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Lost Friday - "?"

Lost Friday?
Season Two - Episode 21: "?"

Another Lost Friday is upon us. We have much to discuss.

Seriously, you have got to be straight-up yanking me. How in God's name did the Lost writers keep this episode so under wraps? How did the plotline of the Pearl Station stay a complete secret until Wednesday night? How many pills do I have to take to stop the fever dreams? I want some damn answers, Damon Lindleof, and I want them now. Don't make me ask you again.

I love this show more than toast, but I think we need some time apart. We're finishing each other's sentences and everything. With just one more episode between us and the merciful Season Two finale, I'm shaking my head wondering how they are going to explain the Hatch quandry in just 3 more hours of television. The writers claim they are 'closing the book on the hatch' this year, as well as offering us an explanation as to why Oceanic 815 went down. While this sounds like nothing short of a sweet release for fans after months of speculation, I still can't help but wonder if they will succeed in corking our cry-holes.

Cork this, loser. It's skinny time.

The Skinny (from Wikipedia):
(Heavily edited by yours truly. Apparently, a lot of Lost fans are incapable of writing anything even vaguely resembling a review.)

Don't wake me.
(My dream come true; Ana Lucia shot in the heart.)


We see Mr. Eko chopping wood on the beach, continuing to build his church. Ana-Lucia shows up, and asks him what he is building. Eko explains and claims that the idea of a church came from a dream. Ana-Lucia responds, "A dream like this one?" Eko then notices that Ana-Lucia is bleeding from the stomach and out of her mouth. She tells Eko, "You need to help John." Eko then finds himself in the Swan, with his dead brother Yemi sitting at the computer. Yemi tells him that Locke has lost his way, and that Eko needs Locke to take him to "the question mark." He also tells him to bring the axe. The room starts to violently shake and the hatch timer's numbers are replaced with question marks. Eko wakes up hyperventilating.

Cough it up.
(Jack catches Libby eating ballpoint pens again.)

Locke, Sawyer, Kate, and Jack are seen moving through the jungle, as Michael stumbles out of the hatch, claiming that he had been shot by a person unknown to him. Eko appears out of the nowhere and offers his help. Sawyer discovers that Ana-Lucia and Libby have been injured by gun wounds. Kate checks Ana-Lucia for a pulse and tells Jack that she is dead. Libby, however, coughs up a mouthful of blood, and Jack rushes to treat her. She quickly enters into a state of shock. Michael is clearly worried that Libby will be able to explain to the others what really happened. Jack insists that they go after Henry's trail, as he only left half an hour earlier. Sawyer argues that Jack remain and treat to Libby's condition.

Man of science, man of ass-kicking.
("Locke, if I catch you littering one more time, I'm shoving my axe right up your can.")

Eko offers to track down Henry Gale, with the assistance of Locke. However, Eko leads Locke on a random path, making no effort to pick up a trail that Henry would have left. Locke is disgruntled and prepares to head back. Eko then asks Locke to take him to the 'question mark.' When Locke refuses, Eko headbutts Locke, knocking him unconscious. After further interrogation, Locke shows Eko the diagram he drew from memory of the question mark. Eko then tells Locke that they will go to the question mark, stating that Ana-Lucia told them in his dream to find it. Locke responds with a look of skepticism, to which Eko asks him, "Have you ever followed a dream?" Later, as the two are arguing about symbols on the map, Eko steps on a Virgin Mary statue, and the two stumble before the burned plane with the heroin smugglers.

They took my son!

In the hatch, Michael asks if Libby had said anything. Jack says that she is still unconscious and is suffering. He then asks Sawyer to fetch the heroin, and orders Kate to accompany him so that she may find where Sawyer stowed all the guns and other belongings. Sawyer leads Kate back to his tent, and to Kate's surprise, he hid his belongings underneath the tent. After they walk out of the tent, Hurley approachs them and asks if they had seen Libby.

I can't get no satisfaction.
(Just another day at Whitney Houston's place.)

