and you will too if you see the deeper meaning in my irritatingly non-descript answers. They might get a slap upside the head.

"Hey, where did all this imported poultry come from?"

"I bought it online"

"This could be contaminated with bird flu!!"

"Don't worry Bernard, I know. Trust me, I know"


Exactly! That's what I was getting at. Just took a few "life riddles" to get there in the end.
Hey! Did anyone notice that the faith healer had a prosthetic arm!?!?!

Okay, that was a joke. My apologies...
He totally did. I saw it.

Funny you should mention that, because during the scene where Rose and Bernard show up at Issac's place, the farmer who took Kate in for a while made a cameo, steel arm and all.
The midget was told by the bigwigs that his segment would be on RAW tonight. So hopefully it gets aired this week.

Not sure I'll be watching, there's a Sabres game on at 7 that requires my attention. I'll be at Joe's, doing shots every time they score.

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