Monday, July 2

Monday Polysics Fix.

This week is devoted to Polysics, who I have been proclaiming the Greatest Band In The World for many years now. Let it be known that I've never wavered on this argument.

The J-Pop Gods have returned with yet another amazing album, Karate House, and this is the video for their first single, 'Electric Surfin' Go Go.' The video is just another slice of the Polysics pie, giving you a great peek into their creativity, other-worldly pop music sense and overall kickass-y-ness.

Watch, listen and please say hello to your new favorite band. More to come.

Love the video, although music in foreign languages always makes me itchy.

I suspect they're making fun of me.
They're normally all positive and stuff. Considering all of their albums cost me $40 to buy them in the states, they should be pretty happy.
JT, that IS English. That's what it sounds like without a southern accent. You should get out more.

I like the background voice saying "Everybody Volvo." Don't tell me that's not what they are saying, because I will not listen to you and will continue to loudly sing those lyrics with the song.

I simply like the fact that I can still get wrong the only English words in the entire song...that I know of, anyway. I am basing this off of listening to this 1 1/2 times now, so you could probably consider me to be an expert.

Have a great 4th everyone, I'll be back later on this week.
Their music is a mix of Japanese, broken English and gibberish "Space-Talk." It's really everything I've ever wanted in music.

These guys are pros; they've released about a dozen albums over the last 10 years, and their popularity in Japan is legendary. They're about as popular as a band like this can be in the States, which is cool enough with me.
And sometimes they put kitty sounds in the background. Me likey!
Damnit, Godot, you're right. I listened more closely. The bad news is, now I'm certain that they're making fun of me.
Electric Surfin' Go Go.

It's the title of the song.


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