Friday, August 31

The CDP Nationwide Mix-Tape Trade!

The CDP Nationwide Mix-Tape Trade!

It's go time, kids!

After extensive laboring, uploading e-mail addresses and building one of those spinny-wheels with the Bingo balls in them, I have finally come up with the 18 pairings for the CDP Nationwide Mix-Tape Trade. Everyone that signed up has someone that they will create a mix-tape for, and in tune they have someone who will make one for them.

The pairings are as follows. The drawing was random; a co-worker picked a number, and I eliminated the names, 'MASH'-style:

Benjamin will be making a mix-tape for CometStarMoon.

Blustacon will be making a mix-tape for Raif.

Cargirl will be making a mix-tape for Sherry.

The CDP will be making a mix-tape for Cargirl.

CometStarMoon will be making a mix-tape for The Missus.

Halo will be making a mix-tape for Benjamin.

HeyFakeDomsar will be making a mix-tape for Kenny Frankly.

JT will be making a mix-tape for Moe Greene.

Julia will be making a mix-tape for HeyFakeDomsar.

Kenny Frankly will be making a mix-tape for JT.

Kevin will be making a mix-tape for Halo.

Maus will be making a mix-tape for The CDP.

MikeHos will be making a mix-tape for Julia.

The Missus will be making a mix-tape for Will.

Moe Greene will be making a mix-tape for Kevin.

Raif will be making a mix-tape for Maus.

Sherry will be making a mix-tape for MikeHos.

Will will be making a mix-tape for Blustacon.

Wonderful. Here's what we all do next:

1. I will be sending e-mails out to everyone over the next few hours, reminding them who they need to create a mix-tape for, and what that person's e-mail address is. For example, your e-mail from me will look a lot like this:

"Maus, you will be making a mix-tape for the CDP. His e-mail address is Please contact him and get his mailing address."

2. It will then be up to the creator of the mix-tape to contact the recipient and get their physical mailing address. For example:

"Hey CDP, it's Maus. I'm making you a mix-tape, so give me your mailing address so I can send you some sweet-ass tunage!"

3. One you get the mailing address of the person you're sending a mix-tape to, SEND IT! Everyone has a buddy; it would really suck if someone get left out because you suddenly decided to go deadbeat on them. My goal is to have ALL MIX-TAPES MAILED OUT BY FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 7. Now that you know who you're making a mix for, you should have plenty of time to whip it up and get it mailed out within 8 days. If someone gets left out, I'll feel personally responsible, so please don't make an ass out of me.

4. If you're having a problem contacting anyone, an e-mail address is dead or anything else goes wrong, feel free to contact me and I'll sort it out. I'm pretty neat like that. If everyone gets their mixes mailed out by Friday the 7th, everyone should get their packages in time to celebrate Rosh Hashanah in style. Of course, once you receive your mix-tape, sound off in the comments section so we all know the status of everyone's packages.

5. Here are some assorted FAQ's about the Trade:

Q: Does it have to be on a CD? I want to go old-skool, and put it on a cassette!
A: Although your recipient might not like it, you're more than welcome to go totally 80's and make a mix-tape the way God intended.

Q: What should I put on the mix-tape?
A: Anything you want! Here's a great definition from Wikipedia:

"A mixtape, which usually reflects the musical tastes of its compiler, can range from a casually selected list of favorite songs, to a conceptual mix of songs linked by a theme or mood, to a highly personal statement tailored to the tape's intended recipient. Essayist Geoffrey O'Brien has called the personal mixtape "the most widely practiced American art form,"and many mixtape enthusiasts believe that by carefully selecting and ordering the tracks in a mix, an artistic statement can be created that is greater than the sum of its individual songs, much as an album of pop music in the post-Beatles era can be considered as something more than a collection of singles."

And here's a paragraph from the book High Fidelity:

"To me, making a tape is like writing a letter — there's a lot of erasing and rethinking and starting again. A good compilation tape, like breaking up, is hard to do. You've got to kick off with a corker, to hold the attention (I started with "Got to Get You Off My Mind," but then realized that she might not get any further than track one, side one if I delivered what she wanted straightaway, so I buried it in the middle of side two), and then you've got to up it a notch, or cool it a notch, and you can't have white music and black music together, unless the white music sounds like black music, and you can't have two tracks by the same artist side by side, unless you've done the whole thing in pairs and...oh, there are loads of rules."

I've created many a mix-tape for many a person, and I strongly believe that it's not only a chance to share musical interests with others, but a chance to connect with them on a slightly higher plane than mere conversation. I take it really seriously though, so your results may vary. I used to put together 2-hour long cassettes with seamless fade-outs, perfectly timed side-endings and detailed instructions on how to correctly listen to it. Brilliance, yo.

Q: I don't know the person I'm sending the mix to? What should I do?
A: Well, this is really the point of the whole Trade. Express yourself and say hello through your mix. Who knows? You might make a new friend out of the deal. But probably, you'll just realize that your taste in music is horrid. Be creative or be lazy; just do something and mail it out in time.

Well, I think that's about it. Wait for my e-mail and go from there. Any questions, comments or concerns? Sound off in the comments section or drop me an e-mail. Let's freaking do this!


The 3rd Annual CDP Fall TV Preview!

All e-mails should be sent out at this point, FYI.
Tape? That's so last century .. .

