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Lost Friday - "Two For The Road."

Two For The Road.
Season Two - Episode 20 - "Two For The Road."

Another Lost Friday is upon us. We have much to discuss.

You know, when it comes to Lost, I do my homework. I lurk on the boards. I spoil myself silly. I send locks of hair to Terry O'Quinn in the hopes he'll fashion some sort of crude wig out of it and sport it at the Emmys. So, even though I had an inkling as to what was going down this week, I was still floored. When I say 'floored,' I mean 'left with soggy pants.'

Later on in the evening, whilst ringing myself out over the sink and trimming off generous portions of hair, I came to the realization that I might have a serious disorder. Quickly blaming the uneasy feeling on the three-pound bag of M&M's I ate earlier, I placed the hair (and pants) into an envelope, addressed it to ABC and had the best sleep of my life.

Make with the skinny!

The Skinny - Ripped from Wikipedia:

What Are You Doing In My Corpse Hatch?
(This is what happens when you go out drinking with Bernard.)

In flashbacks, Ana-Lucia is shown in the morgue, viewing the body of the man she has killed. Her mother, also present, begins asking questions, and her daughter gives a half-hearted alibi, knowing full well how patently guilty she looks. Her mother then offers her help, which Ana-Lucia declines; when she insists her daughter get help from somewhere, to respect her job, the younger officer quits.

I'll Have A Top Shelf and 7, Please.
("So, you like picking up drunk doctors in airport bars?")

Later, Ana-Lucia is shown working as an airport security officer. In the bar, she meets Christian Shephard, Jack's father. The two commiserate, and the older man offers her work as his bodyguard in Sydney. The two decide to adopt false names for their relationship. Ana-Lucia calls Christian "Tom" (a name shared by both Kate and Claire's boyfriends), while Christian calls her "Sarah" (the name of Jack's wife). In Sydney, they spend four days drinking, until Christian works up the nerve to visit a blonde woman in the suburbs in the middle of the night. A shouting match ensues; Christian tells the woman that he paid the mortgage on her house and has a right to see his daughter, which would effectively make his daughter Jack's half-sister. Ana-Lucia drags Christian away and they leave. Later, the two discuss what they are each running away from; Ana-Lucia tries to encourage Christian to return to the States, but he refuses and heads for a bar instead, bumping into Sawyer in the process.

How Many More Times With This Scene?
("Please don't air this scene again, I beg of you.")

Ana-Lucia goes to the airport, waiting in line with Jin, prior to boarding Oceanic flight 815. Jack is at the ticket counter, earnestly telling a woman about his need to get his father's body home as quickly as possible. Ana-Lucia overhears and calls her mother to confess the reason she went to Australia was to escape her, since she knew what she'd done; her mother asks her to come home.

On the island, Ana-Lucia is shown caring for Henry Gale. She asks him a question; when he whispers something, she leans in close, only to be attacked. Strangling her, he snarls, "You killed two of us." Locke sneaks up and knocks him unconscious with a crutch.

Judo Chop!
("This is for making me sit through Blue Crush!")

Jack and Kate bring Michael back to the hatch. Meanwhile, Hurley is asking Sayid about the radio; he hopes to impress Libby by imitating the hero of the movie Say Anything. Sayid advises a picnic instead, and tells him about the beach where he took Shannon. Hurley and Libby set out for the picnic, but Hurley gets lost, and they wind up back where they started. Libby suggests they have a picnic right there, but Hurley forgot to bring blankets or anything to drink. Libby says she'll get some blankets while Hurley goes to get some wine from Rose and Bernard; Hurley jokes that if he gets drunk, he'll remember where he knows her from; Libby's expression in reaction to his joke shows uneasiness.

Ana-Lucia approaches Sawyer to get a gun. He laughs at her, and she attacks him. After a struggle, he overpowers her, and she responds by seducing him. Afterwards, she informs him that if he tells anyone, she'll kill him.

Put The Kids To Bed.
(Sometimes, the jokes write themselves.)

