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Lost Friday - "Live Together, Die Alone."

Live Together, Die Alone.
Season Two - Episode 23/24: "Live Together, Die Alone."

The final Lost Friday is upon us. We have much to discuss.

For the 2-hour finale, Lost attempted to deliver the goods while maintaining plenty of mystery for Season Three. What resulted was a mind-blowing (albeit scattershot) closing of the book on a lot of unresolved issues, evolving into an episode that stood unique from anything else they have ever done. For one, this was the first episode through the eyes of someone who was not on Oceanic Flight 815. Also, this was the first episode to feature a real-time scene with characters off of the island.

Make no mistake, this episode was different. There was a lot they needed to squeeze into this episode, so no moment was wasted, and perhaps came off a tad rushed. That all being said, most every promise was kept and fans were left satisfied and wanting more. ("You've been great, I'm outta here!")

For this Lost Friday, I wanted to cover all of the big questions and answers from the finale. I'm doing away with The Skinny (and photos) this week because nobody reads either, it's cumbersome and poorly-written, people think the captions suck and I'm drunk. Away we go.

ANSWER: Oceanic 815 crashed on September 22, 2004.

This is the first time the exact date had been verified on the show. For awhile, people had speculated that this was taking place in the distant past or future, and the producers did nothing to quell the rumors. As of the season finale, they have been on the island for about 65 days, putting them at around November 26, 2004. By these standards, we should get a Christmas episode as the season three finale, and Sun will have her baby in season nine.

QUESTION: Who's dead?

True to form, we were left to ponder many things over the summer. Most importantly, the fates of Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Locke, Eko & Desmond are up in the air (even Jin, Sun & Sayid might be in danger). After finding out that Michael wouldn't be a regular character, many people (including myself) speculated that he would die on Wednesday. Not the case. In my opinion, none of these main characters (including Desmond) will be dead, but they won't be in great shape, either. I believe that the Others will take Jack, Kate and Sawyer back to their fancy compound, and grill them thoroughly, perhaps even batter-dip them.

ANSWER: We know why the plane crashed.

The Others didn't select these people to end up on the island. The castaways didn't end up there because of their past shortcomings and conflicts. They were not placed there for any logical reason. Desmond simply bashed Kelvin's head on a rock, forgot to push the button and the magnetic energy sucked Flight 815 from the sky. Whoops-a-daisy.

As it were, the Swan hatch really is important. Because of a leak in the electromagnetic field, pressure needs to be released every 108 minutes to avoid another 'incident' (which I think we finally saw). What exactly happened is a mystery for now, but they certainly weren't acting as rats at a feeder. The work being done in the hatch was big enough to effect people in remote parts of the globe, and cause a devastation large enough to be noticed. Which reminds me...

ANSWER: They're not dead.

They're not dead. They're not in purgatory. They're alive. They exist on the planet, and so does the island. They are somewhere on the globe, living in the present day, and what they do has effected someone else on the planet at least once. Oh, they're not on Atlantis, either. However...

QUESTION: What's with the statue?

This episode had a faint parallel with the Odyssey, and the giant statue wasn't the least subtle of the bunch. For starters, Desmond's love interest is named Penelope, which was the name of Odysseus' wife. If you recall, Penelope waited over 20 years for Odysseus to return from, you guessed it, circumnavigating the world. The letter she wrote to him also strongly eluded to the epic.

The statue might actually be remnants of an ancient, advanced civilization, or perhaps the Others are constructing this thing. Why it has four toes is beyond me. Maybe they really like The Simpsons.

QUESTION: What happened to the hatch?

The hatch seemingly vaporized after Desmond hit the fail safe, but there must be some sort of logical explanation, right? After all, Henry wanted Locke to stop pushing the button. Why would an Other want something like that to happen on the island, seemingly ruining their experiment and exposing their ongoings to the rest of the world? When the sky turned violet, Henry seemed relieved in what had happened. So, what had happened?

