Wednesday, June 27

Dress Formally From The Waist-Up.

Y'all Bettah Axe Somebody.

The Live Video Chat returns on the hottest day of the year. Be ready.

That sounds delightful. I will ready my lawn chairs, pina coladas, pool boy, and wifi for the event. Assuming I'm not working, that is.
Rad. Will you be on cam or just in the chat?

Either way, that rules.
This logo looks about 100 times cooler on the Mac. On the PC, it's all pixel-y and stuff. Damn.
Well, my friend, chalk me up to another no-show. I'll be in Baton Rouge that week, and cannot guarantee that I'll have internet access or be sober enough to remember.
Crap on a cracker. That sucks.
Indeed-a-lee-do. In fact, I have since found out that I will, in fact, still be en route.

I should figure out a way to join in via cell phone.
Darn you JT!

CDP--everything looks better on our Mac, because it's awesome.
Food tastes better on a Mac.

One of these days, I'm going to hook up with Skype and do a call-in type show. That would rule.
I'm already Skype-a-riffic
Don't you have to pay for Skype?
It has a free and pay service.
All right!! A chat I can be awake for!
Whoo! Let's give it up for early bedtimes!
I doubt I can be awake for this chat.
I'm assuming this will be like last time for me. I'll pretend I'm not lame enough to participate on a video chat with people I really don't know, but then I'll become involved for the whole time.

And then my wife will remind me that she is, in fact, in the other room. A real, live person who loves me. In real life.

And then I'll go back to watching someone I don't know on the computer making silly faces while I try to elicit a laugh. From people I don't know.

Wear something nice!

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