Later, when Locke is sleeping, Yemi appears before Eko and directs him to climb the cliff. Upon reaching the top, Yemi tells Locke to wake up, and in terror, he loses his grip of the cliff and falls. Locke is shown waking up, showing the audience that it was him who had this dream. Eko tells Locke that the priest he saw was his brother. Locke stated that Yemi wanted him to follow. He then looks up the cliff, and Eko proceeds to start the climb. Half-way through his climb, he is seen struggling, which leaves Locke anxious. However, he successfully makes it to the top. Locke calls to him and asks him if he has found anything. After finding a rugged green-covered landscape, he replies that he did not find anything. When Eko looks down, he discovers the question mark marked in the soil.

Yarrr! It be some sort of treasure map!
(The map is in plane sight! Whoooo!)

Upon further investigation, he found that the soil was salted, which prevents growth and was thus done on purpose. Eko then picks the ground with his axe, and discovers a hatch buried underneath the plane. They break open and enter the hatch below, which appears to have electrical power. They enter a room with several television screens, one of which Locke turns on, showing a live surveillance feed from the Swan.

I can never get any reception in the hatch.
(This is exactly what my den looks like.)

Locke finds another computer terminal with a command prompt: >: PRINT LOG? Y/N. Locke inputs Y, and a dot-matrix printer is heard in the background, spitting out an ominous string of numbers and commands.

Eko discovers another Orientation video tape, and Dr. Marvin Candle (Dr. Mark Wickman) instructs his audience on the role of station five (nicknamed the Pearl). Their task is to monitor from a psychological perspective the daily actions of the participants in the other stations, who simply understand that their job is of the upmost importance. The film ends with a copyright notice that is dated 1980. Eko asks Locke if he would like to watch the film again, and Locke declines, stating that he has "seen enough."

Hatch TV.
("See it all, live on the Hatch Kitchen Channel!")

Eko gathers the reports, stating they may be important, and that the work Locke has done is now more important than ever. Locke scoffs and calls it a joke. Locke resents having been subject to a psychological experiment, and becomes furious when he disputes Eko's claim that they were "meant to push the button." However, Eko's faith is resolved and he states that he will continue to push the button, no matter what Locke's faith may say.

At the Swan, Hurley requests to speak to Libby. In her dying breath, she says 'Michael,' with a look of terror in her eyes. Sawyer is shown comforting a sobbing Kate. Jack and Hurley bow their heads in disbelief. The episode ends with Michael in the vault, with an ominous look on his face. The warning alarm also sounds, and the camera zooms into the command prompt.


In the first flashback, Eko is seen in the confessional, speaking to a man who claimed to have committed adultery, but has really forged an Australian passport for Eko to enter the United States. Another priest comes to inform Eko that a miracle has happened: A woman claimed that her child drowned in a river and resurrected the day after, and she wanted to tell the world the news. Eko declines to be concerned with this matter, as he does not believe the Woman, to which the priest responds, "Why do you think I chose you?"

Later, Eko is seen interviewing a medical examiner about his account of the "miracle" that happened. The examiner informs a skeptical Mr. Eko, that the girl was resurrected during the autopsy, and provides a chilling audio tape as supporting evidence. When Eko goes to visit the woman who reported this miracle, he finds her stone-eyed daughter on the porch. The mother comes out and informs him that it is not an appropriate time for him to visit. Richard (Claire's psychic) comes out and orders her to go back inside, and tells Eko that the whole incident was a misunderstanding. He claims that his wife knows that his psychic services are a fraud, and was attempting to "spite" him. Eko then tells him that he will report that the incident was not a miracle. As he leaves, he sees the daughter staring at him from the window.

Eko? More like Psycho.
("Locke, stop making that face. You're freaking me out.")

Later, in another flashback, we see Eko at the airport preparing to board the doomed flight. He sees the girl again, who approaches him and tells him that when she was "between places" she saw his brother, Yemi. Yemi asked her to tell Eko that he has faith in him. Eko is upset by this and raises his voice to the girl, which prompts Libby to approach them and ask if everything is okay.

Well, there you go. I hope that all made sense to you, because I didn't understand a word of it. That was pretty much all I could do to edit it, because it looked more or less like Engrish when I snagged it. I'd write the reviews myself, but nobody reads them and I don't really care. Make with the numbers!

