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Lost Friday - "Through The Looking Glass."

Lost Friday - Season Finale.
Season 3 - Episode 22/23: "Through The Looking Glass."

The final Lost Friday of 2007 is upon us. We have much to dis--

You know what? Let's change things up a little, 'eh? Go hog-freaking-wild, you know? I mean, it's the last recap of the year, why not try something different, right? Hold onto your caps and glasses, kids, because I'm about to go off the rails.


The final Lost Friday of 2007 is upon us. Hold onto your caps and glasses.

Wow...that felt good. It's nice to get crazy every now and again, but let's put our pants back on and get down to serious business.


I tried to warn you turds; I really did. I tried to explain to everyone that this season would boast an ending more pants-wettingly crazy than anything we've seen on Lost so far. I told people that it would be mind-blowing, and I begged folks to watch the episode with an open mind and accept the fate that the writers and producers have given to the storyline and plot development. They haven't steered us wrong yet, why would they do it now? I desperately pleaded this case with readers, preparing them for what was about to unfold. The game was about to seriously change, and I wanted folks to merely think it over before they stormed out of their collective living rooms in a huff, exclaimed that Lost had jumped the shark for the fourteenth damn time and fell asleep in the crawl space with their cat.

Why didn't I listen to DialIdol?
(Upon seeing who won the 2004 Election, Jack decides to end it as quickly as possible.)

So, what happened? Well, just like the other two Lost season finales, there is confusion, frustration and the assured confidence that the writers have utterly destroyed the great wonder that they have created. Without question, the folks at ABC have no idea what they're doing anymore.

To that, I say "Have you people lost your Goddamn minds? Have you?"

This finale was tremendous. It had more action than Season 2, more mysteries and questions than Season 1, and offered an entirely new dimension with which the story will be told in Season 4. Even though I was fully spoiled going into the episode, it still exceeded my expectations and left me shaking when it was all over. Face it, Lost brought the pain on Wednesday night, and you kids simply have no clue how to handle the idea of a television show handing you your own ass.

Well buck up, because it's time for the Thick & Meaty.

The Thick And Meaty.


Ben's world is starting to crumble around him. His lies are catching up with him; his followers are starting to catch onto his false plans and realize that he's not being entirely honest with them. A mutiny is on the horizon, yet Ben scrapes and claws to maintain control, looking pathetic and weak in the process. Now he knows how George W. Bush must feel most nights.

Dear sweet Lord above me in Heaven, hear me clearly when I say that I hate that man.

Richard is pissed, Alex is pissed and Mikhail is double pissed with a single eye. Ben sends out Patchie to take care of Charlie in the Looking Glass, and heads off with Alex to cut Jack and the castaways off at the radio tower. Once there, he's going to give Alex up to the castaways, as he's sick of her blasting Fall Out Boy at full volume all hours of the night while dry-humping Karl.

Was that too much? I can't even tell anymore.

<span class=


Ten of the Others show up and start their fetus-snatching heist, but seven are instantly (and awesomely) killed when Sayid and Bernard detonate the dynamite (with some additional gunplay by Jin). Eventually, the three castaways are taken prisoner and Bernarc sings like a Stool Pigeon getting raped by 20 Latino guys with teardrop tattoos on their cheeks.

Bernarc. Let it sink in, kids.

While the three Others are holding the three Castaways, Sawyer and Juliet sneak up just in time to see Hurley obliterate one of the Others with the Dharma van. After that distraction, Sayid goes all 'crazed Iraqi torturer' on a dude and breaks his neck with his legs. Tom surrenders, but Sawyer caps him anyway, as he long promised swift justice for his kidnapping of Waaaaaalt.

That's cold. Clearly, Sawyer has gotten over his fear of murdering people. Again.

Does it come with Crazy Bread?
("I only want onions on half, and God help you if there's any sausage on it.")


Locke, while attempting to hold his small intestine in, spots a gun on one of the Dharma corpses. Just as he's about to commit suicide, Waaaaaallllt shows up and tells him that he might want to consider getting out of the hole and leaving, instead. It makes sense, so Locke complies.

Waaaaaallllt then slam dunks a basketball, because he's 19 years old and 8 feet tall.

Every dentist in Britain is bankrupt.
("You all, gingivitis!")