In the hatch, Locke asks a now tied-up Henry why he attacked Ana-Lucia, but not him, when he was trapped under the blast door. Henry claims that his mission was to kidnap Locke, as he is one of the "good ones." But now that he's failed, either one of the survivors will kill him or his own people will, because their leader, while a great and brilliant man, is not forgiving.

Gather 'Round Now.

Michael tells the assembled onlookers that he's found the Others. There's 22 of them, living squalid lives in canvas tents. They have a hatch of their own, with two armed guards. He tells them that he will lead them back there. Jack and Locke discuss this, then decide it's time to get the guns from Sawyer. Kate accompanies them, leaving Michael and Ana-Lucia in the hatch. Sawyer is busy reading a manuscript, so Jack throws it into a fire, then points a gun at Sawyer, demanding to be taken to the guns. Sawyer reaches for his gun, but realizes that Ana-Lucia stole the gun after they had had sex. Locke suddenly realizes why she took Sawyer's gun, and informs Jack about Henry attacking Ana-Lucia.

Back in the hatch, Ana-Lucia gives Henry a knife and instructs him to free himself. He does, and she points a gun at him. Henry says that Goodwin described Ana-Lucia to the Others as simply misunderstood, and even vouched for her. He hints that when Goodwin attacked her, he was not intending to kill her.

I'll Give It Right Back.

Ana-Lucia is unable to kill Henry. Michael talks with her and she tells him about Henry, about how he tried to kill her, and how she couldn't bring herself to kill him. Michael offers to do the job for her, and she gives him the gun and the combination to the armory, where Henry is still held captive. Michael looks at the gun somberly, says, "I'm sorry," then shoots Ana-Lucia, apparently killing her. Libby walks in, carrying the blankets she had got for the picnic. Michael, startled, shoots Libby through the blankets, and she collapses. Michael then opens the door to Henry's cell. Henry stands and the two exchange meaningful glances. Michael deliberately shoots himself in the shoulder.

Now I Can Call It A Corpse Hatch And Have It Make Sense.
(It's officially a corpse hatch.)

Allow me to be the first one to say it; this minority-on-minority violence has to stop. African-Americans shooting Puerto Ricans? African-Americans shooting the criminally insane? African-Americans shooting themselves when there aren't any more minorities around? Not cool, buddy. I'm just glad that Jin and Sun weren't down there; we would have a bloodbath on our hands.

The Numbers:

4 - Have you checked out the new Hanso Foundation site yet? Better yet, give 1-877-HANSORG a call and see what you can gather. From what I can surmise, this is the first step in the North American version of the Lost Interactive Game. I'm not sure if this will directly reflect the show come season three, but it raises a lot of questions about what to expect next year. If you want the up-to-the-second updates on the Interactive Game, check out The Coconut Internet, which will hold your hand and lead you into the murky abyss.

(I'm far more insightful than you. Send me money for gas.)

8 - To be honest with you, I feel bad that Ana got capped like she did. I mean, she was trying to set things straight back on the homeland, and was on the cusp of becoming a good person on the island. According to the producers, her death was decided at the start of the season, and had absolutely nothing to do with what happened to her off-camera.

(Insert food-related joke here.)

Same with Libby. Poor Hurley will probably start hitting the fork again, and come next season he should be about 900 pounds. I wonder how they are going to resolve the 'What the hell is up with Libby?' stuff before the season's over. It would seem like she's not dead right now, but will die by the end of the next episode. It's a shame, too. I was just starting to hate her and everything.

Merely A flesh Wound.

15 - It would seem that Michael is doing one of two things. One, he's working for the Others in a futile attempt to get Walt back. Or two, he's tricking the castaways to get involved in a war with these people, presumably also to get Walt back. Either way, he's on the dark side now. He clearly felt remorse for what he did; almost as if he was forced into it. Also, keep in mind that Michael and Henry might know each other, considering that Michael has been gone a lot longer than Henry's been a prisoner.

Who Am I?
("Wait, come back! You forgot to tell me who I was!")

