Thursday, August 23

My Best Friend Was A 40 Pound Cat.

This cat killed and ate my entire family in 1985.

In 1983, I had a cat that weighed more than I did. I consider this one of my raddest possessions, even to this day.

I was out sick yesterday, and I have a Doctor's appointment today for my ankle, so please sound off in the comments section and talk about how much cooler things used to be before we got old and hurty.

I think I may have fractured my toe by dropping a case of wine on it yesterday, and my right shoulder made a sickening popping noise Tuesday night when I lifted a keg, and it still hurts when I move it a certain way.

Injuries from's so sad when you get hurt by someone you love so much.
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Seriously, is that real, or is that photoshopped?!

That cat is HUGE. Awesome.
That picture totally looks like one of those old time hoax post cards - the type with kids riding giant grasshoppers or a farmer walking his ginormous chicken on a leash.

Seriously - how did that cat walk, pulling all of that bulk around? I can only assume it was "all muscle"? You're looking at it all "I wonder if I can ride that thing...?"
That's a real cat. IT's actually normal sized...the CDP was just a miniature baby.
JT - You gotta stretch before you lift all that stuff. My God, kegs are heavy. Hope you and Missus Melissa had a good night.

BRUCE/MAUS - This is a real photo (I can put more up later) of a real cat. As you can see, her belly was only an inch from the ground; she was crazy-huge. What a great pet, though; she was always around to play with me, even though I probably pet her the wrong way and pulled her tail a lot.

HATHERY - I was a baby-sized baby, but I was at least 1 in this photo.

I'm seeing a Sports Therapist within a week for X-rays and an MRI. They still don't know for sure what's wrong with me.
Awesome. I had a cat that looked exactly like that. Except, obviously, smaller. He lived to be 21 1/2. No joke. On his 21st birthday, we took a picture of him with a party hat on and a bottle of MGD. He liked to lick ice cold bottles.
Wow. I hope that my cats live to be 21. They're both about 9 right now, so the thought of another 12 healthy years makes me really happy.

When I was at the Doctor's office, my blood pressure was up because I was nervous. When they took it later on, I thought about my cats, and it dropped back down to normal. Talk about weird.
I'm more of a dog person really, but my dog and I are getting up there -- 17 and 27 respectively. We both move a lot slower now and whine when told to go outside.
A little gray hair around the muzzle, eh' Domsar?
I had a friend whose cat lived to be 22, so I know it's possible. My little sister's cat is almost 15.

We did have a good night - watched The Simpsons Movie, drank beer, and played Battleship. We're wild and crazy like that. (Also, I am undefeated in Battleship.)
Took my cue and though about the cats when they took your blood pressure, eh CDP? Last time I went it, I though about Gabe and managed to lower my blood pressure 30 points. Amazing. Cats really do have their uses.
Yeah, I just knew that I was nervous and needed to chill out. Worked like a charm.

JT, when you play Battleship, do you make the explosion sound when a ship is sunk? I force my opponents to do that, Seinfeld-style.
That cat makes Tinker look petite. Waifish, even.
Trust me, that's the only way Tinker's gunna look waifish.
This picture would be perfect for a caption contest!

Baby CDP: Must... ride... cat...
Cat: Must not eat another child.

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