Charlie is acting like a top-notch dick in the Looking Glass, knowing full well that he has a temporary lease on life and probably won't make it out a free man. As you would assume, he gets the crap beaten out of him for his troubles. On the surface of the water, Desmond wakes up, puts his jaw back together and dodges a few bullets from Mikhail on the shore. He dives into the hatch and surfaces just in time to almost get shot again. You'd think he would have seen that coming, Mister Flashy McFutureflash.

The two ladies are confused, as they are starting to think that Ben's sort of a liar that wants everyone to stay on the island to fulfill his Utopian society of walkie-talkies and not bathing. Mikhail shows up and starts shooting, killing Greta and wounding that other girl...Bonnie something or other. Then, just for the hell of it, Desmond nails Mikhail with the spear gun. Mikhail, however, is immortal, so he just pulls it out and makes himself a sandwich in the Mess Hall.

<span class=
("Have you seen my BAAAAY-BEEEEE?!?!")

Eventually, Charlie figures out the code to un-jam the communication system, and instantly receives a transmission from Penny. She tells him that Naomi and her team do not work for her, just as Mikhail appears outside of the porthole and detonates a grenade. Knowing his fate, Charlie saves Desmond by sealing the door and sinking into the abyss. However, he informs Desmond that Naomi is up to no good before he goes out in what has to be the best death in Lost history. Maybe even a little too good for a wanker like Charlie.

Desmond leaves, with his knowledge that Penny is still looking for him and that Naomi is not on the Good Team, which leads us to our Question Of The Week:

Question Of The Week.

If you were seconds from death, what message would you Sharpie onto your palm?

A) Don't sell my figurines.
C) (indecipherable)
D) Wow, it really IS waterproof!
E) Help me, idiot.

Of course, the answer is "Tell my family that I love them, make sure my cats are fed and tell my student loan officers to stick their 10% interest straight up their asses, cuz I ain't payin anymore'." Let's move on.

I like the white ones best.
("Crap, down to my last Smartie.")


As Jack is leading the castaways to the radio tower, they only hear 2 of the 3 explosions and start to get all whiny about husbands being dead or some pointless crap. Juliet and Sawyer head back to see what's up, and Hurley looks for his van, as he left a steak inside of it.

And with that, I've officially made my last 'Hurley is fat' joke of the year. It was a struggle, but I pulled it off, and I couldn't have done it without you guys. Thanks.

Ben cuts the castaways off and asks to speak with Jack for a few minutes. He claims that Naomi is not who she claims to be, and that by calling her boat for help, the island will be eradicated. Jack says 'screw that static' and dismisses him. Ben pretends to have Tom kill the three prisoners, so Jack proceeds to give him a good ole'-fashioned ass whipping. It was great; I watched it twice.

At least it was better than a Tim Sylvia fight.
(This is what happens when you accidentally spoil someone on The Coconut Internet.)

Rousseau and Alex meet up and share a bonding moment in tying Ben to a tree and taking turns whaling on him.

At the tower, Hurley contacts Jack and lets him know about what all went down on the beach. People are understandably pleased. Naomi is about to get a signal on her phone when Locke shows up and heaves a knife into her back, killing her pretty much instantly. Locke warns Jack not to make the rescue call, but Jack does so anyway and reaches a man supposedly on Naomi's rescue boat. Everyone cheers when they find out that help is on the way, but we all know it's just going to be another wave of jerks that want to kill these nice people with checkered pasts.


Please....don't drink and shave.
("Could you kindly restart my heart?")


Jack is all messed up on the pills and booze. He's pretty much looking just like his dad, only he's sporting one of the more amazing beards I've seen on TV in awhile. Far too cool to be sported by Matthew Fox, at least. Not only that, but he's rocking Aviator Shades! And a denim jacket! While listening to Nirvana!

Damn, maybe Jack and I could be friends, provided he stay a depressed addict. He's far more hip this way.

Upon reading the obituary of an unknown person, Jack contemplates suicide, only to witness a car crash and work his hero magic on them. Later on at the hospital, he has a depressing run-in with his ex-wife, who is very pregnant and doesn't want anything to do with him. Boy, I've been there, dude. If I had a nickel for every pregnant ex-wife I've ran into at the hospital, I'd be eating nickel soup with a spoon made of nickels.