Consider the following. Now that the electromagnetic hatch has been (arguably) destroyed, who's to stop people from finding the island? Normally, the waves would scramble the compasses and signals, but it would appear to be wide open for the taking at this point. Also, the escape directions given to Michael might be flawed now that the magnet's not working.

I've wasted my life.

QUESTION: Is Henry in charge?

It would seem that way. Certainly, Zeke (Tom) is not. I still believe that they all answer to 'Him,' although Henry might call the shots on the island. And why not? He's quite the imposing figure, and his voice doesn't sound the least bit gay.

ANSWER: We found the light!

I really enjoyed all the 'callbacks' to the season 1 finale and the first episode of season 2. From Desmond greeting Jack with "you?" to using dynamite to blow the hatch open again, they really wrapped the season in a nice package and crammed it down our throats. They mentioned Dr. Arzt again, and quite strikingly, showed the simultaneous breakdowns of Locke and Desmond, each restoring their faith in the other without even knowing it. That was eerie. I had to take a moment to reflect.

QUESTION: What's up with the Widmores?

The two biggest mentions of Widmore up until this episode was the fact that Michael probably worked construction for them, and Sun used one of their pregnancy tests. The online assumption is that Widmore was commissioned to build these hatches on the island back in the day. Widmore seems like a guy that would know Hanso, and also, Sun's dad's company might be in on the action as well.

Penelope knows that her dad is evil, and used his money to try to find Desmond again. Hence the arctic couple that were monitoring the electromagnetic activities all over the globe. How she figured this all out will make for an amazing episode next season. I think this will be the start of flashback episodes concerning people off of the island.

QUESTION: How did Kelvin get there?

Well, how did he? Will we ever know? In one episode, he's an American CIA agent teaching Sayid how to torture. The next episode, he's painting the blast doors with laundry detergent.

He made Desmond believe that the outside was infected as a way to get him to take his place after he escaped. I did the same thing with my wife to get her to marry me. Worked like a charm!

ANSWER: The Pearl station was the real experiment.

Seeing that mound of tubes was genuinely depressing to me. I got to thinking about all the notebooks, concentrating and time spent doing something you think is noble, only to find out it's been a massive waste of your life. Trust me, every time I post something here, I feel the same way.

Also, it was great to see Sayid whip open the once-heavily guarded Hatch door to find nothing. Something tells me that the Others are merely an acting troupe that got thrown overboard from the Carnival Cruise Ship they were performing on.

QUESTION: Michael and Walt just get to leave the island?

That's it? Considering how important Walt was to the Others, I'm quite surprised they let him go, and gave him a boat at that. Did the Others get everything they needed out of Walt? Will Walt ever get a flashback episode? If Michael gets rescued, will he really tell anyone what happened to him?


QUESTION: Is Dave 'Dave?'

You want a Libby/Hurley connection? Here's one for you:

Libby's dead husband was named Dave; the very name of the imaginary guy Hurley would hang out with at the psych ward. Remember how Libby was looking at Hurley when he had his picture taken with 'Dave?' Perhaps this is the same guy, and Libby was following Hurley as a means to understand. They wouldn't have put so much emphasis on his name if it wasn't important. I'm just saying is all.

ANSWER: The castaways know how to escape.

Well, sort of. Henry told Michael the best way off the island (if he's telling the truth, and if the directions still work after the Hatch destruction), and Jack, Kate and Sawyer heard it. Assuming those three people aren't executed, and assuming that Sayid didn't crash Desmond's sailboat, they could technically make a break for it out there. With this hope for rescue, along with the fact that the island is starting to make some global noise, the castaways will be more driven than ever to escape.

Besides, if they don't come home within a month, they're going to miss Christmas, and that's going to suck.

QUESTION: Are the Others 'the good guys?'

They've kidnapped children. They've killed people. They were planning on taking Aaron and leaving Claire to die. They shot darts at people, presumably with feces or some other undesirable coating the tip. So, are they really good people?

