Wednesday, January 10

CDP Wayback Machine - Minnesota Edition.

Nothing new for trash like you.

In honor of our upcoming trip to Minnesota, let's take a look back at the 2006 vacation:

02/28/2006 - "Breakfast Served Anytime."

What Global Warming?
Let's go to Minnesota!
Don't forget your hat!


Woot Woot Woot!
I like how we choose to go to the coldest state in the continental US, during the coldest month of the year. What's wrong with us?
Well done.

On a sidenote, a retort y'all might enjoy:
I watched it at work with the sound off for about 30 seconds. Then I shut it down because I thought I was going to get fired.
What is it? I'm afraid to look...
It's the answer to the "Dick in a Box" short. It's called "My Box in a Box," and it's quite the phenomenom lately. Check out for more info.

I was just looking over the CDP's prediction and researching on wikipedia. Glancing over the Saints' page, I noticed that under the Current Roster they have an offensive back named Chuck Norris. When I clicked on the link, it went to Chuck Norris the actor's wikipedia page. I'm not sure if that was graffiti, but it amused me nevertheless.

More work-safe:
The Saints are going to win this week. The CDP sez so.

Furthermore, the Badger basketball team is on an absolute tear, nursing their best start since 1915.

The Norris thing can't be true, but it's still pretty funny.
Box in a box...not as easy of an illusion to create, really.
It's more of a paradox in a box, really.

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