Welcome to the world of mouth cooties.
(1,500 different diseases just passed from Juliet to Jack. Hope it was worth it!)

As Jack continues to spiral out of control at work and elsewhere, he continues to try to get a hold of someone. Presumably, a hotline for guys that cry way too much for no reason. He shows up to the funeral of the mysterious person, and finds out that he was the only one that arrived. He pays his respects and heads back out, stealing all the flower arrangements in the process.

An especially depressing scene takes place in a pharmacy, when Jack is unable to get his prescription filled. He is recognized as a hero as he freaks out and falls over a rack of sunglasses. Seriously, this flash-forward is on par with John Locke and the Chicago Cubs for being about the saddest thing I can possibly handle.

Have you seen my socket?
(Rated TV-14 for Graphic Socket Action.)

During the last 5 minutes, things start to come into focus as we see Jack in his apartment, surrounded by various maps and atlases (atli?). He finally gets a hold of the mysterious woman on the phone, who turns out to be Kate. Jack confesses to her that he's been flying across the Pacific a whole lot in the hopes of crashing back on the island again. He tells her that he's "sick of lying" and needs to go back to the island to presumably make things right. Kate leaves and Jack continues his breakdown in the airport parking lot, shouting "We have to go back!."

Smash cut; season over. I'm shattered and need a drink.

If Matthew Fox ever had an inkling of a chance to win a best actor Emmy, this episode would do it for him. It was, without question, his best television acting to date, even amongst an amazing cast of ringers that should be bringing Emmys home in wheelbarrows. Good on you, dude, that was awesome.

Hey...speaking of awesome...

5 Awesome Things...

Today's topic is the 5 Awesome Things... Season Finale Award Show!

1) Best Ass Whipping Award - Sawyer kills Anthony Cooper ("The Brig").

Not even a roundhouse kick could keep this from winning the award. Sayid killed a dude with his feet, Kate and Juliet rolled around in the mud and Jack gave Ben a 30-second bloodletting, but nothing had as much depth or emotion than when Sawyer took out the douchebag that led to the death of his parents.

2) Best Nudity Award - Desmond emerges ("Further Instructions").

Kate and Sawyer may have had a hot and sweaty sex scene, and even Sun rolled in the hay with that Asian cue-ball, but Desmond emerging from the imploded hatch sans-pants was unexpected, unnecessary and absolutely hilarious. Add that to his wearing of Hurley's oversized t-shirt for the rest of the episode, and you have television gold.

Thank you, soft lighting!
(Man, they must have spackled the Vaseline onto the lens with a trowel.)

3) Lifetime Bad-Ass Award - Mr. Eko (Various Episodes).

Sure, he may have died 5 episodes into the season after the Smoke Monster bashed him to pieces against a tree, but did you expect anything less from Mr. Eko? Do you remember when Sawyer and Michael washed up on the shoreline of the Tail Section folk, and Eko burst out of the jungles with that big-ass stick of his? Was it or was it not the scariest thing ever on the show? Godspeed, Mr. Eko. We still miss the way you'd kill people with rocks and stuff.

4) Insanely Beautiful Award - Achara ("Stranger In A Strange Land").

Don't even try to argue with me on this one. Achara was so insanely beautiful that it hurt.

5) Straight Blowin' S#%t Up Award - John Locke (Various Episodes).

He's been directly responsible for the destruction of two hatches (and he blew up the Swan hatch twice), one radio transmitter, Jacob's shack and a freaking submarine. I'm so used to seeing things explode behind him that I think he might actually work for WWE.

Okay, enough breaking things down....let's Break It Down!

Break It Down.

4- It's crazy to think that this episode was 2 hours long, and Locke was on camera for probably 3 minutes, tops. That's like the Red Sox benching David Ortiz in Game 7! That's like the Colts having Peyton Manning clean the locker rooms during the Super Bowl! That's like taking the best player on your professional sports team, and making them do something else when they could be positively attributing to what's taking place on his or her respective fields!

Heh-heh...just cracked myself up, there.

8- In the flash-forwards, Jack was using a Motorola KRZR, which wasn't released until the end of 2006. Not only is this a clue as to when the flash-forward took place, but it solidifies the fact that Jack is a jerk. Also, the name of the funeral home was "Hoffs/Drawlar", which is an anagram for "flash-forward."

