Thursday, April 5

No More Questions.

No More Questions.

Dane 101, the collective blog for Dane County and Madison, recently interviewed me for a segment titled "Meeting The Neighbors." I consider it a fantastic experience and I appreciate the exposure greatly.

Special thanks goes out to CDP Network Alumni, Kenny Frank. She hooked this interview up, and she'll get a FREE autographed 8x10 glossy the next time I see her.


Well played, my friend. Well played.

I have to say, you're rivaling Dusty there (which I believe is one of the biggest compliments one blogger can pay to another.)
8x10 inches...from the floor!

Remind me to tell you the story about when Tam Tam gave me the password to her MySpace account (like any friend should do) and I proceeded to wreak havoc behind her name.
Thanks JT, I really appreciate it. What's even cooler is that I just got an e-mail from Dusty this morning. It's been a pretty good day.

Kenny, you should make a post out of that. I can't believe she would trust you with something like that. She must have known you were going to go 'orf on her.
Nice. Seems to be an improvement from yesterday. I'm guessing you haven't had even one near-death experience yet!
Oh yeah - and I threw you a ling to the interview on Spork Nation. That's just how awesome it was.
link. Damnit.
Even Steven, I'm telling 'ya.

I'm buying that iPod, though. I don't know how I can without getting struck by lightning of something, but it's totally going to happen.
Thanks for the lingie-link, too!
The interview was great, babe. I'm married to a local celeb!! Soon, they'll start blending our names...Ryce, Cery, Rycelan. Those really aren't too good.
As opposed to last night's Lost, I like that, too.

I hate it when they give us a sub-par episode. It really makes me not want to write Lost Friday. When we get a good episode, I'm all fired up to do something good, but today I'm feeling like a speck of poop.
I know. Well, do something creative and fun to make up for their lack of creativity and fun.
You got it, babe. I'm going WAY left-of-center this week, just for you.
I have a sense that I may know what that means...
Damn. No cable at the house yet. I'm going to miss The Office tonight.
Can't you bust out the rabbit ears for NBC? Tonight's episode is like, 45 minutes or something. 'Super-Sized.'

Hathery, I won't be going THAT left of center. Let's just say that I feel a few haikus coming on.

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