Friday, July 21

What Doing?

New Logo.

Here is a sneak-peek at the brand-spanking new CDP logo. It will be replacing the 'label maker' logo I've had since the start of 2006. The old logo was impossible to use for merch purposes, so it's been kicked to the curb. Expect to see the new logo pop up all over the CDP in upcoming weeks.

As I mentioned, along with a slight image makeover, the CDP will be entering the swag business in a week or two. I like money and you like to spend it, so everyone wins. More on that as it develops. I'm trying to take care of all the technical stuff during the summer, so when the yuppie Lost Friday crowd takes over in September, they'll have a place to deposit their excess income.

My UFO Days 2006 post should have been here by now, but I've had way too many things to do recently. Along with creating merch, customizing my logo and counting my fat PayPal account (donate now!), I've been running myself ragged over at my real job. It doesn't help that my back is completely shot, too. This weekend, however, I'll be editing the video I shot at the convention, and the essay should be up on Monday. Should be.

To recap:

New logo is on the way. Expect it to start invading next week.
New merch is on the way. Give it about two weeks.
The UFO Convention video/essay will arrive on Monday.

Have a good weekend.

(EDIT: Thanks to your donations, I purchased the domain THECDP.NET. Check it out, add it to your favorites and relish in a much shorter URL.)

Why wouldn't the old logo work for merch?
It was a GIF file that got all pixel-y when I enlarged it. Also, I like this one better.
Are you doing the CafePress thing like Ben is, or are you making stuff yourself?
I'm going the CafePress route, unless you can hook me up with some t-shirt making folks. I'd love to be a DIY guy again.
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That might be your best bet. But I do have some friends who work at silkscreen shops that can make shirts and stuff made pretty cheap. is the wave of the future. rules. Now I have a URL I can put on banners and merch that isn't gibberish.

Aaron, I think I'm going with CafePress basically because they handle everything; hands-free. I'll remember the silk-screen idea if I think CafePress is screwing me over.
You can also use, but I think they have a more limited selection.
Good call. As of right now, I'm working with CafePress, but I'll keep my options open. I'm having a terrible time adjusting my designs to fit the merch. The Missus is going to get me back on track this weekend as my acting creative consultant.
Consider expansion into the NorthEast a done deal.
I'm takin' over, one logo at a time.
While the Labelmaker logo was good, this new stamp effect has it beat down and slung over the rope.
Where did the CDP name come from, anyway?

*throws rocks at the pinko commie*
Thanks for the kind logo compliment. I really appreciate it, becuse I spent hours looking for just the right font. The real question is, will you wear it on a t-shirt?

By the way, I'll be making shirts that say "The CDP" on them as well as "Communist Dance Party," for obvious reasons. That way, you can still wear my shirts to church.

Todd, to answer your question, I can't exactly remember. I recall sitting in front of my computer in February of 2004, thinking of a snappy name for my new blog. I think I chose it because it just sounded cool, and in a weird way, it meshed well with what I was trying to do here.

I also realize that I wasn't the first person to coin this phrase, but I had never heard it before I started this blog. I took it to the mainstream, baby.
I've thought about going the Cafe Press route for selling t-shirts with my "official advertising logo" on it (see my advertising site), but then I realized, "Who in their right mind would purchase a copywriter's t-shirt? Maybe I'll start using that logo for my blog and just whore it out all over the place...
Maybe the people wouldn't buy t-shirts, but you can put the logo on coffee mugs, mouse pads, messenger bags and the like. You can walk around with a box of mouse pads and hand them out at trade shows or something. That's networking!

It's a nice logo, by the by.
Thanks. Although I did realize that for 50% of the time, the logo is inaccurate, because my hair gets too long and retarded to spike up, so I feel weird showing up and giving a business card out with a logo that looks nothing like me. I also need to add some black glasses to it. But at the end of the day, I don't really care all that much...
If anything, your biggest fault is that you care too much...

(cue somber music)

I'm also at that point with my hair where it's just too long to spike, so I have to part it and look like an 8-year old until I can get back to the salon. These are the trying times we men must face on a daily basis.
The hair is of particular issue right now for me. It's really hot and humid here, and there's nothing worse to me than feeling hair on my neck and ears. It's just gross. I feel like I have this terrible mullet, and since my hair is super thick, it gets all puffy and matted when it gets this long.

I'm going to go cry now.
Oh, I totally understand. The Missus thinks I'm crazy to want a haircut every two weeks in the summer, but it's just annoying otherwise. That's the OCD for you.

Shouldn't we be talking about sports or something?

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