The Numbers:

Screw up much?
("Sawyer, we didn't just step into a time warp, did we?")

4 - I wanted to mention this right away; did anyone else notice the huge continuity error with the day/night switch? In one cut, Eko and Locke are in the darkness, ready to call it a night. In what appeared to be a instant cut to the beach, Sawyer and Kate are walking in the sunlight. If anyone else noticed this or can offer an explanation, I'll send you a CDP t-shirt (shirts don't exist yet).

Normally, I'm not so critical of nerd-tastic errors in TV shows, but this was sort of crucial to the plot, and I want to know if there was a reason for it. Sometimes I miss things, but not very often. I don't blink when Lost is on; I've built myself a Clockwork Orange-style device, and my wife is kind enough to keep my eyes lubricated.

8 - We, the audience, know that Michael is lying, but will the castaways ever find out? Initially, we all thought that Libby would spill the beans before she went to the big psych ward in the sky, but to no avail.

In the previews for next week's episode, we see Sayid questioning Michael's story, leading us to believe that holes will start to emerge. After all, how will Michael explain how Henry did it? He chewed through the ropes, escaped from a vault locked from the outside, snatched a gun from someone who was sitting down and shot three people? I mean, these people are kind of thick, but they aren't that dumb. Are they?

Of course, if the Pearl Station was still tape recording stuff, then Michael's murders would be on camera. More on that later (that's called a 'teaser').

Charlotte's nuts.
(Yeah, she's 16 years old. 16 years older than me, maybe.)

15 - There were some interesting flashbacks this week, mainly showing us the facts surrounding Eko's faith and beliefs. What happened between him and Charlotte shook him up, rearranging his morals a bit. I especially liked the tape recording of Charlotte waking up on the autopsy table. That's just flat-out funny.

I also liked watching Locke go back and forth in agreeing with Eko's judgment. He really wants to believe that this was his destiny, but he's obviously seen enough at this point. Will something happen before the season's over that pushes Locke over the edge? I'll tell you this; before the season ends, we'll find out what happens when the button's not pushed. My theory is that everyone gets a hundred dollars and a plane ticket home.

Do you know Claire?
(Here we see the psychic hiding 34 acorns in his jaw.)

16 - We also got another look at Claire's psychic, who lets it slip to Eko that he's a fraud. He probably is a fraud, but does that also include what he had said to Claire? I mean, he said he didn't want her money, and went to great lengths to bother her into getting on Flight 815. It would also seem that the Claire situation happened around the same time as the Charlotte situation. This means nothing to me, I'm just throwing things out at this point.

I'm sorry I forgot the omelettes!
(Insert food-related joke here.)

23 - On a more mellow note, this was probably the saddest episode yet. Watching Kate lose it, as well as seeing Sawyer soften up to her was a serious drop in both of their guards. What really got me though, was Hurley's bedside monologue. His 'I'm sorry I forgot the blankets!' breakdown was seriously depressing, as the same exact thing happened to me no less than a year ago. I'm feeling you, Hurley.

42 - Okay, let's talk about all this Pearl Hatch business, damn it.

Dr. Markin Candlewick.
("Hello, I'm Dr. Markvin Candlewick.")

The most logical (and easiest) way for me to do this is by just throwing out all the facts and theories I can think of, and having you all everybody sort them out. Here we go:

a) In the Orientation tape for the Pearl station, Dr. Marvin Candle refers to himself as Dr. Mark Wickman (or Wickmund). People have speculated that this is a play on words, and a clue that he is located in the area of the map known as 'The Flame.' My opinion is that Candle's trying to find a socially acceptable way to come out of the closet in 1980. Stay strong, brother.

b) Both Orientation films were copyrighted in 1980. The Swan film has a very serious and scientific manner to it, while the Pearl film has a more relaxed feel. Candle's even wearing a blazer. Oooh!

c) In the Pearl film, Candle's hand is NOT prosthetic. This means that either the prosthetic arm was used to throw off the inhabitants of the Swan hatch (making them think that 'the incident' cost Candle his arm), or he lost his arm in between the filming of the two videos (highly unlikely). Or maybe, just maybe, he never had a fake arm, and the writers were messing with us.

d) By taking both Orientation films at face value, one would determine that the idea was to scare the Swan hatch inhabitants into thinking that what they were doing was very scientific and important. On the other side of the coin, the Pearl hatch inhabitants were lead to believe that they were 'in on the joke,' so to speak, and monitored the lab rats accordingly.