Perhaps, in their own mind. Look, what they're doing on that side of the island seems like important and time-consuming work, but they might be getting a tad self-absorbed. Show me a guy wearing a fake beard, and I'll show you someone who's not being honest. I really like when Henry asked Tom where his beard was, and Tom said "I think they know."

ANSWER: Desmond and Henry are coming back as regulars.

Desmond's not dead; we still need him around for flashback material. Also, we will see a lot more of the Others next season, especially considering that they have three castaways (including many children and Cindy) held hostage. Their motives will start to come more into focus in season three, and we'll get a slew of new characters out of the deal.

ANSWER: The Season Two DVD comes out on October 3, 2006.

I'm waiting in line at Best Buy as we speak. Remember that next season will be split up into two 'acts,' the first running 7 episodes and the second running the remaining 17. In between, Lost will take what appears to be a three-month hiatus over the winter to make room for lesser programming.

That's unacceptable, but it's the price we have to pay for a rerun-free season. I'm down with that.

ANSWER: This is my last Lost Friday ever.

I doubt this will break any hearts, but I'm retiring from the Lost game for good starting today. As I've said about a billion times in the past, the CDP is not a Lost page, and I see no reason to complain unless I actually do something about it. It's essentially my favorite show and I'll probably never shut up about it, but I'm done doing the weekly recaps and whatnot. Too much work, especially when I could be writing about something I'm more fond of. Like myself.

If you're one of the people who checks out my page just for Lost, I hope that you decide to stick around and give my other ramblings a chance. Thank you so much for all your e-mails and positive comments about Lost Friday; I didn't expect that, and was pleasantly surprised every week. You rock much harder than I. Thanks for a great season.

And with that, I won't talk about television until mid-September. Starting June 5, the CDP starts yet another chapter in its evolution. Expect constant, rerun-free material this summer, including the triumphant debut of GRILLED CHEESE WISCONSIN (for more info about Grilled Cheese Wisconsin, stay tuned).

I'm going on vacation next week, because I totally deserve it. Sound off in the comments section, and send all fan/hate mail to Thanks again for checking out Lost Friday all season, here are links to damn near every one of them. Peace.


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I will dearly miss Lost Fridays. No one ever covered the show with the same ass-smackery as you have. I am sure, however, that you will have billions of ways to make us laugh in the future.

That being said, it was serendipidous. I, too, am ditching 'Idol' In Three Words Or Less. Instead, I've got something even more gimmicky for next season.
Thanks, B; I appreciate it. When it comes to Lost, I want to be remembered as their biggest fan, yet the one who pummeled them and their fans the most. It's the only way I know.
Dude YOU CAN"T STOP WRITING ABOUT LOST. Take a break. You deserve it.

I look forward to your insightful rambling (almost) as much as the show itself. I am so addicted to the show. Your site is almost group therapy to help me deal with my addiction.

The idea of quitting is just the mad musings of a tired soul.

The Show? It definitely Rocked ! You didn’t comment on Charlie being weird at the end. Why didn’t he go back to look for Locke, Desmond and new buddy Ecko ? Nah, he just decides to sit down and mack with Claire – HUH ?
"The idea of quitting is just the mad musings of a tired soul." might have a point there (it's been a long season). I'll make a deal with you. I promise to give it at least a second thought as Season Three rolls around.

If I think I can still pull it off and maintain my Kubrick-ian sense of direction, superior detail and wit, I may change my mind. I doubt it, but I'll stay open to the idea.

I was going to say something about Charlie's behavior, but it sort of got lost in the shuffle. He was acting sinister for most of the episode, and I have no idea why. I know he was trying to stick it to Locke any way he could, but that pretty much it.

Perhaps he didn't go back for Locke and Eko because he was mad at them? He felt betrayed because Eko stopped building the church, and didn't like Locke for stealing his thunder in "Fire + Water."

Or maybe he's found more smack. Judging by all the stuff Dharma makes, it's only a matter of time before Dharma-issued Class II drugs start popping up.
You have to keep writing about Lost, it's the only way I really understand it. I think the boat the Michael and Walt are on will blow up in the first episode next season.

