Thursday, June 28

I Will Never Be Your Woman.

Censored For Your Protection.

Don't bother me; I'm working. Here's a quick CDP Book Update for your punk ass:

I'm currently going through the best 50 or so essays; editing, re-writing and formatting as needed. I assume that this will run me through most of July. Once I get through that phase, I will give rough drafts to about 10 close friends and family, and have them completely tear it apart. From that feedback, I will make necessary cuts, minor changes and finalize the formatting.

I'm self-publishing this first book, so once it's ready to be put into book form, every single minute process needs to be done by yours truly. It's a slow and thankless process that forces me to read this crap a thousand times, until I virtually hate everything I've ever written, proclaim the whole thing crap and start over from the beginning. It's times like this I wish I had a real book deal.

Unofficially, I expect this bad boy to roll out in late August, early September. I figured the project would run me through the Summer, and it's starting to prove me right.

So, there you have it. I'll have photos of my new (old) car up soon, and I once again everyone sticking around and keeping me company while I work on this thing. I'll get back to the funny stuff someday. Maybe.

Have a good one.

(In the background of the photo: A bulletin board featuring many photos of me and the Missus, paintings of the Simpson family by the Missus, an extremely rare theatrical poster from MST3K: The Movie, a hockey mask, a new turntable with a Descendents 45.)

I'm excited for the CDP book. I'd definitly ask you on my show if I was Jon Stewart. In fact, you should get on that. Try and go on a talk show. You'll be like Perez Hilton only smarter and not gay.
Maybe he can go on Regis & Kelly and spit something all over them, like Kramer.
For me, it'll just be nice to take the best of the last 3 years, get it into book form, and start something new. I'm all about finality and closing chapters on things, so it'll be very cleansing to get this over and done with.

If I ever, EVER run into Perez on the street, I'm going to hit him with a pie.
How about smashing a watermelon with a hammer like Gallagher?

That, my friend, is pure comedy gold.
I like that when Gallagher launches into his Sledge-O-Matic bit, he starts out by saying, "Ladies and gentlemen, I did not come here tonight to make you laugh!"

Truer words have never been spoken.
Oh that Gallagher and his crazy antics!
The Descendents. Delicious!
I like your blog. I found it through your girlfriend's site. Nice.
Clean Sheets. I meant wife.

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