Wednesday, May 24

Lost Wednesday - Finale Edition.

Live Together, Die Alone.
Season Two - Episode 23/24: "Live Together, Die Alone."

Look, the finale is tonight. What more do you want from me? Get the hell out of here.

Also, I think Taylor Hicks sealed the deal on AI last night. It's a shame he's such a neat guy; I really want to hate him right now. Regardless, he's always been a solid contestant and pretty much deserved it from the start. Something tells me that the beautiful girl from Hollywood will end up just fine.

Finally, did anyone watch House last night? I just want to make sure that I wasn't dreaming up all the stuff they got away with showing. Hooray for sweeps! Best episode ever!

TOMORROW: The Last Katharine McPhee Watch.

FRIDAY: The Last Lost Friday.

Why bother calling it "Lost Wednesday" if you don't even talk about Lost? You're totally whoring this page out for hits lately.
It's sweeps, baby, and I'm cashing in.

You're right, though. I had more things planned for today, but scrapped them at the last minute because I was tired. I wish I had a better story, but that's the truth.

I can't wait until this week is over. Starting June 5, the Summer of the CDP starts, which means no TV talk for 3 months. More essays, more cartoons and the triumphant debut of GRILLED CHEESE WISCONSIN.
How often are you doing the Grilled Cheese thing, like every weekend or something? Come to Milwaukee...I know a few places here with amazing grilled cheese sandwiches. Such as the place where the owner looks like Wolverine.

Either way, I want in on it. I love grilled cheese.
Aaron, I'm waiting patiently for your first 'Milwaukee' post; I think we all are. Make it happen!

I don't know how often I want to do Grilled Cheese Wisconsin; I'm going to do a 'pilot' first and see how things roll. I'll hit a couple towns I know already, and just roll tape.

Also, I want to see how long it takes me to edit it together, add music and whatnot. After an initial dry run, I'll have a good idea of what I want to do.

After I do one or two of these and figure out the formula, we'll get everyone together and hit the road. Rad.
Once I get the internet working at my place I'll get a post up. Shouldn't be too long, but who knows.
I hope for the final Katherine McPweep Watch her eyeball pops out, House-style, because she is crying so hard at her failed dreams.

Is that harsh?
Completely irrelevant, but...;_ylt=AheqhdJPYe3DzGRMXWwSf9pxFb8C;_ylu=X3oDMTA5aHJvMDdwBHNlYwN5bmNhdA--

Sounds more to me like Independent films just aren't as popular this year. "Um,'s an expose...of sorts. You know...teaching strong lessons...yes..."
Katharine's going to be just fine. I see Broadway in her future. Or, at the very least, the Icecapades.

Independent film sucks. There, I said it. I'd say it again if I had to.

If you're wondering why a major studio won't pick up your film, maybe it's NOT because they are too out of touch to realize your artistic vision, but perhaps they know that nobody wants to see 100 minutes of trash blowing in the wind.

I also like how talentless directors have taken the term 'art' and essentially made it the new definition for 'porn.' Thanks, jackass; some of us still like our movies without weiners in them.

When I finally create an independent film that becomes a huge success, I will prove to the world that 'indie' doesn't have to go hand-in-hand with 'dirty.' I've always said that I'd never write anything that I couldn't show to my mom without feeling embarrassed, and I will continue to follow that standard.
Oh, and House was fantastic. I've never seen an eyeball pop out of some guy's head on national television before.
I've also never seen a guy's testicles explode all over a surgeon's face, either.

It should be noted that my mom called me right after this happened, telling me that the show had finally 'gone too far.'
"I've always said that I'd never write anything that I couldn't show to my mom without feeling embarrassed...

How do you keep your mom from reading this oh-so-popular blog?
Oh, burn! I'm challenging you to a duel.

My mom reads this page (and comments) all the time. It should be noted that she considers my 'Loud Neighbor Sextet' to be one of the funniest things I've ever written.

You know what I mean, though. There's a lot of crap out there that exists for the sole purpose of being crap, and I try to keep at least some sort of handle on things at the CDP. I think that about 99% of all the things ever posted here fall into the 'TV-PG to TV-14' catagory.

Damn hell fart.
darn heck toot
Purple monkey dishwasher.

No, I know what you mean. I do that with my writing too, but I also have to make sure that when people from my church read my stuff it has to pass muster with them too... A little tighter rope to walk, but a fun challenge to be funny and clever and maybe edgy but still being PG about it.

I'm back! Boy, I've missed a lot. Taylor pulled it off. Good for him. It'll probably be good for Katherine too.
Welcome back b. just finished watching the season finale. OMG!
"A little tighter rope to walk, but a fun challenge to be funny and clever and maybe edgy but still being PG about it."

Exactly. If Seinfeld can do it, so can you or I. It's quite similar to comedians that work blue for cheap laughs. It's too easy, and my stuff is low-rent enough as is.

Welcome back, B. I was wondering what happened to you.

Oh, did anyone watch Lost?
what's that?
Lost owned me. Really, I was just floored by the whole thing.

When Desmond realized that he might have crashed Flight 815, I seriously felt like I got punched in the gut. I know that sounds really silly, but I did.
I didn't see Lost. Did I miss anything?

Actually I'm pretty sure if I started watching now, I'd be completely lost (har har har).
The next time you have 50 hours to kill, I'll get you all caught up. You bring the caffiene pills and Red Bull, I'll bring the DVD's.
I'll have quite a bit of free time starting next week.

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