Vacation...again? That's the best thing about working for the government.
I'm just taking a vacation from the CDP next week; I only have Monday off of work. Starting Monday, June 5, The Summer Of The CDP officially begins!

I'm a shameless self-promoter; but I'm in the entertainment business.

If that boat blows up, I will laugh for the entire episode.
For GCW we should go to the restaurant across the street from my house. They serve an amazing grilled cheese and it comes with tomato soup and french fries.
I suspect that the Others on the Island were a part of Tobias' singing and dancing troupe from his club 'Tobias is Queen Mary'. Perhaps their goal is to turn everyone's life around through the power of entertainment.

I hope you continue to write about LOST because if you don't, that's just more work for me. You tie the whole thing up in a nice, efficient, witty package. BTW - the pictures were my favorite! The best was 'Man of faith, Man of ass-kicking'. Good times.
Grilled cheese, tomato soup and french fries is the vegetarian meal of the Gods. It literally gets no better than that, unless we start to venture into pasta territory.

Milwaukee's the biggest city in Wisconsin, though, and my main schtick was to go to some of the smallest towns in the state. That doesn't mean we won't do Milwaukee (I'd love to), but it might have to be saved for a season finale or something.

I also want to be able to interview people on the street without getting mugged. Maybe I'll just interview you and Ben every place we go, and have you dress up like different locals each time. That would rule.
'Man of faith, Man of ass-kicking.'

I said that? That's pretty funny.

You know, I made a joke at work today about wearing cut-off jean shorts, and I got all sad about Arrested Development. I wonder when Season Three comes out on DVD.
I thought the goal was to go to local "mom'n'pop" type places to get grilled cheese. I didn't know it had to be small-town as well. Milwaukee's big, but there's a ton of little restaurants and cafes like that here. I'm sure it's similar in Madison.

Having me and Ben dress up like locals would be funny. That should be the last resort if we can't get anything good out of the locals.

Are you going to be doing this as a podcast?
My initial plan was to really make the show about the small towns themselves, and the gimmick would be to eat a grilled cheese in the local mom-n-pop. Speaking strictly under logical filming standards, we're not going to be able to roll much tape inside of a restaurant.

My goal is to make each one about 5 minutes long, and throw it online to be viewed from my page (via YouTube, Photobucket or Google Video). Of course, this could all backfire and be scrapped 10 minutes in, we'll have to see.

If things DO go well the first time or to, we can see what we can do to expand our horizions, so to speak. Also, I can act like a jackass on camera anywhere on the globe, so there's limitless possibilities.
17 Days Until VACATION!!! I'm going to poop my pants!
So nice of you to pop in, Sherry. I thought you and Ben had my page blocked on your computer or something.
Hey, season 2 is out on my 22nd birthday!

Just sayin, is all...
I wonder why they're waiting so long to release the DVD. Obviously from your screen caps the other day they've got ti ready. I'm gonna need to catch up again before Season 3 starts...
As is the case with most DVD releases, I bet that date will change before the time comes. I still have no idea why they would release it so late in the year, especially considering that most fans want to watch Season 2 again before Season 3 starts.

Maybe, because of the new change in broadcasting Season 3, maybe it will start a little later in the year. I don't know for sure, but it would seem pretty silly to release the DVD's after the Season 3 premiere.
That would be really dumb. Releasing DVDs of a show like this is a great way for non-fans to get caught up in it so they can start watching when the new season starts. Of course I'm never going to accuse TV execs of knowing what the hell is going on.
Yes, even with the reruns over the summer, I'm still going to want to comb over that DVD before Season 3 starts. If people get into season 3 before the DVD is released, sales will plummet. It's just basic business.

It seems to me that if you give a network a really good thing, they will tinker with it until there's nothing left. If this happens with Lost, I will drive to Hollywood and start busting some heads.
I would guess the late release of the DVD would have to do with production. I bet they held off mass manufacture until the finale aired to keep it a surprize. If they jumped the gun and started producing it before the show ended there's a good chance someone would snag it and post it on the internet.
Great final episode!