16 - So, Christian's got a double life in Australia, or at the very least, a shadow family. The rumor is that his daughter is Claire; who doesn't know who her real dad is. You've got to like that little twist. That would make Jack Aaron's uncle, and me super confused.

23 - Was Henry telling the truth when he was talking to Ana and Locke? The theory of good and bad Others makes a lot of sense, and as manipulative as it sounded, it's entirely possible. Locke was really shaken by it, which is leading to the walkabout next week with Eko.

I'm Going To Have To Put You Down.
("Trust me, Sawyer. You don't want what Ana has. Let me put you down.")

42 - By the way, this is what happens when you have sex or picnics of any kind on the island. I'm starting to think this show is a big promotion for the Catholic church. I know that Jin and Sun got it on, but they're Korean and apply to different rules.

The Preview (Spoilers Ahoy!):
Episode 21 - '?'

We Need More Promo Pics!
(Eko has a lifetime contract with Hawiian Tropic cocoa butter.)

4 - Flashback: Eko-centric. Expect rampant cornrows and general bad-assery throughout.

8 - The press release sez: "Mr. Eko enlists Locke to help find a secret location he believes houses answers to the island's mysteries. Meanwhile, Jack and the other survivors struggle to cope with the horrific situation in the hatch."

Wait. Eko wants Locke to tag along? What does Eko know that Locke doesn't? Maybe he's going to tell him where all the chest grease is being stored. Ever notice that? He's always lubricated!

What The Hell Is This?
(From the 'holy crap in a carry-on' department.)

15 - Producer Damon Lindleof sez: "The question-mark episode is about finding out what that question mark on that map means. That episode is a great opportunity for us to finally put Locke and Mr. Eko together, sort of a philosophical battle of faith and will that we've been hinting at all season long. It started back when Eko gave Locke the film in that hollowed-out Bible, and this is sort of the next step in their relationship."

"Just as a side note, the '?' episode was originally going to be the episode that Darren Aronofsky would direct prior to Rachel Weisz's pregnancy. We thought it would be a cool shout-out to him since he made the movie Pi, which was just the symbol for pi. It ended up being directed by a guy named Deran Sarafian. It was hard to find another Darren to direct the episode, but we managed."

16 - Wait for it: In a flashback at the airport, Libby will make an appearance. Claire may also pop in at some point. I don't know where they fit into his backstory, but I can assume Claire will be crying for some reason.

Again, What The Hell Is That?
(?, indeed.)

23 - What: The end of this episode will be a great lead-in to the Michael-centric episode that's coming in two weeks. It looks like they have Michael locked in the armory during this episode, which leads me to believe that Libby spills the beans (and her stomach contents) before she dies.

42 - Trailer: In the preview for this episode, we see Eko falling off a large cliff. It didn't look like a flashback, but if it were something serious, they wouldn't have made such a big deal out of it in the preview. I'm sorry; I don't know why I even brought it up.

Like we've been doing all season, here are links to damn near every Lost Friday that ever was or were. If you want a quick way to catch up, check out the Clip Show Edition first. Send fan/hate mail to, and start sounding off in the comments section.


The Spoiler Mill has the scoop on what Libby's big reveal (bigger than being in the mental institution) will be over the course of the remainder of the season. Don't read the rest of this comment if you don't want the spoiler.

Still with me?

Supposedly, Libby has a Desmond connection. She actually gives him her boat (?) to go on his round-the-world expedition -- which of course lands him on Sex-Kills Island.

-Lex @ The Lost Blog
Dangit, I wish I hadn't read that. I had ample spoiler warning, I knew what I was doing, it's my own fault. And I was just about to comment that I'm glad I didn't read any real spoilers before Wednesday's episode.

Anyway, regarding Wednesday's episode... Holy crap.

Also, I laughed out loud several times during last night's The Office. I need to go watch it again over lunch. I liked the reappearance of Angela's creepy baby poster. And I like Kelly's complaint that Ryan never returns her calls. And some nice dark moments, too, to even things out.