Much like you all pretend to like the CDP, specifically so I continue to make an ass of myself day after day.

e) In true Lost fashion, however, there might be some other options abound. First off, the Pearl station might be the real psychological experiement, getting people to monitor workers and jot endless thoughts into a notebook. The Pearl hatch was monitored by camera too, so the inhabitants are also being watched. Perhaps they caught on to the game and abandoned ship.

I wonder where the notebooks go through the pneumatic tube, if anywhere. In suit, the Swan hatch might be a legitmate electromagnetic study facility. Or, they're both psychological experiements pitted against each other, and I would need to change my shorts.

f) If both Orientation videos were made in 1980, why would one be on VHS and the other on film? Well, magnets destroy analog tape, for one. Speaking as a sound engineer, I'm pretty certain that magnets would destroy film just as easy, but don't quote me on that. Same goes for the hard drive in the computer. Perhaps we shouldn't think about it too much.

Station 5 of 6.
(Station 5- "The Pearl" is located inside of Station 6- "The Clam.")

g) Do the cameras have the ability to record what they capture? If so, they might have captured Michael's double murder and Henry-busting-outing. However, if they could record everything, making people watch the footage non-stop would be unnecessary unless it was all a test.

Keep in mind that the Swan hatch does have electromagnetic capabilities, and there are far too many weird things going on to call the entire Dharma Initiative a wash. This would support the theory that Eko is right, and the Swan hatch really is something important.

This is a bunch of crap. I work a full-time job, I can't have these kinds of problems on my conscience.

h) There were about 9 TV screens in the Pearl hatch. One theory is that it was capable of watching all of the other stations on the island, and there is only power left in the Swan hatch (makes sense). Another theory is that all of the cameras are in the Swan hatch to avoid blind spots (also makes sense). Yet another theory states that you need a degree just to discuss this show with friends. Finally, my theory is that you lose all your friends once you start watching Lost.

i) I think we now know why the original maker of the Swan hatch map chose to use the format they did. During lockdown, the Swan station is powered down, which means that the cameras might not be able to function. This would be the perfect time to pass sensitive information along without getting caught, by putting clues on a door that's hidden 99% of the time. Good looking out, random person!

108 minutes.
(Ahh, dot matrix, is there anything you can't do?)

j) What was all this business in the Orientation film about Ferrys taking subjects back to their 'barracks' and 'quarters?' If true, this could have huge ramifications for the castaways. I mean, this could prove that there is another island close by in which the leaders of Dharma are monitoring. Perhaps we saw this ferry in the Season One finale. Either way, it's proof that there is a way off the island. Maybe Dharma owns a nice all-inclusive resort on the shore.

k) The log that was printed in the Pearl Hatch will answer a boatload of questions about the Swan Hatch. First off, all the numbers on the printout were in increments of 108 minutes, simply determining if the button had been pressed or not ('accepted').

Therefore, by looking back to when Henry supposedly didn't press the button, Locke could find out if he was telling the truth or not. Of course, it would appear that Locke has made his mind up about the hatch already, but his proof positive will be on this printout.

Let's not forget that the printout might also show the conversation that Michael had with Walt. It's a good thing that Eko's bringing all this stuff back with him. He's a good person, I will let him live.

Got that all figured out by now? Good, let's move on to next week.

The Preview:
Episode 22 - "Three Minutes."

Three Minutes.
(Zeke's beard challenged Chuck Norris' beard to a duel. There were no survivors.)

4 - The episode is Michael-centric. Just wanted to let you know, in case you're an idiot.

8 - Press release reads: "A determined Michael convinces Jack and several castaways to help him rescue Walt from 'The Others.' Meanwhile, Charlie struggles with Eko's decision to discontinue building the church." We will see Walt, Zeke and Alex in this episode. Expect to see a delightful flashback scene where Walt tries on Zeke's beard.