I'm glad it meant something, because those were two stupid-sounding names, right there.

<span class=

15- No, I don't know who was in the damn casket. At first, I thought it was Sawyer, but now I believe that Sawyer is on the run with Kate in the present-day. Beats me; I don't know, stop asking. People have tried to decipher what little scraps of the obituary showed up on camera, but we really have no idea what it said. Keep fighting the good fight, Internet Nerds!

16- With this new direction in storytelling, there comes another wave of questions that just can't be answered right now. Instead of filling in the gaps that led the castaways onto Oceanic 815, we're now going to be seeing what has happened to get them off of the island and into the present-day. Some folks insist that the ending has been ruined because we know that Jack and Kate are rescued from the island; I say bull rip. Leaving the island has nothing to do with the end of the show.

Bull rip, I say!

Oh.....holy crap on a cracker.
(Meet Sayid: The Scariest Man In The World.)

23- Was it just me, or were there 45 minutes of commercials this week? I couldn't believe it; every 10 minutes, another 4 minutes of commercials. There's simply not supposed to be that many commercials during a standard two-hour broadcast, check the manual.

42- For the record, I didn't get emotional over Charlie's death, I didn't think for a second that Jin, Bernard and Sayid had been killed, and I didn't bat an eyelash when Jack told Kate that he loved her.

But when Jack knocked over that sunglasses, I wanted to bawl for days. I still want to, actually.

Sit back, wipe the crust out of your eyes and prepare for The Preview!

Season 4 Preview.

X- The Season 4 Premiere isn't until February. Let's hold off on discussion until at least the holiday season, mmkay?

Well folks, there you have it. The last Lost Friday of the year. I want to thank everyone who has stopped by every week, sent e-mails and commented here at the CDP. For those of you who just stop by on Fridays, please know that Lost Friday is just a small fraction of the crap I throw against the wall here. Stick around during the Summer and check the archives for anything and everything you might have missed. Again, thank you. Now please buy a t-shirt.

And it's all free? Woah!
("Wow, we can get porn on this thing!")

Sound off in the comments section, send all erotic photography to and check out The Coconut Internet when you're all finished. Below are links to every Lost Friday for Season 3; enjoy them at your leisure.

Thanks. Bye.


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I had to stop reading at that point to collect myself, and then re-read it to my girlfriend. It wasn't until I got to the next sentence that I realized it was intentional. Bravo!
Sayid killed someone with his FEET. Coolest.thing.ever. And in the flash forwards, Jack mentions his dad - twice - I think he did it just to get a prescription and then later because he was so messed up on drugs ... but it's still a wee bit confusing.
IMS- I love it when people tell me that they read Lost Friday out loud to anyone else that's in the room. Makes me feel like a big man.

Bernarc could have at least made something up. Instead, he punks out and puts his wife's life in danger because he's a flat-out pansy. Not cool, Rambo Dentist...not cool.

CAITLIN- In my opinion, Jack was talking about his dad in the flashes not only because he was whacked out on the pills and such, but because they wanted to swerve us into thinking it was a flashback until the very end.

They also dyed his beard solid black in the flashes, because on the island it's got patches of grey in it.

I'd like to think that even during the deepest recesses of drug withdrawl that Jack experiences during the flashes, he still has the common decency to dye his beard first thing in the morning.
I can't wait to go back in my time machine to see season 4! :)

Insanely Beautiful Award - Achara ("Stranger In A Strange Land").<----I think you missed an important word in there. "Insanely Beautiful TRANNY Award"
Oops, sorry about that. Forgot she had a wiener.
That was her big secret she as keeping from Jack. I'm amazed he didn't notice.

Fix the Season 4 photo.
Incredible finale. Mind blowing recap as usual. Well except for that one where you had a problem with your parrot or something and didn't feel like writing much. Man did my weekend suck because of that.

Anywho, you say:
"42- For the record, I didn't get emotional over Charlie's death, I didn't think for a second that Jin, Bernard and Sayid had been killed, and I didn't bat an eyelash when Jack told Kate that he loved her."

Well since you were all spoiled about the finale, of course you knew all this. And thanks to the ABC promo department I don't think anyone was surprised at Jack's admission of love to Kate. I hate the ABC promo department.

