Wednesday, September 26

Facebook Funnies! (Volume 4.)

Facebook Funnies!

Hello, and welcome to another hilarious installment of 'Facebook Funnies,' where we get to peek into the personal lives of Facebook users by simply keeping an eye on the Mini-Feed. It's wacky! It's hilarious! It's Facebook Funnies!

Today's Facebook Funny comes to us from 'Ashley.' This was her updated mini-feed on Friday morning:

"Ashley removed "swing" from her favorite music."

Haven't we all, Ashley...haven't we all...

Here's one more, from 'Marshall:'

Marshall removed "staying up all night when I get the chance" from his interests.
Again, haven't we all?

Thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned for the next installment of Facebook Funnies!

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Oh, the wackiness!
The hilarity really never ends.
It's the feeling of finality all of the statements have. It feels as if they will genuinely never like these things ever again.
I don't know why Facebook feels the need to notify you when someone removes it from their profile. It's not as if the person is suddenly saying "I hate this now!" Well, maybe they are.
Yeah, the reason people remove stuff is because they don't want other people to read it anymore, so why publicly announce it to all of their friends?
One of my Facebook friends just recently removed "friends" from her interests. It made me laugh out loud because it seemed like some sort of dramatic message she was sending to people. She then added "crushed ice." I'm not really sure what that means.

The Facebook mini feed is why I don't change my profile all that often. I don't like to pop up in that thing.
See? That's a Facebook Funny, right there!

The humor lies in that it's a textual record of flippant decisions, which look like incredibly deep and thought-out statements when put in print. Sheery hilarity.
I'm kinda excited to hear about the Missus new car, mostly because I though you were spending all your money on eBay for "Ken: By Request Only".
Yeah, I got outbid. I was willing to spend $100, but anything beyond that was no longer considered funny.

Irony has a maximum dollar amount, and I just found it.
Wow...irony tops out at around the same amount for me, unless it's really kickass.

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