I'm gonna burn a CD from iTunes. 'Cuz that's how we do it in the 21st Century.
So excited! And now I have a much needed excuse to stop working for the rest of the day to focus on this. I'm so torn though, I can't decide what to do! Do I do a theme or no theme? Do I put on songs that have great meaning to me, or do I not risk the other person hating the music that represents my soul? These are tough decisions, especially since I believe a mix tape is a true indicator of the type of person making the mix tape. I don't want my mix tape to speak badly of me.

But perhaps, as usual, I'm just over thinking this.
I'm going to do something conceptual, like fill my mix with nothing but hits from the late 90's Latin-dance craze.
Julia, as you can probably tell by reading this post, I feel the same way about the art of the mix-tape. It's a very personal gift, and you put a lot of yourself on the line when you create one. That's why they're so freaking cool. I'm seriously devoting the entire weekend to it.

I wanted to do a cassette tape, but I've chosen CD merely because I don't think Cargirl would appreciate me giving her something she probably can't play.
Dude, I feel so left out :'(

Nahhhh. I dont even know how to make a mix tape, so it don't matter.

Nick Hornby is like the best British writer. 'About A Boy' introduced me to Nirvana.
I made a lot of mixed tapes in high school. I think the process is easier now, with iTunes and CD burners.

Mr. CDP doesn't know that I've been working on this since I sent him my email to say that I'm in. But like he said -- it's an art. I usually make it personal to the person I'm sending it to. But I've never made one for someone I didn't know before! There lies the challenge.
Carrot, be sure to sign up early when we institute the CDP WORLDWIDE Mix-Tape Trade. We'll need you for that, big time.

Was Nirvana as big in the UK as they were here? Cause they were pretty absurdly important over here.

MikeHoss, I agree that the process is easier now, but do you think that it eliminates more of a personal touch, knowing that anyone can do this is just a few minutes? Just curious.
CDP -- You are right. Although it was more work, there is something special searching through the CD's and tapes to find that song. Now I just type "search" in iTunes. There was something special about that.

That said, now I have time to make it really good. Or, at least, the opportunity it there.

I really haven't done this with digital media before. It will be interesting.
Mike, it seems as if Julia (your recipient) takes this thing pretty seriously, too. And I know that Sherry will make you a good mix, as well. Man, I can't wait to start working on this!
Well, now I know what I'll be doing this Friday night. I'm not so much worried about the music as the cover art and "liner" aspects of making CDs. Those give me the most trouble.
Since I drew Moe, all of my songs will relate to the Duke Blue Devils and their basketball prowess.
MAUS - Yeah, I always stress over cover art and liner notes, too. You're trying to set a specific mood here, and you can't blow it by skimping on the packaging.

Speaking of which, it goes without saying that a mix-tape isn't for listening to specific songs alone. This is a cohesive, beginning-to-end unit that cannot properly function without the strength of the entire object.

JT - I wonder if John Wayne has any songs out there? After all, he was The Duke.
Man, if The Duke had a song about Bomb Pop...I think I could die right now a happy man.
I've made many Road Trip CD's in my day, which is FAR different than a mixed tape...a mixed tape for some I've never met, no less.

I, too, will take this far too seriously. My kids will be neglected, I won't eat for days at a time, and my feces will be neon green. But, hey, at least Kevin will have a new CD (if he ever sends me his address)!
Moe, Kevin's a busy, busy dude. If you check out, you'll see that he's actually one of the most popular bloggers in the World. To consistently be one of the Top 10 most visited blogs on MySpace, he has to be doing something right. Why he hangs around here is anyone's guess.

Whenever me and him exchange e-mails, it might take a couple days, but he always does it. You can also check out his blog to see what sort of stuff he's into.

JT, I sadly don't think that John Wayne ever drank Bomb Pop. Unless he substituted the lemonade with gasoline and the grenadine for a hooker.
Probably substituted the lemonade for horse urine.
When are we getting the bathing of the hedgehog video!?

If one thing can cheer me up after not having a mix-tape made for me, it will be a young vermin mammal, soaking in it's own filth.
I think we'll be rolling tape this weekend; maybe even tonight!
Just to rub salt in everyone's wounds, I'm currently finishing up listening to my mix for the third time today[1]. I think it gets better each time.

[1] Oh, iPod, how I love thee . .
At work today, I've been casually jotting down songs that I want to put on my mix, and I just realized that it's up to 75 tracks.

Well if you have Ben show you how to make one of those fancy-pants MP3-discs that ruins the quality and doesn't play in any CD players, then you could fit all those songs on your mix.
The idea behind a mix-tape is that you listen to the entire recording the first few times through, so having over 100 songs just ain't going to cut it. I'll figure something out.
I can usually only fit about 16-18 songs on a CD, depending on song length and if I threw in any surprises.
You can fit 74 minutes in a normal CD. That's a tiny bit more than 1.2 hours.
Okay. The CD is done. I managed to cram just under 80 minutes of music on there. I'll be working on the cover/liner over the rest of the Labor Day weekend. Picking the songs was a little more difficult than I anticipated - usually I just throw some stuff I like together. (And the last CD I made for someone ended up being more of a "songs to break up to" compilation than I realized when I was picking the music, so I had to concentrate on not being a total downer this time around...)
Fantastic, Maus! I can't wait!

I'll be riding the deadline with my mix; it'll be sent out as late as possible on Friday.

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