Back to Lost, I wonder if they were already suspecting that Michael was a mole when they didn't reveal anything to him that they had figured out about the island... i.e. the medical facility and the costumes. Of course, maybe the Others have Michael fooled. But why would he believe they were savages when he talked to Walt on the computer before he left?
I saw the Libby/Desmond thing a few days ago, and I'm really looking forward to how they work that in. We'll also see Libby in the Eko flashback, which is weird on a plateau all its own. Why does she have a boat?

Honestly, I think Michael is in on the joke. He knows that the tents and whatnot are a cover. I'm also starting to become convinced that there are different types of Others out there. Some good, some bad, some Dharma, some not.

The Office was brilliant. The interaction between the cast was razor-sharp. Opening the complaint files was easily the dumbest idea Michael (Scott) ever had. I liked how they mentioned Stanley and Miracle Whip again.
Yeah, the Miracle Whip thing was genius... That was already my favorite line from the previous episode. I like that they're making in-jokes about something the audience hasn't really seen. Or am I missing a previous reference to that?
I'm pretty sure we've never seen Stanley say 'Miracle Whip,' which really does add to the humor.

Listening to all the stuff Jim did to Dwight was hilarious. His oversized 'Security Threat' nametag was genius.
It may be fitting that Libby got shot last night. After delivering one of the best lines she was due for some payback.

"This is our beach... look there's Jin!" Like any other beach would be incomplete without Jin mending a fishing net on it. Priceless!
There was something just plain weird about her getting shot too. It just looked awkward the way she was clutching those blankets.
Michael is now the worst in my book. He's a psycho one track mind murderer. And let's get this straight. I don't think Walt is worth it. The kid was damn creepy to begin with. The guys' got to recognize a favor when it happens.

The Office Still reigns supreme in the sitcom category. Last night was no exception. I'm waiting for creepy baby T-shirts to appear on the website. Oscar's line about it being more offensive than hardcore porn was golden.
The "This is our beach" joke was quite funny. It's rare that we get a moment of true comedy on Lost like that. I also know what you mean about Libby getting shot. I still think she'll stay alive long enough to spill the beans about Michael.

You're right, Walt ain't worth it. Michael's gone completely off the deep end, no matter if he's being forced into this or not. He's only signed on to be a guest actor next season, so I wonder where he's going to run off to...

Last night's Office really gave everyone a chance to be supremely funny. This is the best comedy ensemble since Arrested. I liked how it all kept getting tied in with the ID photos.
I suppose when Michael mentions that there were 22 [the Others], it would be 23 with "Henry."

dun-dun-dun! The numbers strike again!
Really good Lost Friday! It matches quite well with the excellent episode we saw. I am so glad that I wasn't overly spoiled on that one. I read most of the spoilers out there too, but this caught me completely by surprise. I assumed that Ana and/or Libby would die, but I assumed it would be the finale. After the whole "Dave" fiasco, I guess that ABC has kind of reigned in their spoilers a bit. They are still leaking info, but not the "big" stuff.

Thanks for the Coconut Internet shout-out! We've gotten pretty popular (relatively speaking). I've got a thread about the book "The Bad Twin" and the author Gary Troup up now, if any one is interested or has read the book.

I am ridiculously excited about this finale. I am ignoring anything and everyone in my life that doesn't revolve around Lost until this season is over. I'll probably be homeless and alone, but it will be a small price to pay.
B- I remember Damon Lindleof saying something about how the number 23 will play a huge part in the finale, so you might actually have a solid theory. Why would Michael use a number like 22 anyway?

Godot- ABC has certainly tightened up about spoilers, even though they keep slipping out one way or another. I'm just making spoilers up at this point.

The 'Bad Twin' thing is neat. I like how this guy wrote the now out-of-print 'Valenzetti Equation' book. That'll be a big season three plot point.
With much regret and disappointment, I am reporting that failed to see the Lost tie-in during Mission: Impossible III.
Thanks for taking one for the team, though.

By the way, how did you get to see 'See No Evil' so long ago? It doesn't open for 2 more weeks.

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