15 - This is the episode where we find out why Michael's off his nut. Expect to see the rest of the Michael/Walt chat log, as well as an introduction to the Others camp, which may or may not be complete bull rip. We see Zeke sporting his 'grizzled old prospector' costume, and the Others living in tents. I was told there was a deleted scene that featured Michael and Zeke getting drunk together and singing karaoke, but my sources are unreliable.

Three Minutes.
(Surrounded by white men, Michael is reminded of his vacation to Alabama.)

16 - This should be a lot like 'Maternity Leave,' in that we'll see different aspects of the lifestyles of the Others viewed through the eyes of someone who's more confused than we are. As long as it's less confusing than that last sentence, we'll all be fine.

23 - According to Damon Lindleof: "We'll see the resolution of the Michael-Walt story. We're going to answer the question of where Michael has been and resolve the story of him and Walt. The physical growth of Walt will be addressed in the 3rd season. We'll learn more about Dharma."

Thanks, Damon. You're an inspiration to our entire organization.

Three Minutes.

42 - Back in real-time, Eko and Locke will continue to bicker over destiny, while the castaways try to comprehend Michael's stories. I also assume they will have to mop up the hatch a tad.

As always, here are links to all the Lost Fridays you know and tolerate. Love them while you can, for one day you will die. Send fan/hate mail to, and start the conversation in the comments section. I'm spent; was it good for you, baby?


I haven't read yet, but how about "The Office" season finale? I kinda saw this coming (who didn't), but damn it, how am I suppose to wait FOUR MONTHS to find out if Pam got married in June?

I'll comment about Lost once I've calmed down about The Office...
Yeah, the Office/Earl finales were fantastic. The Office is operating on Arrested Development levels of perfection now.

Some of my favorite moments:

1. Creed's confession about stealing, and his reaction upon winning the fridge.

"Thank you. I've never owned a refrigerator before."

2. Darrell teaching Michael 'negro' slang.

3. The audition tape for Kevin's band (Scrantonicity).

4. Toby: "I just didn't really think it was appropriate for children, since there's gambling and alcohol, in our dangerous warehouse, and it's a school night, and it's catered by Hooters. Is that enough, do I need to keep going?"

Michael: Why are you the way that you are?

5. Afghanistanis with AIDS.

6. Pam's 'practice run' with Michael on the phone.

7. Michael: "Two queens on Casino Night. I'm going to drop a duece on everybody."

Of course, the final act with Jim and Pam was big; I'm starting to think that Roy is cheating on her, which will allow for the relationship to change next season. Great stuff.
I, too, thought that the log may print Michael's conversation with Walt. My guess is that it wasn't Walt, though. Really, it's not even a guess at this point. I'm as certain that it was Dharma as I was certain about Dave's fake arm (we saw how far THAT got me). :)

Also, I'm willing to bet that the ferry takes them to the same place the cable on the beach does...

Finally, I'M NOT WAITING FOUR MONTHS FOR THE OFFICE! I know I vented about this already, but...
I think you're right about Roy. He leaves EVERY Office function earlier than Pam.

What about Jan? What will she do over the proverbial summer?

Let's not forget:

1) Dwight kissing "the way they do in Europe" back to Michael...

2) The fridge was supplied by Bob Vance, Vance refrigeration

3) Ryan's look after Jim inquired about the "relationship"

4) Pam called her mom! At the end, you know her mother told her to call her back to which she said she would and hung up immediately...

Am I safe to assume that Season Three, Epi One will pick RIGHT up from the end?
I am so impressed with The Office. They gave youo everything last night. Michael and Toby have openly expressed their dislike of each other.
Toby: "I have to admit it did feel good taking money from Michael. I just want to chase that feeling..."
Creed is taking his character to a HNL (Thats ho' nutha' level for all those MADTV fans) By that I mean creepy beyond question. The man eats pea soup in homeless shelters for God's sake!
Finally, Jim let Pam know what what we all have wanted her to know since ep 1 season 1. That wasn't the daring part though, because he could always fall back on his transfer, the kiss at the end was. That moment will bring new levels of creativity to the show. I can't wait for next season. Most shows are afraid to close doors like that because they won't be able to open new ones.
Great screencap of Charlotte by the way. That whole scene I just kept thinking of Chucky from Childs play.
Lost: "Holy crap!" as usual. So is Libby's backstory going to be revealed next season?