I demand a new #42 damnit!!!111

Finally, HarP00WN3D!!!1 gets my vote as greatest CDP caption ever. I shot Yerba Mate out of my nose this morning because of it.

Thanks for all the effort you put into the recaps. I truly enjoy my LOST Friday mornings. Man it's going to be a looooong 8 mos. Peace phan.
"...he's going to give Alex up to the castaways, as he's sick of her blasting Fall Out Boy at full volume all hours of the night while dry-humping Karl." Hilarious.

Ok, so when again did the flight crash? Just trying to figure out how many years later the flash forward was, if it's safe to assume it's late '06 or '07 based on Jack's phone.

I absolutely loved the finale. Showing them off the island opens up so many more options with flashbacks, flashforwards, and even our second-guessing everything they do on the island from here on out knowing what we know about the future.

Kinda funny how it makes us now have to, in a way, side with Ben with regards to not wanting them to get off the island.

Great job on the write-up ... would you mind if I steal a bearded Jack photo for a post I'm gonna do on my page? Will give you a shout-out and three bonus points in my cool book.
I sort of assumed that the "i love you" Jack said would be directed at someone other than Kate, since they made it so obviously directed at Kate in the commercials. They like to throw you for a loop that way sometimes...but no dice. Oh well!
Quote my wife when Sayid pulled a Jack Bauer on an Other: "Sayid is one sexy motherfucker."

Now I have to think of an evern cooler way of killing someone to reclaim the title. I'm thinking I could twist a man's head off with his own legs, but that'd be tough to pull off. Any ideas?

Funny thing about Jack, on the island he's found time to groom his stubble-beard for 90 days, but put a little OxyContin in his life and he can't manage to lather up.

Charlie's death was touching but pointless. He could have closed the door from the outside. It had a big hatch-closing wheel on it, right? He didn't have to die. But I'm glad he did.

I found it odd that Ben's solution to saving his daughter from death by pregnancy was to Clockwork Orange Carl. I'm guessing he's pro-life but pro-torture. Sound familiar?
HATHERY- I'll fix the Season 4 photo...later.

F&N&M- You're right; my previous knowledge of the Finale may have attributed to my lack of emotion. So, just for you (and you and you), here's a brand new #42!

42- If you're a fan of the CDP's Lost Friday posts, you should seriously consider sticking around for the Summer and beyond. The CDP averages 200 posts a year, most of which are hilarious personal essays, music/movie/game reviews and general pop-culture deconstruction. After reading just a handful of CDP essays, it's almost impossible not to become hopelessly addicted and attached to this wonderful and brilliant man.

There you go; just for you.

You know, it's pretty funny. I spend 4 years carefully styling my paragraphs and throwing around 4-syllable words, and what causes the biggest laughs?

HarP00WN3D!!! and Bernarc. I need to give up trying to be cutesy and hipster, and just stick with the girl that brought me to the dance, you know?

Thanks so much for reading!

BRUCE- If there's a bad dry-hump joke out there, I haven't heard it.

It's currently about December 23, 2004 on the island. Jack's flash-forwards look to be around present day.

I have to think Ben's telling the truth, too. Bad people are about to show up.

Oh, and feel free to take that picture of Jack for your page. It ain't mine, but I'll take whatever kind words you want to throw my way. Thanks for reading!
LOTT- We can't compare with Sayid. We never will be able to, we just need to accept it. The only cooler way to kill a bad guy is with a broken whiskey bottle and a foot-long hoagie.

Don't ask.

The reason Charlie died was because he thought he had to in order for Claire to get rescued. At least, I'm assuming that's why he avoided fleeing.

"I'm guessing he's pro-life but pro-torture. Sound familiar?"

Thread over. Lott wins.
Claire is seriously not worth dying for. Seriously.
Nope, not even a little bit. She's the type of person that would forget Charlie existed the second she stepped back on the mainland. Just right off to the next best thing.

What a turd.

"Well, well, well! Well, if it isn't fat stinking billy goat Billy Boy in poison! How art thou, thou globby bottle of cheap stinking chip oil? Come and get one in the yarbles, if ya' have any yarble, ya eunuch jelly thou!"

