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Lost Monday - Caption Edition.

Lost Monday - Caption Edition.

The very first Lost Monday of the season is upon us. We have much to re-hash.

In honor of the Season 3 Finale of Lost this Wednesday, the CDP has devoted its entire week to the mysterious island drama that may or may not have peaked in the first season. More specifically, the CDP has devoted its entire week to Lost Friday; the funniest and smartest Lost recap on the web, regardless of what anyone outside of my house has to say on the matter.

Today and tomorrow, we'll showcase the best photo captions of Season 3. For whatever reason, people always seem to like these, and have sent me many e-mails and kind words to solidify that fact. I appreciate that, so I'm giving you the 60 best captions of the season (30 today and 30 tomorrow). Enjoy, sound off in the comments section, and we'll see you again tomorrow.

Hey, it's Desmond!
(Desmond packed light, opting to only bring along 48 back issues of Maxim magazine.)

Hey, it's Eko!
(Eko, upon remembering that he has Superpowers, flies off the island.)

Hey, it's Hurley!
(In the distance, Hurley spots a tree made entirely of Slim Jims.)

Hey, it's Kate!
("Wow, is that a tree made entirely of Slim Jims? Hurley, get over here!")

Hey, it's Tom!
(Santa Claus in June.)

Henry freaks me right the hell out. Again.
(Henry Gale's MySpace photo. Funniest caption ever.)

Don't bother throwing him a preserver.
(Matthew Fox finally drowns in his own ego.)

Come for the view, stay for the eggs.
(Ben's restaurant had great food, but the parking was terrible.)

What's Adam Sandler like?
("I just wanted to say that you were great in Happy Gilmore.")

What's the deal with airplane food?
(Jack's rendition of 'Over The Rainbow' blew away the judges at the Prison Talent Show.)

Damn it!
("I'm so sick of Internet nerds making fun of my screencaps! WAAAAALLLT!")

Don't tell me he doesn't look like Gene Wilder.
(A young Gene Wilder makes his cameo appearance on the island.)

Is my glass eye too obvious?

I guess the rumors are true.
(" should really have that looked at.")

I feel just terrible for you.
("I never made the connection that cheating on a hitman's wife was a bad idea!")

Please let me kill someone.
(In just under 30 seconds, Sayid murders a thousand people in his mind.)

I don't draw good.
("This is you. You suck.")

Charlie Mullet.
("Look Charlie, British or not, I'm cutting off that mullet.")

Desmond In The Raw.
("You've got to lift it up, brother.")

Locke Is Thinking. Simmer Down.
(Years too late, Locke comes up with the perfect quote for his Senior yearbook.)

The Pearl Suit.
(He was only captured for a few hours, but Eko managed to eat 29 people during this time.)

Damn, I'm smooth.
(Desmond peers two weeks into the future to see how awesome his beard's gunna look.)

We're putting in a Hobby Lobby.
("We're turning that entire island into a Gift Shop.")

Got any Crisco?
(Kate gets her head stuck between the bars again.)

Where's the Torture Channel?
("Ahhh, I finally found the "All Torture Channel."")

Take that, young Gene Wilder!

You're lucky my chick's not here.
("As a new character, I envision a long and happy life here on the island.")

("Knock it off, Roy! You're like, 5 feet away from me!")

Much better.
(This is the best Kate's looked all episode.)



I'm so citey for the final episode!
I'm always a sucker for a good "Desmond's beard" caption. Makes me laugh every time.

And in a close second ... Locke's yearbook quote years too late.

I should have done an entire series of "WAAAAALLLLLLT!" captions, but I figured that my attention span for them was a little better than most folks. I never tire of them.

Thanks for checking them 'oot.
Ben + Myspace = 'Nuff Said.
the 'WAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLT!' ones always make me laugh ... i also love the Sayid one.
Whenever I see Sayid deep in thought, I can't help but think he's going on some sort of fantasy killing spree within.

As soon as I saw that blurry Ben photo, I started laughing and didn't stop until just now. Anytime I get to make fun of MySpace and Lost at the same time, I'm a happy guy.
Rest assured, when you see me deep in thought that's what I'm thinking about too.

I'm normally humming the Honey Comb cereal jingle and thinking about Guitar Hero.
nice blog i like your collection.
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