The Office was genius, I haven't seen the Earl finale yet.

I love all the weird things that Creed has said throughout the season, hinting at some crazy backstory, but never going beyond that... The shout-out to his Chinese friends, the expertise in marijuana, etc... It was great that they had a ton of them in the finale. I especially liked when Creed remarked how good the food was at the soup kitchen.

Favorite quote of the night was Michael telling Toby, "I hate ..." I need to watch it again to get it exactly right. I was rolling by the end of the sentence.
OFFICE: I think that Roy's cheating on Pam will be the 'out' the writers need to continue the relationship aspect next season. I also thought that Jim would tell Pam he's leaving, but now he might have a reason to stay.

I also liked how Jan was essentially rejected by Michael, and neither of them knew what was going on.

The Creed character is really starting to move into uncharted territory; his elusions to bizarre circumstances without explanation are great and he had the best lines of the night. He reminds me of someone I work with. Seriously.

LOST: I think we're finally going to see the return of that weird cable that leads out to the ocean. I think you're right about that.

I've seen some caps of the finale, and Desmond's looking rad. Just sayin'.

I think Libby's story will be told through the flashbacks of others, perhaps even leaking into season three. I know she'll be in at least one more flashback this season, and an important one at that.
We caught on to the day/night discrepancy as well. I was so confused. I wasn't sure if they were going back into time or not.

THE OFFICE:Does anyone remember the 'negro' slang term Michael used in front of Darrel? It was so funny, but I just can't remember what it was.
I think it was something along the lines of 'Dink-n-flicka.'

Ha! That felt pretty good to type.
The handshake was hilarious.

I'm watching this again over my lunch break.
"Dink-n-flicka...dink-n-flicka" ahhh hilarious.
Darrel laughing during the 'confessional' made it even funnier.

Did anyone else notice that Kevin's band was named 'Scrantonicity' and they were doing Police covers?

Easily the funniest show on TV.
Or, they're both psychological experiements pitted against each other, and I would need to change my shorts.

Spell-check alert!

Very good post. I can't wait until Desmond returns.
Raise your hand if you pooped your pants when Libby made her blood spitting gasp at the beginning of the show. I loved the office and did not like Earl, sorry.
Damn. Due to problems between Blogger and copy/pasting from Wikipedia, it's next to impossible to accurately spell-check a Lost Friday.

I have to rely on my best judgment at the time, but it's usually midnight and I just want to put the post up and go to bed.

Desmond rules. The season finale is going to beat us senseless.

Yeah, I jumped a bit when Libby woke up, but only because I watch Lost with the volume cranked and my head an inch from the screen. Sorry that you didn't like Earl, it was a little more depressing than usual, but I like where they went with it.
"I'm a big philanderer."

"I hate all of the things that you are trying to become."

"I'm not a good bluffer... could you tell I was lying?"
Kevin was a WSOP champion, and Dwight folded every time Jim coughed.
If you watch the live web cam in Joop's corner long enough, a shadowy figure appears on screen for a few seconds.

It kind of looks like... Locke...
Also, if you call the phone line, it turns out that Paik Industries is one of the Hanso Foundation's companies. Paik Industries is a company run by Sun's father.

I love this interactive game.
Yeah, and we're going to find out who Widmore is in the finale. Those fine folks at The Coconut Internet have the scoop on the interactive game, if you feel like cheating a bit.
I predict that Roy is cheating on Pam with Katie, Jim's old girlfriend.
You should also check out Experience Lost. They've been my sugar daddy.
Paste I think you nailed it. You deserve a scooby snack.
Experience Lost is a nice site. I like that other people are doing the work, watching the show is already a full-time jaaerb for me.

I wonder if fans of the Office will start to wane now that they've brought the Jim/Pam thing out into the open. I mean, I know that I won't, but that's usually the kiss of death for sitcoms.

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