Since it was briefly mentioned; my favorite quote from A Clockwork Orange.
Huh, how 'bout that.
I fixed the Season 4 Promo photo. It looks pretty awesome now.
Two things:

1)I thought Hurley mowing down Pryce was better than Sayid snapping necks with his legs. I may have even clapped once.

2)I screamed "MIKE CANNON!" at my tv when black doctor first showed up. MIKE CANNON!
I think I clapped too when Hurley obliterated that Pryce, but when Sayid went neck-snappin', I actually got a little scared. I was all, "That didn't just really happen, did it?"
Wow, that is one fine freehand 8.
Freehand? Seriously? Wow. I had no idea Freehand existed anymore...but then again, my days of working with most design software are behind me...but not my hobo killing days. No sir. Those are still fresh.
The CDP is ridiculously fond of Paint, despite the fact that we have a bad-ass iMac now w/ Photoshop on it.
P.S. I heart JT for signing up to save for us :)
I don't care what anyone says...that pill Jack has is a Fioricet. If he's getting messed up on Fioricet, he's got some issues.
Paint rules, and it's the only program I have here at the office. I use Photoshop at home for 100% of the CDP stuff.

Yeah, thanks JT!
No worries, but one small flavor.

I'm going to split my Upromise funds between the CDP and the girlfriend, but can't figure out how to get her signed up to help pay back her student loans. If one of you could so graciously email me instructions, I'll make the split 60/40 in CDP's favor for a few weeks. After that, 50/50.
The Missus can take care of that.

What's your email JT?
I wish you hadn't made mention of a spoiler being available, because it made me have to go find it. Even still, I was on the edge of my seat.

I was just thinking on my walk to work this morning... Remember at the end of Season 1 when no one knew what was going to be in the hatch? What if, right then, we could have gotten a sneak peak at the final episode of Season 3. I think it would have made my brain wiggle at a ridiculous rate.

So what are you going to do this summer now that all the good TV is over?
Sorry about the spoiler thing, Paste. It's pretty hard to say no to something like that, I know.

Concerning the hatch, I was thinking about how funny it was that Locke spent all of Season 1 digging that darn thing up, when he could have just gone in through the front door that was like, 20 feet away. On an island absolutely littered with mysterious hatches, he had to find one through the most bumbling way imaginable.

I was just talking to the Missus about what I wanted to do this Summer, and we came to the conclusion that I need to finally write a book.

Writing a book... sweet. Because then you can still stay indoors and away from the general public. That's not the life for me, though. I'll spend my summer doing what I do every summer... selling cigarettes and beer to bored children at the park.
Okay, JT. I just explained it (albeit poorly) on your blog.
If you don't do it, who will? Your friends? A neighbor? Those fat cats in Washington? Good luck.
The above Simpsons quote (hilarious and well-timed, I might add), was directed at Paste.
You fat cats didn't eat your plankton.
I need to mention that I thought the last 2 Simpsons of the season were very, very good. I'm looking forward to the Movie and Season 19 like I look forward to everything they do.

I, for one, think the movie will stink. How could it not? Nothing is good enough to wait this long for.
The Simpsons movie is at least 15 years too late. it should have been made around the Golden Age of the show, seasons 3-6. That age was followed by the Silver Age (seasons 7-9), the Bronze Age (seasons 10-12), the Modern Age (seasons 12-15), and the I'm Gonna Stop Watching It Because the Commercials are Funnier Stage (seasons 15-present).

Someone ought to have the decency to pull the plug before the insurance runs out.
I completely agree!
I was extremely disappointed with the last few seasons of The Simpsons, but this one is pretty good.
The season finale was actually pretty good. I normally don't like the whole take a dig at Fox bit, but this one was actually warranted.
This is my first drunk comment ever. We're singing karaoke in the living room, and I',m on my sisxth cherry UV and 7up. I ws supposed to have a BBBQ with mny folks today, but the cancelled on me so I decided to get drunk and sing into my television.

Forgive me.

No post tomorrow,. I'm going outlet shopping!
"Friend of family?"


It has to be Ben, right? He died from the tumor, eh? Sorry so late...FINALLY saw the episode tonight. Was in Vegas for the finale...
It could be Ben, Sawyer, Walt, Locke....anyone.

Startrinh to ssober up. Holy crap, that was way off. Sorry, buys,
I think it's either Walt or someone that we haven't met yet.

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