They really tied up some loose ends in a reasonable fashion. Desmonds running away from the hatch into the jungle doesn't seem weird at all given the boat, his story and aims in life.

Charlie acted REALLY weird in the end though. Sloppy acting/writing or did something significant actually happen to him (like an encounter with smokey like the one Locke and Eko have had)?

Anyway, there's certainly a lot to build upon for the third season.

I'm becoming more and more convinced that all the masquerade from the Others is not just directed toward the survivors. The native people theory still fits I think. Remember the silent feet (and the dragged teddybear) Yin and Eko saw. The native factor could explain the statue too. Maybe the Others built it to make the natives think the area is sacred and thus stopping them from going there and unbearding their whole cover up story.

Ending the Lost friday series? Say it ain't true! Man, I really looked forward to you keeping it up throughout the series (with a generous option to step down to 50% coverage if the show is still running when you turn 65). So you see I was sort of hoping you'd be the never-retiring, Mats Sundin kind of guy for the post Lost blogosphere (but with witty writing instead of new teeth). Anyhow, your fine post Lost writing will be greatly missed.
BluStaCon, you might be right about the DVD. In that case, they need to get their rears in gear, and ship that baby out ASAP.

People keep reflecting on how Charlie was acting in the finale. Maybe he was just looking to pit Locke against Eko, as they both wronged him. Then again, Charlie was trying to warn Locke what was about to happen, but he didn't seem to upset about it when it was over. Maybe he felt now that they were dead and the A-squad was gone, he could assume leadership on the island.

Whatever the Others are doing still has a lot to do with Dharma, although the stations seem to be pretty much shut down. There's a good chance that they were former Dharma employees that revolted and started their own anti-society on the island. However, Dharma still keeps the island well-stocked with everything (Dharma wine? I tried to order that at the Olive Garden last night, and I got blow-darted in the neck).

Thanks for the kind words about Lost Friday. When the summer's over, I'll know what I want to do next season, but for now, I want to get as far away from it as possible. That being said, I'll be working harder than ever on the CDP in the upcoming months, trying out new things and whatnot. Leave it to me to ruin a good thing.
Sorry Ryan! Ben and I work so much that we only see each other for like 15 minutes a day on average. Stupid opposite schedules, but vacation is coming!

I want to try and get together real soon. When does Erin come home?
Erin's coming home in a couple weeks. If she doesn't decide to throw a party, I will. Either way, it's going to happen within a month, and it's going to rule.

I'll make sure this doesn't conflict with your trip, though. Although if Erin decides to throw something, the date's going to be up to her, I reckon.

Sorry about the conflicting schedules. At the very least, you two don't have to get sick of each other. Sometimes 15 minutes is a lot better than 18 hours.
I think Charlie's acting weird because he's finally sort of getting it together after realizing his previous mentors (Locke and Eko) didn't really have it together at all, and he's loving that. He's kicked the smack and Claire gave him a kiss, while the other two are busy fighting and letting the button drive them insane. Everything's coming up Milhouse.

I just watched a rerun of The Office yesterday, the one where Michael celebrates his birthday. He says something like, "I bet this never happens to Luke Perry," as he looks over at his James Dean poster. I laughed so hard, ikal.
One of the best parts of The Office is when Michael misinterprets a saying or confuses celebrities. Steve Carrell does it so believably it almost seems like a genuine mistake. Genius.

Norris = Old & Busted.
IKAL = New Hotness.
Like when he went to Sbarros for a New York Slice!
Great...last time I stepped away from the internet for 10 minutes, the Chuck Norris thing came out of nowhere to be popular, and now I step away again for 10 minutes and now I have no idea what "ikal" is. Someone help a n00b out? kthxbye
The CDP is always on the cutting edge of Interweb hotness.

Paste came up with the whole 'IPAL/IKAL' business, so you should probably ask him. It's a funny story, and he'll tell it better than me.

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