Friday, June 15

4.25 Out Of 100 Stars.

I'm Grilling Out Tonight.

For your viewing consideration, here is yet another overwhelmingly positive CDP review. I don't know who these people are or what they will eventually want from me, but it made my day and caused me to swagger around the office for a few hours, until I was ushered aside by security for 'making a scene.'

Oh, they use my real name in here for some reason, so please try to refrain from showing up on my porch with a severed cat head. Carry on.

Check Out The Glowing Review HERE!

Thanks, and enjoy your weekend. Me and the Missus start a 4-day weekend that culminates with our 3rd Anniversary on the 19th. We're unplugging the phone, and plugging it right back in again, because we might miss an emergency or something. That's just irresponsible.

The editing stage of the CDP Book is in its infancy, and thrusting me into the inner layers of hell. Pray for me.

There is also a hot new review site on the scene, started by yours truly. My first review was a ludicrously positive review of the CDP. You may want to check it out...the link is in the CDP's links under "Rate My Blog."
Wow, what a hot new review site on the scene! I think I'll go and click on all the AdSense banners RIGHT NOW!
Wow that would be swell! But only if you were to do it in a subtle and unobtrusive fashion so as not to get me kicked out of AdSense!
Where is everyone? You people act like it's Friday or something.
I'm at work, preparing myself for a 4-day weekend. WHOOOOT!
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I'd like to think that I've given Arcade Fire a fair chance. I thought, "Maybe it's an acquired taste."....

Um, they suck. Sorry, CDP.
Arcade Fire went to Duke.

I've been out in the rain, looking pitiful and making sales calls soaking wet. There's something to be said for a pity sell...
I tried to be nice about it, but I definitely like the way JT put it better.
I'm willing to let this go because it's Friday; Arcade Fire is certainly not for everybody.

But to say that they went to Duke? Man...DUKE?!?

Heh-heh....that was pretty damn funny.

Emo sales calls are the best kind of sales calls.
Wow, I've been on the Isthmus front page AND the Dane 101 front page in two straight days. That's gotta be some kind of record.

...You know...for me and stuff.
Not only did Arcade Fire go to Duke, they paint themselves blue and white and yell a lot at their sporting events. Just sayin'.
well deserved review my friend. Congrats! Kudos! Tea at three. Squash anyone?

The only time I was exposed to The Arcade Fire was their SNL appearance. Jury is still out.
Man, those pity sells were the best day I've had in the field in a while. I wish it would rain more often when I'm out selling.
Normally I don't introduce myself, but I'm the author of the overwhelmingly positive review that you received on The Weblog Review.

Your site was submitted to us for review, so I'm not sure who submitted it for you if you aren't sure who we are or what we expect of you in the future. Glad to have given you swagger. I haven't reviewed a lot of sites, but have been blogging for 6 or so years now so I've read a lot of decent blogs and a lot of pure shite.

Yours was, is, really awesome.

And I used your real name because, well, you posted it. So I figured it was fair game and out there... you've got it on your about page and elsewhere. I sure hope no one turns up on your porch with anything other than a sixpack of beer and a party on attitude.

The name thing is not a problem at all. After all, I did refer to myself for the first several months of the CDP's existence.

Thanks again; I get reviewed from time to time, but it's always nice to hear from someone who take the time to check things out for the first time. Please don't be a stranger!
That about settles that huh? For a second there I thought she was going call you a D-bag and knee you in the groin.
I did, too.

I, for one, cannot imagine who would have submitted the CDP for review. Nope. Can't imagine at all.
That's love. That's what that is.
I've been drinking.
Mint juleps at sunset.

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